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Flight K-35542

Truth or Dare?

It's been an entire week that Vic and I have been stuck on the island. We were doing okay I guess, but as the days went on, the less we believed we would ever get out of here. I got to know Vic very well this past week. The more I knew about him, the more I found him amazing. I never thought I would say those things the first day we met but, he is so intelligent, confident, talented...the guy can sing and most of all, so handsome. Yeah, I developped a crush on Vic Fuentes. Who wouldn't? He is so wow, he must be some kind of God or something. I don't think he feels the same about me though. I can't really blame him, I'm just me. I don't care really much; as long as I can admire his perfect body, I will be the happiest teenage boy in the world.

Here we were, sitting inside the small habitation Vic and I have built. It was not a five stars hotel, but it did the job. It could protect us from the wild animals and the pouring rain. We were eating some fruits and chicken around a small fire that Vic made by himself. The student seems to have surpassed the master. It was cold and raining outside, so there wasn't much to do.

''Hey, let's play Truth or Dare!'' Vic proposed.

''Truth or dare... really?'' I replied laughing. ''What are we, 10 years old?''

''Hey, do you have any other suggestion?'' He asked. I didn't reply, so he got his answer.

''Okay, Kellin! Truth Or Dare?'' Vic asked.

''Let's start easy, truth!'' I replied.

''Okay, eum...have you ever had sex?'' He asked.

''Wow, already getting in my life aren't we?'' I teased.

''Who said we would play it nice and sweet.'' He replied. ''So yes or no.''

''Yes, yes I did.'' I replied, gaining a small from Vic. ''Okay Vic, truth or dare!''

''Dare baby!'' He replied happily.

''Okay you have two options: 1. Lick your foot 2.lick the sand.'' I replied. Yeah, I know, my imagination is terrible.

''And I'm the 10 years old one!'' Vic replied. ''I'll take option one!'' He took off his shoe and lick his entire foot. Usually, it would be akward and not very attractive seeing someone do this. But I found it kind of hot, I wonder what else he could do with his beautiful tongue of his.

''Okay Kels, truth or dare!'' Vic asked.

''I'll go with truth again!'' I replied.

''You're such a chicken!'' Vic teased. ''Okay, tell me your biggest fantasy.''

''I don't know?'' I lied. There was something, I was just too embarassed to tell him.

''Come on Kellin, there must be something! Don't be shy, it's not like the monkeys are going to tell anyone.'' Vic said making me laugh.

''Okay fine, but don't laugh!'' I spoke. '' I would like to have sex on a plane. Like, when everyone on the plane is asleep, I would so love to sneek in the bathroom with some guy and have my way with him. Just the thought of it makes me hot and everything.'' Vic was looking at me smiling.

''I think it's hot too, very hot.'' He teased. Was I hallucinating that we was flirting with me?

''Eum okay, Vic, truth or dare!'' I asked.

''Truth.'' He replied.

''Tell me a dirty annecdote about you!'' I said.

''Oh, there are so many!'' He replied. ''There's that one time where my ex and I were having sex in my room. It probably was one of the best sex I've ever had in my whole life. My parents were out for the night with my grandmother who used to live with both my ex and I were moaning very loudly and we had let the door open because well, there was nobody home. As I was about to cum, I heard my parents and grandmother getting home. See where I'm going with this? Well, we got caught. It was so humiliating...mostly when my grandma started to punch both my ex and I because she is a little bit too homophobic for my own good. So yeah, I guess that is it!''

''Hope you locked the door the other times.'' I said laughing.

''Yeah, yeah. Laugh at my misery.'' He said smiling. His smile was so addictive. ''Okay Kels, truth or dare.''

''Truth!'' I replied once more.

''Stop saying truth Kels!'' He laughed.

''Hey, I'll do what I want to do.'' I replied. '

''Okay Mr. Bossy. Have you ever had sex in a public area?'' Vic asked.

''Yes?'' I replied. I was getting way too comfortable around him.

''No way!!! Where?'' Vic wondered.

''At my old job's backstore.'' I replied.

''Who would have thought that Kellin was a naughty guy.'' Vic teased.

''That is was happens when you are a teenager who works with his boyfriend. The sexual tension never leaves your side.'' I mentionned.

''Naughty boy.'' Vic added. ''Okay, one more round each!''

''Okay! Truth or dare?'' I asked.

''Dare.'' Vic replied. ''And don't give me a disgusting one.''

''Give me a massage until I tell you to stop! I'm feeling tensed near the neck and shoulders.'' I said.

''Easy one!'' Vic exclaimed. He got behind me and started massaging my neck and shoulders. It felt so good.

''You're really good at this Vic.'' I whispered.

''Yeah, I know.'' He replied. He kept massaging me for a couple of minutes. I could feel his hot breath on my skin. I would be lying if I said it didn't turn me on. I had to make the massage stop! I did not want to, but I had to.

''Okay, that's enough. Thank you!'' I said smiling. Vic took back his spot in front of me.

''Okay last one Kels, don't disappoint me! Truth or Dare?'' Vic asked.

'' Dare! I replied.

''Thanks God!'' He whispered.

''Wow, you really wanted me to say dare don't you? Are you like going to make me do stupid things like go in the forest and bring back a monkey?'' I asked.

''That's not what I have in mind.'' Vic answered.

''What do you have in mind than?'' I wondered.

''Kiss me.'' He said. What ? Did I hear that right? Vic freaking Fuentes just asked me to kiss him? My crush wants me to kiss him!

I didn't waste any second. I moved my body closer to his and attacked his lips with mine. He kissed back, he did not have to be asked twice. At first, the kiss was all sweet and nice. My hands were around his neck, and his were near my waist. But as the kiss went, it got hotter and way more passionate. Vic pushed me gently to the sand, so he was on top of me, his lips still working their magic. I could feel his tongue on my buttom lip, begging me to let it explore my mouth. I could not resist him. He was so dominating while kissing me, but who am I to complain? I love when guys know what they want. His body was firmly pressed against mine, grinding against it. After a while, too soon for my own good, we broke the kiss, reaching for air.
''Wow.'' I said. That's the only word that came to my mind.

''Yeah, wow.'' Vic added, before pecking my lips once more before laying next to me. ''That's wow I wanted you to say dare.''

''I'm glad I did.'' I replied. The last thing I can remember about that night is falling asleep in Vic's arms wondering what tomorrow would bring us.
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