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Flight K-35542

Be Mine

It's been a week since Vic and I first kissed. Since then, everything has been absolutely perfect. Well, we still are stuck on a deserted island in the middle of nowhere, but as long as I had Vic by my side, I felt okay.

Vic and I got to know each other more in the past week. We talked about our life stories, the things we like and dislike, our interests, our dreams, etc. I learned that Vic loves to sing but he has always been too shy to share his talent to the world...just like me. He also plays the guitar while I can play the piano a little. Maybe one day we could do a duet...if we ever get out of the island.

Vic is an awesome person. I know I used to hate him, but my opinion of him completely changed. He is just so nice, funny, handsome, intelligent, generous, etc. Maybe he's the one I've been waiting for. Maybe he's the one for me.

Vic knows how to make me feel special. I know he cares about me just by the way he would look at me and lose himself into my eyes. He would never lose an occasion to compliment me, telling me how cute and adorable I am. I guess he developped a guilty pleasure in seeing me blush at his amazing words.

Everything has been perfect, but I still don't know how to qualify my relationship with Vic. I just know that we are more than friends. It is obvious. I feel so happy when I'm with him. It just feels right and natural. I feel like I've known him for so long.

We have tried our hardest not to kiss during the past week since we wanted to take our time and not rush things. Though, the temptation was sometimes too high. I swear his lips are so addictive. One thing we did was falling in each other's arms everynight. I needed his comfort and he needed mine.

Vic and I were currently in the forest hunting some chicken or other little animals we could eat. Well, by hunting, I mean Vic killing the animals while I just stand by his side, admiring him. We realized his skills in hunting were better than mine so I let him do the job. My job was more to find little fruits since I knew which ones were comestible and which ones were not.

''Looks like we're eating snake and fruits for dinner.'' Vic mentionned as he picked up the two dead little snakes on the ground.

''A 5 stars dinner.'' I replied. ''Why don't you go light a fire and everything while I collect some fruits?''

''How about I stay with you while you collect some fruits.'' He proposed as he hugged me from behind.

''Mmmm no. I'm hungry. Dinner better be ready when I come back, or I might die.'' I replied.

''Okay fine.'' Vic agreed. ''You can be such a jerk sometimes.''

''Yeah, I know. You like me just the way I am.'' I said.

''Mmmm no.'' He replied laughing.

''Asshole.'' I joked.

''How mean of you Kellin Quinn.'' Vic replied, faking a sad expression.

''That's just who I am, the mean and horrible Kellin Quinn. And now, I'm ordering you to light a fire and start cooking those snakes.'' I said.

''Anything for you, your majesty.'' Vic replied. He gave me one last peck on the cheek before leaving me on my own.

That's another reason why I like Vic: it's so easy to joke around with him. We would always have those kind of little games where one of us would act like a jerk. I guess it's kind of our thing.

I began collecting little fruits like I did every single day since the plane crashed. It was part of my routine. I got used to it, and even though it wasn't the best thing in the world, I started to enjoy it. I maybe be away from everything right now, but I was alive...and I had Vic.

Without any warning, it started to rain. And let me tell you that when it rains on this island, it rains. The rains back in California are nothing compared to those.

''Great.'' I whispered. I picked up my handmade basket and ran back to the habitation Vic and I built. If there is one thing I hate more than bugs, it is rain. I ran as fast as I could and reached the habitation in less than a minute.

''Oh babe. I think you're wet, just a little.'' Vic teased as I got under the habitation.

''Ha-ha. So funny.'' I replied trying to look angry and making Vic laugh.

''Come on, sit next to the fire. It will heat you up! Dinner is almost ready.'' Vic said.

''You're the best.'' I replied.

''Anything for you.'' He added, kissing my forehead.


Nothing much was said during dinner. Vic wouldn't stop fixing me. I knew that look, he had something in mind. He had the same look when he wanted to kiss me but tried to resist.

''What are you thinking about?'' I asked, breaking the comfortable silence.

''I'm thinking about amazing you are.'' He replied making me blush.

''I'm not that amazing.'' I said.

Vic stood up, and came in front of me.

''Get up, and come with me.'' He said. He grabbed my hands to help me stand up and he led me outside in the rain, our feet in the water.

''Vic, I was just starting to get dry.'' I complained.

''Shhh, listen to me.'' He whispered, giving me the look.

''Okay.'' I replied smiling.

''What could have been a nightmare turned into some better because of you. I could have been stuck on this island alone, but I got luck and I had you by my side. Those past weeks spent with you have been great, amazing. I feel so right when I'm near you. You make me laugh, you make me feel happy, you make me feel like I'm special but most of all, you make me feel like it is okay to be me.'' Vic spoke.

''Awww Vic.'' I replied.

''Shhh, I'm not the done. I was attracted to you since the first time I saw you on the plane. Even though I acted like a jerk, I could not deny that you were the most handsome guy I have ever seen in my life. And then, I let you in. I got to know you better, and it was the best decision I have ever made. I got to know an amazing guy. I feel butterflies just when you look at me or touch me. Falling asleep in your arms makes me feel secure and happy. And the kisses, I'm addicted to them. It is crazy, but I'm addicted to you Kellin Quinn. I'm addicted to your smile, your eyes, your laugh, your lips, your touch, your jokes...I'm addicted to every little things about you. I don't know if you feel the same about me, but I felt like I needed to tell you. I can't deny what I'm feeling for you anymore. I like you Kellin, I like you a lot.'' He went on. Wow, he is truly amazing.

''I-I don't know what to say're just so cute and wow. How could I not be addicted to you as well Vic Fuentes? You are probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. I feel like I've known you forever. I wish we could have met in other circumstances, but I'm grateful that I'm stuck in here with you and I can't wait for us to get out of here so we can do anything that we want together. You're perfect Vic, you make me feel good about myself and you make me feel thingsthat I've never felt before. Kissing you, hugging you, hanging out with you...nothing ever felt so right than those things. I'm addicted to you Vic Fuentes, and I like you a lot lot as well. How could I not? You are one sexy amazing guy and I'm glad to have you in my life. You're all I want.'' I replied.

Vic looked at me tenderly and delicately cupped my cheek with his hand, making me smile. I closed my eyes and he wasted no time in planting his lips on mine. I kissed him back. The kiss was sweet and perfect.

''Will you, Kellin Quinn, be my boyfriend? He asked in the kiss.

''Of course, Vic Fuentes. I will be an honor to be your boyfriend'' I replied.

We both smiled and kissed again. I put my arms around his neck while he put his around my waist. We kissed for a long time on the beach under the rain. It was a fairytale scene like we would see in some classic movies, but this was different. It is real life and it is my own fairtytale. Vic Fuentes is my boyfriend and I'm not letting anything ruin our own little happiness.

Vic picked me up bridal style and led me to our little castle where we spent most of the night just kissing, cuddling and talking about anything. I could not ask for more. This was pure happiness. This is how I want to spend the rest of my life.

''Mine.'' Vic whispered as I laid next to him, cuddling him.

''All yours.'' I replied.

''I'm never letting you go.'' He said.

''I don't ever wanna leave.'' I added.

''Good night Boyfriend, sweet dreams.'' Vic said, kissing me one last time for the night.

''Good night beautiful.'' I replied.