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Flight K-35542

I Love You

A whole month has passed since Vic and I officially started dating. It's also been more than an entire month of being lost in the middle of nowhere. As the days passed, I lost hope of ever getting out of there. At least, I was not alone.

My relationship with Vic has only gotten stronger this past month. He's my sunshine, my strenght. He makes me feel special, he makes me want to fight and he makes me feel secure. I know my feelings for him are real.

Have the three words been spoken yet? No. I guess both of us were waiting for the other one to say them first. For some people, saying I love you is no big deal. They would say it out of nowhere, not even sure if they are really in love with the person.

In my opinion, saying I Love You is maybe one of the biggest steps in a relationship. It holds so much more than some people think. It means that you are dedicated to that special someone, that he makes you feel things only him can make you feel. Vic makes me feel those kinds of things. I'm really starting to fall in love with him. I wouldn't want anyone else but him.

I guess you can say you love someone when you feel butterflies in your belly everything you kiss. Kissing Vic drives me crazy. I didn't know kissing someone could feel someone before meeting him. I can't get enough of his sweet lips. I love when he first kisses me tenderly before it turns into a passionate kiss. I adore when he licks my button lip, begging me to let his tongue invade my mouth. It just takes my breath away every single time.

I guess you can say you love someone when a simple touch or a simple look makes you feel warm and wanted. I swear I could get lost in Vic's eyes. They are so beautiful and holding so much feelings. I could also sleep with him, cuddling him, for the rest of my life.

Finally, I guess you can that you're in love with someone when all you want is for them to be happy. I've seen Vic being sad this past month. We both had our downs where we would miss our friends and families and where our faith of ever seeing them again was gone. It broke my heart to see him cry. All I wanted to do is to take his pain away. I would rather suffer than seeing him sad. I just want to make him feel good, like he makes me feel good.

I don't know if Vic is feeling the same way about me. I know there is something. But love? Love is a big thing. I would not want to rush things with him and stress him out by saying the three words. But maybe he's feeling the same way. But he might think I'm crazy, he might think I've fallen in love too quick. This was all so stressful. I needed answers.

Vic and I were laying on the sand by the beach. That's one of our things we do every night: we would cuddle by the beach for a while before heading to sleep in our little habitation. I would not have it any other way. But tonight would be different.

''Baby?'' I asked.

''Yes Kels?'' Vic replied.

''It's beautiful night for skinny-dipping, don't you think so?'' I proposed.

''I think so as well.'' He said.

I didn't waste a minute. I stood up and took off my only remaining piece of clothes: my boxers. I wasn't shy of being naked in front of Vic, he has seen me before.

Vic did the same. He stood up and took off his boxers smiling at me. He grabbed my hand and led me in the water. It was not too cold, not too hot. We walked until we had water to our waists. This was it, this is where the truth comes out.

I took his head between my hands and kissed him tenderly. He kissed me back in the same tender way. I broke the kiss before I could lose my confidence.

''There is something I want to tell you.'' I spoke.

''I am listening.'' He replied smiling, holding me by the waist while my arms where around his neck.

''Okay, eum. Well, this is not easy...'' I said nervously.

''You don't want to break up, do you?'' Vic asked, showing fear in his eyes.

''That is the last thing I want. What I want to say is that I-ILloveyou.'' I said rapidly.

''You what?'' He said laughing.

I took a deep breath before speaking again.

'I love you, Vic.'' I repeated.

At first he didn't reply. He was just looking at me, not saying anything. Suddenly, his lips were on mine. I could feel him smiling into the kiss.

''I love you too, Kellin.'' He said into the kiss.

Wow, Vic Fuentes loves me back. It was truly a perfect night. I didn't want it to end, not yet. We kissed for a while, just enjoying each other's presence, like two people who are in love.

''I want you to make love to me.'' I said as we broke the kiss.

''It would be an honor.'' Vic replied.

He did not waste a second before capturing my lips with his once more. He grabbed me by my thighs so I could put my legs around his waist. He brought us back on the beach, his lips never leaving mine. His body was strong, and all mine.

He laid us on the sand of our habitation without breaking the kiss. It was turning into something passionnate, intimate. I needed him.

Vic broke the kiss as he began kissing me down my jaw to my neck. He attacked my neck with sweet kisses. He kept kissing and bitting a little. A quiet moan escaped my mouth when he got to my soft spot. Vic smiled and only sucked it harder and licking it to make it feel better.

''You're beautiful.'' He spoke.

''I need you.'' I replied.

I shifted us so I was on top. I kiss him from his neck down to his member. I just wanted to make him feel good. He gave me that look full of lust, only turning me on.

I slowly kissed and licked the tip of his already hard member gaining a little moan from him. I licked him from base to tip before wrapping my mouth around him and sucking him all the way in.

''Fuck Kels, you're so good at this.'' Vic said.

I went slow at first, paying special attention to his tip everytime I came back up. Vic tangled his fingers in my hair, I got the clue.

I quickned my movements, bobbing my head up and down. His grip in my hair became harder, he was truly enjoying this. That's the only thing I wanted, making him feel good.

''Stop Kels or I'm going to come.''He begged.

As soon as I stopped, he made us turn so he was on top again. He gave me a loving look, a look i would die for.

''Are you ready?'' He asked.

''Yes please.'' I replied.

He kissed me as I feel his tip entering me. He kissed me harder as he entered me completely, slowly. Vic kept kissing me, not moving. He let me adjust to him. It was painful at first since I had not been really prepared, but the pain soon turned into pleasure.

''You can move.'' I said.

''Good baby.'' He replied. His eyes were locked with mine, the loving look still there.

He began moving slowly at first. It felt incredible. This wasn't just about sex, this was about making love to each other. Nothing could feel better than this.

''I love you so much.'' I said.

''I love you too, you feel so good Kels.'' Vic said.

He started moving quicker and harder, feeling me with pleasure.

''Mmmm fuck.'' I moaned as he hit that one spot that got my whole body shivering. He kept hitting it over and over again, making me cry in pleasure everytime. I've never felt so good in my whole life.

''Fuck Kels.'' He groaned.

''Mmm Vic, fuck.'' I moaned.

He kept going faster, attacking my neck with his lips. He kissed every soft spots, making moan even more.

''You're so beautiful Kels.'' He whispered in my ear.

''I-I'm close Vic. Touch me please.'' I begged as I felt that familiar feeling welling up the pit of my stomach.

''Me too babe.'' He groaned as he grabbed my hard member. He flicked his wrist up and down, working his magic.

''Mmm Vic.'' I whimpered desperately.

''T-together.'' He said in a husky voice. Two more thrusts and we were both climaxing. Vic slid out of me, smiling. I had the same smile on my face. I was on cloud nine.

''Wow.'' He said breathing heavily.

''Amazing.'' I added. We were both breathing heavily and exhausted.

''I love you Kellin.'' Vic whispered.

''I love you even more.'' I replied.
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