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Flight K-35542

The A Team

I woke to the sound of the waves, to the feeling of the Sun on my skin. But this was not paradise. I was stuck on a deserted island, in the middle of nowhere with the biggest jerk on Earth. I guess my Karma was really bad and that I was now paying for it. I looked around me and saw that Vic was nowhere around. He probably went on an adventure and got lost and died. Too bad.

I stopped for a moment to think. But my belly wouldn't let me. Don't blame me, I'm always hungry. If I could, I would eat all day, because well, eating is one of the greatest things ever. So I went in the jungle to search for some food, if there was any. There were a lot of loud noises. I guess we were not alone on this island. After a moment, I found some fruits that I knew wouldn't kill me. I ate a bunch of them until I was full. I've never been a fruit eater, but I guess that would do for now. It's not like I could eat tacos or spaghetti. As I was walking back to the beach carefully so I wouldn't step on some bugs or horrible creatures, I heard a loud noise.

''FUUUUUUCK.'' Someone, I guess Vic yelled. What did I get into again? The scream was loud so he musn't be away from me. I searched for him through the trees and bushes. Why do I even care if he is in trouble? I mean, he hates me, I hate him. I should just leave him with his problems. But I guess I'm too much of a good person. 2 minutes later, I found him, sitting on the grass, holding his ankle.

''Are you okay?'' I asked.

''Does it look like I'm okay? Are you stupid or what?'' Vic replied.

''Okay then, fix your problem by yourself.'' I said as I turned back to go the beach.

''No please!'' He pleaded. Did he really say please? ''You need to help me...'' I walked back to him and sat next to him.

''What is the matter?'' I asked.

''Some snake bit me on my ankle.'' He replied. Oh, that was no good. ''And I think it's venemous.''

''Are you sure about that?'' I wondered. I didn't like the guy, but I would rather stay with him on the island than being all by myself.

''Yeah, I love snakes, I know every species. And I know that this one could kill me in less than an hour if I don't get the venom out of me.'' Vic replied.

''Okay, well, I can try to suck it off I guess?'' I proposed.

''You can do that?'' He asked happily.

''Yeah, I learned how to do it a while ago.'' I replied.

''See, you can be useful Kellin!'' Vic mentionned.

''Ha-Ha really funny! Now shut up and let me do my job.'' I replied.

''Okay boss.'' Vic said.

I didn't know that this skill would be useful one day. But now it was. So I did what I had to do. I suck all of the venom out of Vic's system, hoping that he would be okay. I guess I'm kind of dependant of him even though I don't really appreciate him. Maybe he will act nicer now that I have saved his life.

''God, thank you!'' He said. ''I guess I owe you one.''

''Are you feeling okay? Like do you still feel pain?'' I asked.

''No, I'm okay. Really thanks to you.'' Vic answered.

''Can we like, just act like we don't hate each other anymore?'' I proposed. ''I think we would work better as a team if you want to survive and hopefully get out of this island sooner or later.''

''I guess you are right...'' Vic replied. Did he really agree to make peace? ''I'm sorry I've been acting like a jerk towards you...''

''Yeah about that... why did you hate me so much at first?'' I wondered. I was curious to know what I've done that made him so pissed.

''You really want to know?'' He wondered in a tone that meant please say no.

''Yes.'' I replied.

''Okay then. You just remind me of someone.'' He stated.

''Somebody you hated?'' I asked.

''Yes, well no... let's just so you remind me of somebody that I used to love very much. But I know that you are nothing like him so yeah...'' He replied.

''Him?'' I asked. Did I really hear that right?

''Oh shit, I didn't want to say this, now you're going to be like disgusted of me and stuff...'' Vic said in a nervous tone.

''Being disgusted of you would mean that I would be disgusted of myself as well.'' I reassured him. I guess it was the right time for those confessions.

''What?'' He wondered.

''Yeah, I'm on the same side as you.'' I mentionned.

''You don't look gay though.'' He replied.

''You don't either. To be honest, I thought you were one of those popular guys that hangs out with girls all the time.'' I said.

''Eww girls.'' Vic replied laughing. ''No, I love dicks, I guess I always did.''

''Viva la dick!'' I said happily. Yeah, I guess things were a whole lot better now.

''But yeah, sorry again about being so mean towards you. I know you are not my ex, you look a little bit like him, though you have totally different personnalities.'' Vic added.

''Different good, or different bad?'' I wondered.

''Different good.'' Vic replied, making me blush.

''Well thanks.'' I said.

''Ha-Ha no problem I guess!'' Vic answered. ''Let's just say my ex's could get really mad when he wanted, you just look like a sweet teadybear who wouldn't hurt a fly. It's kind of cute.''

''Cute?'' I teased.

''Well eum, no, eum yeah? I guess I just love to see the good in people.'' Vic replied. Okay, that was akward.

''What if I'm the biggest psychopath ever?'' I asked.

''Ha-Ha no way. A psychopath would not have saved a guy who acted like a jerk towards him. He would have been happy to let him die and never hear about him again.'' Vic replied.

''Blah-Blah-Blah.'' I exclaimed.

''You know I'm right, you're just a cute little Kellin-bear.'' Vic said.

''Don't call me that!'' I demanded. ''It's an awful nickname.''

''Kellin-bear is mad?'' He joked.

''Only because Vicky-Pooh gave him an horrible nickname.'' I replied.

''Okay, I won't call you Kellin-bear if you don't call me Vicky-Pooh ever again haha. Deal?'' Vic proposed.

''Yeah deal!'' I accepted.

''Are you hungry?'' Vic asked.

''Oh yeah!''I replied even though I just hate probably 1Kg of fruits.

''I saw some kind of wild chickens further in the forest.'' He said. ''Maybe we could work together to catch one?''

''Yeah good idea!'' I said. ''We'll make some weapons first.''

''That's what I like about you, you always know what to do, and you stay calm.'' Vic mentionned. Where were all those compliments coming from?

''Ha-Ha then come on, we have work to do!'' I exclaimed.
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