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Flight K-35542

There's a Boat, Kellin!

Two more weeks passed and we were still stuck in the middle of nowhere. Not a single boat has passed the island. Not a single plane has flown above it. We did not even get a small change to get out of here.

Vic and I were getting weaker and weaker as the days went by. We weren't in good shape anymore. We were already both skinny guys in the first place...we were even skinnier now. We didn't eat much since we crashed on the island.

We were also very dirty even though we washed every single day in the sea. Our hair was growing and it was getting very greasy. Our teeth were more yellow than white and our fingernails and toenails were longer than how they should be. Our breaths also really stank, but we got used to it since Vic and I pratically kissed all the time.

Even though we both didn't look like top models, Vic was still the most attractive person I've ever seen. The only thing that didn't weaken in those past two weeks is my relationship with him. Since I have admitted my feelings, everything has been better than it already was.

He would make love to me every night. He would kiss me all the time, making my entire body shiver. He would hug me to comfort me when I was sad or anxious. He was the best and I was the luckiest guy since he was all mine.

The one thing that scared Vic and I the most was food. The ressources weren't as abondant as they were. It was becoming more difficult to chase animals. There were days where we had to stick to fruits because we couldn't find any source of meat.

You would say that we could still eat fish or any sea creatures. We've thought about it. We tried to build a fishing rope but it wasn't a success. We weren't able to capture any fish, so we stopped trying. We would try again when it would be our last source of food.

The quantity of little fruits was discreasing rapidly. The last time I went, I calculated that we would be okay for 7 more days. 1 week. There was no way that we would be rescued in sush a small amount of time.

As for the water, we didn't really worry about it. The source of potable water in the forest wasn't going to go anywhere. It might not be the cleanest water, but water is water.

There probably were fruits and animals further on the island, but Vic and I didn't want to adventure ourselves there. I was too scared that I wouldn't find my way back or that I would be attacked by a wild creature.

As for Vic, he wouldn't let me go even if I wanted to. He's so protective and sweet. And if I don't go, he doesn't go either. He never leaves my side and I don't complain about that.

Having him with me is what keeps me sain. I would have given up trying to survive a long time ago if it wasn't for him. He's my motivation to get out of here alive and in one entire piece. I simply love him with everything that I have in me. I need his love, it feeds more than anything else could ever do.

Every night, I dream about him; about us. I dream about us getting out of this island. I dream about us getting back to California. I dream about us being and happy couple. I dream about us introducing each other to our families. I dream about us moving together. I dream about us getting married and having kids. I picture my whole life with him by my side.

I sometimes get lost in my thoughts, remembering the words he said to me one night:

You're my light in the dark, Kellin. You're my purpose, you're everything I need. I love you more than you can even imagine. I want to be with you forever. I want to get old with you. I want to do everything with you, because I love you.

Vic and I were currently seating by the beach, talking about random stuff. That' what I like about him, we can talk about whatever we want to and it never gets boring.

''And then, my mother came out and started yelling at me. She said I was an idiot for believing that I could-,''he spoke without finishing his story.

I noticed that his eyes were fixed on the sea, or should I say, something on the sea.

''Is that...'' I wondered.

''A boat. It's a boat Kels!'' Vic said happily. ''Oh my, okay let's light a fire. That boat might be our change to get out of here.''

We didn't waste anytime. We ran to our little habitation and collecte some wood. We dropped them on the sand. Since I was the fastest at lighting fire, I did what needed to be done. Thirty seconds later, we had our fire and I could still see the boat.

''Grab two pieces of wood and light them. Wave them. It will give us more chances to be noticed by the boat,'' I recommended.

Vic did what I told him to do and I did the same. We were waving our hands rapidly, hoping that this woud work. It had to. Why would this boat show up at night if it wasn't to rescue us? It has to be our way to get out of here forever.

''Please,'' I whispered.

But the boat kept moving in the same exact direction. It wasn't going to rescue us, it wasn't going to bring us back home.

I was angry, but mostly I was sad. I threw my two sticks of woods in the water and started crying. I couldn't belive it. All my hopes were gone. That boat might have been our only chance to leave this island.

I ran back to the habitation, completely ignoring Vic. I fell to the ground. I had no more strenght to stand up. I had my head in both of my hands and kept crying loudly. Life could have been nice for once, but she decided to be a jerk. She decided to give us false hopes, just to weaken us even more.

I felt a familiar hand caressing my hair. Playing with my hair is the best way to calm me down. I looked up and saw Vic seating next to me with a sad look on his face.

''Don't cry baby,'' Vic whispered as he kept playing with my hair.

''We'll never get out of here, Vic,'' I said sadly. ''What if that one boat was our unique chance to get back to our normal life?''

''Shhh, don't say such things Kels. We can't abandon now, not after everything that we've been through,'' Vic replied.

''It is just so hard, you know. In more than two months, we kept wishing that a situation like this would come. When it finally does, we couldn't even enjoy it,'' I said sadly.

Vic caressed my cheek. He gave a small smile and leaned it to kiss me tenderly. The kiss didn't last long, It was long enough to make me feel okay.

''I know how you feel, I'm feeling the same things. I want to get out of here as much as you do. I'm also scared you know. Maybe I don't show it, but I am. I'm trying to be strong, for you, for us. We can't let our fears win over us. We need to keep fighting Kellin. I need you to fight me, because I can't win without you,'' Vic said.

He always have the right words to make me feel better. We were both scared. We didn't know what the future was holding for us. We didn't even know what tomorrow would hold. The only thing that we were sure about is that we could alway count on each other and that it would be okay as long as we are togheter.

''Until the end,'' I said. ''It's you and me until the end.''

''I love you,'' Vic mentionned.

''I love you even more. I don't know what I would do without you,'' I replied.

''Neither do I,'' Vic said with a big smile on his face.

His lips found his way back to mine. That's what we did for the rest of the night: giving each other comfort by kissing and hugging. Vic is right. We can win this fight as long as we're together.