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Flight K-35542


''Tell me that's a joke.'' The pretty jerk said. ''Among all the people on that plane, you had to be one of the few survivors. I wish somebody else had survived instead of you.''

''Hey look, I don't know why you hate me that much, but come on.'' I replied. ''Can't you see that hundreds of people just died in front of us? We are the only survivors, so please, don't make it worse than it already is.''

''Whatever.'' He added as he walked away from me.

Something is wrong with that guy. I mean, I understand we can't get along with everybody and be friends with every single person on Earth, but that guy just really hates me for no reason. We don't know each other, we don't even know the other one's name. He just wishes I was dead.

''Hey listen.'' I yelled as I ran towards him. ''I get it, you hate for whatever stupid reason you may have but we're lost now. Can't you see we're on an island in the middle of nowhere on our own? Everybody else is dead, you're all I have and I'm all you have-.''

''That's so gay.'' He replied.

''Would you just shut up and listen to me?'' I asked. ''What I want to say is that we need to work together here if we want to get out of here and most of all, stay alive. I don't know for you, but I don't want to spend the rest of my life on this island and most of all die here.''

''Well, we both agree here.'' The hispanic guy replied. ''There is no way I want to end up my life on this island, but I'll never work together with you. I don't want anything to do with you, you're just a loser and I hate losers.''

He picked up a peace of wood on the ground and began drawing a line on the sand, from the trees down to the forest.

''See, this line seperates the island.'' He explained. ''Where you are standing is your part of the island, and where I'm standing is mine. In no way I want you to come on my part of the island, just stay away from me.''

''Jerk.'' I whispered.

''What did you say?'' He wondered.

''Nothing, may the best survivor win.'' I replied.

I wasn't that scared to be lost on an island with not many ressources. I'm used to this type of surviving life. When I was younger, I learned how to light fires, how to build things with just pieces of woods and leaves, etc. I loved just going out in the woods for a couple of days with nothing but my smile. I just loved escaping the city life for a while and live the my ancestors once did. It was really cold and dark on the island, so I decided to light up a fire. I guess the other boy had the same idea as I had because he was already collecting wood on his part of the island. I did the same and went in the forest looking for everything useful to light up the perfect little fire: wood, leaves, rocks, etc. After what I guess was like fifteen minutes, I had all I needed. I used my magic powers and in less than two minutes appeared the fire that would keep me warm for a good moment. Thanks mother for those leson when I was just a kid.

On the other side, what I could called my ennemy didn't have the same luck. I could hear him swearing over and over again because he couldn't light a fire. A part of me just wanted to stay there, watch him struggling and have a good laugh at him...but the good and bigger part of me wanted to help. I stood up from my post and dared going on his side of the island. He didn't notice me until I touched his shoulder.

''Do you need help here?'' I asked.

''As if an idiot like you could-'' He started but stopped when he saw the fire my side.

''Begginer's luck.'' He continued. ''What are you even doing here, I don't want your stupid help, leave me alone, you are so annoying.''

''I was just trying to be nice here.'' I replied.

''I don't want you to be nice with me.'' The boy answered. ''Just go back to your fluffy little world of unicorns and butterflies.''

He didn't need to ask me twice, I ran back to my side of the island with the good intention to mess with him a little.

''What a perfect little fire.'' I yelled. ''I love fire, it keeps you warms and provides light all over you. I'm so lucky to know how to light a fire, I wish everyone had that chance.''

The handsome just stared at me giving me a middle finger. Two can play that game.

''I think I'm going to sleep now.'' I continued. ''Since I have a fire, I'll be able to sleep a little without getting cold, thanks fire, I love you fire.''

''OK fine.'' I heard a voice yelled. ''Can you just teach me and after, I promise I'll never talk to you again?''

''Magic word?'' I asked.

''Ahhh come on!'' He replied.

''Ok then, goodnight jerk.'' I answered.

''Okay Okay, please. Please can you teach me how to light a fire?'' He asked.

I didn't reply, I just stood up from my spot and once again, made my way towards him. I sat calmly next to him and began explaining the right way to light a fire.

''It's not working, stupid thing.'' He yelled after several failures.

''Just try to lower your right hand.'' I said calmly. The handsome guy tried again, and it was a success.

''My first fire!'' He said smiling. I've never seen him smile until then, he really does have a beautiful smile, he looks like a God. He stared at me a few moments. I couldn't help but notice how incredible his eyes is, he really as an effect on me even though he is a total bastard.

''I knew you could do it.'' I replied trying to act normal.

''You don't know anything.'' He answered. ''You can go now.''

I didn't move, I was at least expecting at least a thank you or something, but it never came.

''Your mother never taught you to say thank you when you were younger?'' I wondered.

''Don't dare talking about my mother you jerk.'' He replied angrily. ''There is just no need to thank you, now would you just leave me alone, I hate when little bugs like you stick around.''

I went back to my side, added a few piece of wood to the fire to feed it. I layed on the white cold sand and stared at the sky no longer envaded by the lightning and the rain. It was covered with shining stars, and the moon was as its biggest. I got lost in my thoughts. I couldn't help myself but imagine how all the families of the dead passengers , the hispanic and mine must be feeling. It must be horrible not knowing if a member of your family is dead or not, having no idea where he is. I prayed for those families to stay strong, but mostly, I prayed God to help me. I prayed God to give me strenght to survive so that one day, I'll be able to hold my mother and my friends in my arms again. With that, I fell asleep, without knowing what tomorrow was reserving me.
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