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The next morning I woke up with the worst hang over, I told my self while laying in bed with my curtains closed that I would not drink like that again. I refused to get that drunk, I didn't even remember how I got home last night; I just remembered walking through the park.

Getting up slowly from the bed in hopes to not cause my head to start pounding profoundly, I slowly made my way into the kitchen where Mark and Lenni stood making breakfast. The cool air in the house rubbed against my upper body as I walked around the counter and took a seat, my head resting against my arms.

"Where did you go last night? We searched all over for you and when we got home you were passed out on the bed." Lenni spoke while placing two advil in front of me and a glass of water.

Raising my head I looked at her and shrugged.

"I don't remember." Taking the Advil and water, I chugged it down with a sigh and then stood up. Two seconds later my sister gasps and rushed around the counter while grabbing my arm, Mark at her side.

"What the hell is that?" They both pointed to my side.

Looking down I flinched in pain as I looked at it, a small cut in my side that looked to be fading and yet in place was a what looked like the making of a tribal tattoo. Slowly I traced my fingers across it flinching as I traced it, I couldn't remember what happened to me.

"I don't remember getting a tattoo last night." I spoke as I looked over to my sister and Mark, both looking concerned and confused.

Walking back into my room with out another word from the two of them, I shut my door behind me and slowly crawled back into my bed pulling the covers over my body. The one thing I had to do was sleep this hang over off and hope that what ever was on my side was just a figment of my imagination.

My eyes slowly closed as I started to let the sleep take over, I soon felt my bed move but I was to tired to even wonder who was laying next to me. A few seconds later I felt the cool lips on the back of my neck causing me to shift closer to them, a hand wrapped around my waste as the lips started to suck and nipple on my neck. Moaning softly I turned towards the person causing me this pleasure and my lips connected with theirs, I could feel the cool of their lips caress mine; their soft tongue fighting for dominance with my own. The cold hand rubbing my stomach and then slowly going over the mark causing me to flinch and open my eyes.

I was starting at the icy blues of Malphas, a smirk on his lips and his hand tracing the mark slowly. I went to pull away but his grip tightened on me pulling me closer to his body, my hands rested on his chest as he leaned over me and smiled showing his fangs.

"So easy to trick and so easy to pleasure." His voice was soft and smooth, I watched in horror as his eyes changed colors and his face contorted in to something more demonic.

"Uh- get out of my bed." I said as I started to push him away.

His face contorted back into looking like a human male instead of a demon as his hand gripped my waist causing me to flinch, his eyes hard staring down at me as if he was thinking or battling within himself.

"So you like me better like this? You think...I am more attractive." He spoke into my ear as he nibbled on it softly causing me to shutter, I was so angry at myself for not being able to pull away from him. But instead of me having to pull away, he quickly stood and looked down at him. Eyes hard and lips pressed together, his hands shoved into his jean pockets and his shirt unbuttoned at the top showing some scars and a tattoo.

Sitting up I looked at him and tilted my head.

"You're a creep." I muttered as I rubbed my head, noticing that the hangover I had was now gone.

Looking back to where he was once standing, he was now gone leaving and empty spot to stare at. Shaking my head I refused to try and get more sleep, so I took the chance to shower and get dressed.
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