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Me, lenni and mark sat on the couch staring at Malphas, who stood awkwardly in the middle of the room with the box. His hands rested in his jeans pocket as he stared at me, his eyes stern and angry.

"Well, chop chop. Im going to get the popcorn if you keep this up." Lenni spoke while leaning forward,mark laughed and I shook my head.

Malphas took a deep breath and calmed himself, I started to noticed how much of an anger issue he really had.

"I would much rather, Eve and I speak alone." His hands were out of his pocket and crosses against his chest.

"Not a chance, you told her to trust you. And in order for her to do that, you need to speak to the whole class. Now hurry up before I give you a big fat F on your test." Malphas sneered at her and then looked over to me, I was angry still but I stayed as calm as possible. I didn't want to make another outburst, and if I really was stuck with him; I wanted to know why.

I leaned forward. "Well?".

He rand a hand through his hair and rolled his blue eyes. Those mezmerizing blue eyes. His lips curled into a smirk as he looked at me.

" mesmerizing? "

My eyes widened as Mark and Lenni looked over to me, narrowing me eyes I crossed my arms. He needed to get the fuck out of my thoughts, invasion of privacy.

"I am malphas, prince of hell." Lennis eyes widened, Mark licked his lips and I wanted to scream. "I was trapped in this box, board thing a few thousand years ago. During a war, that only one person was able to set me free. Thus I was stuck with them for eternity."

He was lying about something.

"Aw, so its like a love story! Eve set you free and now you two can get married!" Lenni sung and I almost strangled her.

"Lenni, get your head out of the clouds. Malphas, why the damn tattoo!" I pointed to my side and he lowered his eyes.

Shifting he looked at the box, then back at me. "To keep tabs on you, don't feel special." He looked board and I knew he was hiding something, there was no reason to keep tabs on me.

His eyes connected with mine once more and a glare was sent my way, so I leaned back with a smile on my face, causing him to tilt his head in confusion.

"Fine, but here's the rule. If I'm going to be stuck with you, stay out of my thoughts. Its bad enough you invade my life, leave my personal thoughts alone." I shifted and looked to Lenni and then Mark. "If you can do that, then I think I can deal with you. Also, you sleep on the couch or with Mark."

I saw Marks lips curl into a smile and he rubbed his hands together, Malphas instantly took a step back hitting the wall.

"No need for a couch or bed, I don't sleep." With that said he walled over to the window and opened it."call me if you need me." He jumped out if the window. Both Lenni and Mark ran over to see if he survived, but I sat there. Because I knew deep down he was perfectly fine.
It had been a few days since that chat with Malphas, so the three of us took a vacation and went to the beach for the day. Even though I didn't see him I always felt as if he was around watching from a far, sometimes it really bothered me. While other times I didn't really care.

My head rested against the towel beneath me, the sun beating down on my skin. It was such a beautiful day out and I so dearly missed the beach.

"Eve, come swimming with us!" Lenni called but I ignored her begging and continued to tan.

"Wow, that's a neat tattoo." My eyes opened to see a guy standing over me, blocking my son.

"Uh, yeah thanks." I narrowed my eyes.

He took the liberty to sit down next to me and look at the sea, his arms wrapped around legs. I looked at him, then noticed a small tattoo on the back of his shoulder; it was some weird design.

"So what's your name?" He looked at me and smiled.

"Uh...E-Malphas?" I looked at the water and saw him, walking out of the water with a stern look on his face. Dripping wet, in only swim trunks; I had to keep my jaw from dropping.

His tattoo that reached across his body and down his right arm glistned, I licked my lips and looked over to the guy. His body was stiff and his eyes were wide, as if he saw a ghost. Then I looked at Malphas who stood in front of us with a glare and his arms crossed.

"Who sent you?" He spoke to the man next to me.


It hit me then, the man next to me was a demon. Sighing I rubbed between my eyes and looked at Malphas, his swim trunks still dripping but his skin dry. I couldn't help but let my eyes wonder, causing him to give me a skeptical look. Blushing I looked away at the clouds that were coming, great.

"Come, we will talk alone. Eve, get the others and go home." He looked at me with a serious look and I gave him one right back.

"You have got to be joking, no way in hell-" I pointed at him. His hands were balled into a fist.

"Go home. Its going to storm."

Chewing my bottom lip, I nodded and started to get everything ready; I took a glance at the sky. He was right, clouds were rolling in, but it was so weird. The forecast said clear skies all day.

Lenni and Mark were at my side the instant they saw me packing things up, Lenni quickly helped while Mark brought everything to the car. My eyes glanced over to where the two had walked over, they both had the same simple on the back of their shoulders.
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