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I sat in the back of the classroom, my head rested on my arms as I was ready to pass out. I had barley slept the night before because of the stupid tattoo, it was sending the worst pain up my side imaginable.

I heard someone sit next to me causing me to lift my head and look to my right, I wanted to scream. I watched Malphas place his book on the table, not caring that I was sitting there.

I took a deep breath "Why are you here?" I whispered while looking at him, he let his eyes wonder over to me and a smile formed on his face.

"I'm stuck with you, might as well bother you." His voice was bored as he leaned back and pulled out his cell phone.

I poked at it. "Demons can have cell phones." I moved away when I heard the small growl come from his chest, moving to my current position I rested my head back on my arms and groaned.

"I thought you would be pleased, eve?" He purred into my ear and I felt the tattoo heat up.

My eyes widened as I sat up straight, the smirk on his face now gone as I grilled him. He was the cause of this, he put this mark on my skin. My hand swung out and a loud smack echoed in the room, every single person stared at me including him, but he was ready to snap my neck.
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