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Flight K-35542

Just Crash

Kellin's P.O.V.

I was just coming back from the most incredible summer of my entire life. I really needed this time to myself, it was a graduation gift from me to me. Let's just say high school has been a hard time for me, I was not what you could call a popular guy. I had a few friends who would never let me down, and that is all I really needed. At first, I was really scared to travel on my own. I've always been a shy and fearful guy. My mother overprotected me since my father left us when I was too young to even remember. But now, I can clearly say that it was the best decision I've ever made. It felt so good escaping from my dull routine.Even though I have friends back in San Diego, something was missing. I had a need for adventure. I travelled multiple countries in Europe with just my backpack and my desire to discover. My favourite place to visit was Italy. Visiting that country was a dream I carried since my childhood. I was amazed by the beauty of the cities, mostly Rome. Yeah, I'll always keep good memories of that trip. I was sad that it had to end, but on the other side, I missed my mother and my friends. I talked to them a few times, but I could not wait to hold them in my arms hoping they missed me as much as I did. I made my way to Madrid's airport since it was my last stop of my long and great trip. I was waiting by Gate 3. I had not much to do. I listened some great music while examinating my flight ticket.

''Flight K-35542.'' I said to myself. That was the flight that would take me back to San Diego in multiple hours since I had to stop by New York first.

''All passangers for Flight K-35542 heading to New York are requiered to report themselves at Gate 3, I repeat, all passanger for Flight-35542 for New York at Gate 3.'' A voice said waking me up from my personal thoughts.

I grabbed my backpack and headed to the plane. I was curious finding out who would be seating next to me. It couldn't be worst than that guy on my flight when I left San Diego. He smelled so bad and was snoaring like a pig. I prayed for some cute looking guy, who said you couldn't find the love of your dreams on a plane? Yes, a guy. I'm gay, which was a major reason why I was bullied in high school. I walked down the aisle to my place. I had the seat next to the window and there was nobody next to me yet. A few minutes later, a guy around my age took place next to me. To be honest, I've never seen such an handsome boy. I've dated hotties back in San Diego, but this guy, wow. He was tanned, probably hispanic, with beautiful brown hair down his shoulders. He barely looked at me when he sat next to me, he was on his cellphone. I had to make a move. There was like one chance on a million that this guy was gay, but I couldn't just sit there and do nothing.

''Hi!'' I said as I tapped on his shoulder. He didn't make a move, he didn't even look at me. Someone's independant.

''Hi!'' I repeated. That time, the guy looked at me, but not how I expected it to be.

''Who said I wanted to talk?'' He asked. ''That's what I hate about airplanes, there's always that annoying person who wants to talk to you, seems to me that it's you today.''

''I was just saying hi...'' I replied timidly. What a jerk, but at the same time, he's hot as f*ck.

''Do I seem to care?'' He wondered. ''No I don't, so please just shut up until we get to New York and leave me alone.''

I didn't insist. I left the guy alone, it was a lost battle. A few moments later, the plane flew off giving me 7 hours on my own with a partner who hates my presence. How great. I closed my eyes, with my music on and tried to fall asleep. I must have slept a few hours because when I opened my eyes, it was dark outside. The guy next to me was eating his meal, with no headphones on anymore. I decided that I had to take a second chance.

''In how long are we going to land in New York?'' I asked the handsome guy.

''It's on the screen, learn how to read stupid head.'' He replied hardly. That was it.

''Hey dude, I'm just trying to be nice here. There's no need to be all mean and agressive, you'll never make friends this way.'' I pointed out.

''Do I look like someone who wants to make friends?'' He asked. ''No I don't, I don't need pathetic friends like you in my life is that clear? You really are getting on my nerves.''

''You really are getting on my nerves.'' I imitated him.

''I swear when we get to New York I will-'' He started but was soon cut off by the pilot's voice.

''Everybody, we are experiencing a thunderstorm. Please stay at your seats and buckle your belts until further notice, and most of all, everybody stay calm. Everything will be okay. Thanks.'' He said in a comforting tone. It was still scary though.

''I hope everything is going to be okay.'' I whispered.

''Look at the baby boy, all scared he is going to die.'' The boy next to me said laughing. ''Be a man.''

''Hey look, I was just talking to myself, mind your own business jerk.'' I replied.

''Don't care.'' He added.

''Fine!'' I answered.

''Fine.'' He repeated.

With that, I tried to remain calm even though I was really scared. There was a lot of lighthing outside. Airplanes aren't supposed to fly when there's a thunderstrom on their way. I guess this one was just unpredictable. But I tried to remain calm, eveything was going to be okay. Those kind of things only happen in movies, it wouldn't happen to me. We'll all get to New York safe and sound. I talked too fast. Soon enough, all the electricity was gone, leaving the entire aircraft in the dark. This couldn't be happening.

''Passengers.'' The pilot's voice said. ''We are losing control of the aircraft. Please remain calm and put on the life jackets under your seats. We'll be crashing in the ocean, be ready. Stay at your seats until further notice.''

It was horrible: the entire plane was in the darkness, everyone was panicking... we were going to crash. For the first time since we left the airport, I saw a new expression other than fear on the face of the good looking guy next to me. We both rapidly grabbed our life jackets and put them on. How could this be happening to me? I didn't want to die. I prayed to God, I prayed for him to help us all. My trip couldn't end this way, it was going to be okay. I took deep breaths and tried to remain calm.

''If I survive, I wish I'll never see you again. You're just bad luck.'' The guy next to me said. Seems like hate is stronger than everything.

I didn't have the energy to answer. What happened next was just like the movies: the alarms, total darkness, panic, screams. It was no use wearing our life jackets, we weren't going to crash in the water, there was land under us. Why was this happening to me, I didn't want to die. I just closed my eyes, trying to ignore the sounds of panic around me. I waited for my time to come.

When I opened my eyes, the plane was on fire. There wasn't a single movement in the entire aircraft. Everybody was dead, and I was alive. I had to find a way to escape the aircraft. My entire body hurt, but I had to find something heavy and hard to break the window. I couldn't help the tears falling down my eyes. All those dead bodies around me, all those families that were now broken. I found a small suitcase and threw it at a window. It broke in million pieces. Since I'm very thin, I was able to make my way out by it. I felt on the sand; the sand of a place I don't know, a place where hundred's of lives were taken away. I sat in the sand, not leaving my eyes from the horrible nightmare that was in front of me. Tears wouldn't stop falling. I was the only survivor, I was all alone now... that's what I thought.
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