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Flight K-35542

The Lucky One (Final Chapter)

I just wanted to be alone, but that was too much to ask apparently. Vic and I were all over the news and medias. Journalists would come to the hospital to interview me or capture a fews shots of me. I wanted to punch every single one of them. They were all so annoying with their questions. Couldn't they just give me some privacy?

In less than two days, I pratically became the new biggest star of the country. Along with Vic, we were the miracles of Flight K-35542. All the country knew about us and our story. I couldn't care less. I didn't want any of that fame. I didn't want to be on TV or on the front page of the newspaper. All I wanted was for Vic to wake up. Nothing else mattered.

I haven't left the hospital after Dr. Ashby announced that Vic had two days to wake up. If he didn't, he would be unplugged from the different machines and he would be dead. I wasn't supposed to be in the hospital from 9PM to 7AM but Dr. Ashby made an exception from me. I wanted to be by his side when he would wake up, because I knew he would.

Vic's family didn't even show in the hospital except his brother. He seemed to be a pretty nice guy. He was happy that his brother was back. He just hoped that he wouldn't lose him again. As for Vic's parents , they asked the hospital to give them a call after the two days had passed. They couldn't support the idea of losing their son for a second time.

My family also visited me to give me some sort of support. It was good seeing them again, I missed them like crazy. I thought I would never see them again, but life wanted us to find our way back to each other.

I told them everything about what happened on that island and how Vic and I got together. I told them how much I loved him and how I needed him to live. They comforted me the best that they could, like a family would. It was good to be home. But it didn't feel exactly like home anymore because Vic wasn't by my side. I got used to feel home when Vic was near me.

I was starting to desperate. One day and 11 hours had passed and Vic still wasn't awake. It had a small hour left to show any sign of life. But that would be enough. I knew it would. There would be another miracle. That's how it was supposed to be from the start. Vic wasn't ready to go to Heaven with the other angels. His place was on Earth, with me. I had to keep the faith. I couldn't give up just then.

The hour soon turned into 15 minutes. That would still be enough. Vic just wanted to make us to wait until the very last second. He wanted us to be scared so he could surprise us in the best way possible. From I knew from Vic, he always loved to surprise people. It wouldn't be any different at that moment.

Dr. Ashby came into the room a few minutes later meaning there wasn't much time left. But there was still time. It wasn't too late. I tried to convince myself, but didn't have the strenght anymore.

''You should say your farewells now Kellin. I'm so sorry. I wish we could have saved him. Come find me when you're done,'' he said sadly before leaving the room again so I could share one last moment with my loved one.

At that moment, I lost all what was left of faith in me. Vic wouldn't wake up, he wouldn't open his pretty eyes. He wasn't going to surprise us and be a miracle for a second time. He would leave this world. He would leave me alone down here. I grabbed his hand and spoke to him one last time, in the hopes he could hear me.

''Stop messing around Vic, you need to wake up. Please Vic. You need to wake up. I need you to live. Your brother and your parents need you to live. You can't just give up like that after everything we've been through. Please, open your pretty eyes. You mean everything to me, Vic. I can't imagine spending one more day without you. I love you too much to let you go. We promised that we would never let each other go. Please don't leave me, please don't break your promise. I need you. Your my world now. I won't ever forget all the things that we shared. The most beautiful moments of my life were spent with you. Please, let's not forget them together. Please make us grow old together. Please make this an happy ending...'' I said sadly.

I thought I was dreaming or hallucinating when I felt a small pressure on my hand. But when I heard a soft familiar groan, I knew I wasn't. Vic had his eyes wide open. He was alive. I knew he would wait until the very last second, I knew it.

''Kellin?'' he asked softly. ''What happened? Where are we?''

''Oh my Vic, you're alive,'' I replied happily as tears of joy fell from my eyes. ''It's okay baby, it's all going to be okay. I'll go get the doctor okay?''

He nodded and I left the room to find Dr. Ashby. He was expecting me to be crying and have a sad expression on my face. When he saw it wasn't the case, he got the clue of what happened and gave me a warm smile. They saved him, they made another miracle happened. My baby was alive. He survived.

I followed him into Vic's room. I hadn't dreamed. He was still fully awake, his beautiful eyes open. He was looking at me and I gave him my best smile. And at that moment, I knew we would be okay. Alan, or Dr.Ashby, examined him and everything was fine. Vic was my miracle.

''I'm going to leave you two alone okay?'' Alan asked.

I nodded and he left the room, leaving me with my beautiful angel. I didn't hesitate in climbing in his bed and laying next to him. I took him in my arms and lightly pecked his lips. He used the little energy he had to kiss me back. That kiss was the most meaningful that we've ever shared. Because it was the first one of our new life together.

''What happened?'' Vic asked quietly.

''We got rescued baby. We got out of the island, we made it,'' I replied happily.

''Why am I in an hospital?'' Vic wondered.

''You were sick baby. Y-You almost died, but you made it. I knew you would. I was so scared that you would leave me. I just need you so much in my life now. I love you,'' I said.

''You really thought I was going to leave you? How could I ever go away from the love of my life? I love you Kellin. And this is just the beggining,'' Vic said.

''Forever,'' I replied smiling.

He pecked my lips one more time. I missed them, and I wasn't going to miss them anymore. That kiss sure just was the beggining of a big beautiful love story.

****4 years later****

4 years have passed since the plane Vic and I were one crashed in an island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. 4 years have passed since dozens of people lost their lives in this horrible tragedy. 4 years have passed since the guy I hated the most became the guy I loved the most.

After Vic got out of the hospital, we couldn't be stay away from each other. We used our economies and rented a small apartment in San Diego. The first fews have been really tough emotionnally. We were still in shock about everything that happened. Hearing about it all and over again in the different medias didn't help. After a few weeks, we were okay.

My relationship with Vic only grew stronger. We did everything together. We would go to concerts, we would cuddle and watch cheesy movies, we would go on roadtrips and we would just stay home and have our little dose of fun. I enjoyed every single moment in his company and will do until the day I die. I'll never get bored of him because he's perfect.

After 4 years, my love for him didn't go away. Vic is my true love. He truly is my soulmate, my half. I just feel complete when he's by side. He never fails to amaze me. Everyday, I was falling more in love with him. My love for him is infinite and I can tell he feels the same about me. What he did for me proved it.

I was showering after I went running like I did every weekend. Vic said he had planned something special for tonight. I was excited about it. His suprises never failed to amaze me. I got out of the shower and put on formal clothes because he would probably take me to some fancy restaurant.

I was wrong, I was so wrong. While I was in the shower, Vic built a fort made of sheets, cushions and blankets. On the floor laid thousands of rose petals. The room was illuminated by dozens of beautiful candles. It truly was beautiful and romantic. Vic never failed to amaze me.

''Wow Vic, this is so beautiful. What is this all about?'' I asked happily.

''Tonight is about to be the best night of my life, of our lives. I wanted to make it as romantic as possible because you deserve nothing less than perfection,'' Vic answered.

''What is so great and memorable about tonight?'' I wondered.

''It's been exactly 4 years. It's been 4 years that you entered my life and that you broke down my walls. It's been 4 years that I first met the love of my life. I never thought I could ever love someone as much as I love you. I just love every single thing about you. From your eyes to your tiny toes, you're perfect to me. I love every little things that you do. I love how you cry like a girl when there's a bee near you. I love how you sneeze so quietly. I'm crazy about you, Kellin. You make me want to be a better me. I would offer you the moon if I could. All I want is to make you as happy as you make me,'' Vic said.

He then kneeled and grabbed a small box from his jacket's pocket. I was dreaming.

''I want to wake up with you by my side for the rest of life. I want to be with you until the day I die. You're all I need to be happy. I want to do eveyrthing with you. I love you more than words will ever explain. I'm making you the promise to love as much as I can, to make you happy and to share the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me, Kellin Quinn?'' Vic asked.

I was speechless. Vic just proposed to me. He wanted me to become his husband. This was a dream coming true. I nodded and gave him a massive smile. He put the ring around my finger before standing up to capture my lips with his.

''I love you Victor Fuentes, I love you so much,'' I said. ''You just made me the happiest boy in the whole world.''

''It's you who made me happier. I love you, my little fiancé,'' Vic replied. ''It's you and me, until the end,''

''Until the end,'' I replied.

Who would have thought that crashing on an island would be the best thing that could ever happen to me? Who would have thought that we would have made it that far? This was meant to be from the start. This adventure wasn't easy, but he game the best of thigns. It gave me Vic and I wouldn't have it any other way.
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THE END! thank you to each single one of you who read the entire thing, it means a lot to me. For those of you who didn't catch the title of this story, K-35542 stands for K-ELLIC. (cellphone keyboard) If you feel like it, go read my other fics :) Thanks again for reading this xxxx