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Flight K-35542

Don't Let Go

Five days passed since we say that boat. Five days went by since we had our very first chance, and maybe our last, to get out of this island for good. We were so close, yet so far. All I could do was hope and pray that, in the end, we would get a second chance to get out of here and that it would be the one that would allow us to do so.

Vic and I were already weak, we were even weaker now. We both knew we wouldn't survive much longer if we didn't get rescued. We knew our end was close, and that thought was very painful. It hurt to know that I would never see my family again.

It hurt to know that they probably would never find my dead body. It hurt to know that the ones I love would never know what happened to me. It hurt to know I couldn't say goodbye. At least I had Vic who I hope would die after I do. I didn't want to see him die, it would be too painful.

This changed a lot in five days. I was getting very tired. I barely had the energy to go in the forest to pick up some fruits that would soon all be gone. I barely had the strenght to stand on my two legs without feeling dizzy.

As for Vic, I don't really know what happened to him, but he started to feel very sick. He would throw up at least thrice a day and would not be able to eat a single aliment. He tried to eat some fruits the other night, but he threw them up a few minutes later.

He would also not be able to catch any sleep. When he did, he would wake up in the middle of the night in a panic miode, yelling and crying. I was very worried since there wasn't much I could do. I tried my best to calm him down, but it was no use. I have never been that worried in my whole life. I wasn't ready to lose him yet.

Even though I had him with me, I knew I was losing him. He wasn't the same. He would not smile anymore. He would not make love to me anymore because he didn't have enough energy and it pained him. He would barely hug me or kiss me anymore. He said he didn't want me to get sick like he was. He was still my Vic, but I was losing him quickly.

At the moment, Vic was in our habitation. I couldn't tell if he was sleeping or not, but he was laying on the sand, unmoving just like he did the previous days. As for me, I was sitting by the beach, watching the stars and the Moon. The view gave me some source of comfort. It wasn't as strong as Vic's, but it still helped me to remain sane in this whole crazy situation.

I was lost in my thoughts. Actually, I was only thinking about Vic and I. I was thinking about the moments we spent together. Our story wasn't long, but it still contained many great memories.

I thought back to the time where were first met and how I saw him a jerk, yet very sexy. I had flashbacks of the crash that hunted me for weeks but that faded away with time. If it wasn't for that crash, I never would have met the real Vic and I would not have fallen in love him. I wished I could have met him differently where both of us wouldn't be close to death.

I thought about our first kiss and how his lips fitted perfectly on mine. I thought about the night where he became my boyfriend and how nervous I was while asking him to be. I thought about the night where I told him that I loved him and where he said it back. I thought about him making love to me for the first time and how amazing it felt. That probably was the best moment of my life.

Thinking about all this brought a massive smile to my face. I was happy that my last living months were spent with this incredible human being. I was glad that he was mine and I was yours. I knew we would find our way back to each other on the other side and that we would be together forever.

I was brought back to reality when I heard a loud noise above me. I couldn't tell what it was, but it made my ears hurt. It was so dark that I could barely see. And then, I saw it.

''Pinch me,'' I whispered.

An helicopter. There was a giant helicopter above me. It was there to save us. This truly was a miracle, I could not believe my eyes and my ears.

The helicopter landed a few meters away from me. I was crying a mix of tears of happiness and sadness. Vic and I were finally getting out of this island, and we would survive. We would be okay.

Two men got out of the helicopter and walked towards me. I hugged them tightly. I didn't care if I smelled bad. Those two men were my heroes. They were Vic's and I saviours. They were angels sent from heaven.

''You're okay young man,'' one of the man said. ''We're here now.''

''How d-did you find us?'' I asked.

''It's been months since a plane crashed in the middle of nowhere. People have been searching around for weeks in the hopes of finding that plane. But then, passengers on a boat spotted fire on an island. We collected their testimonies and we realized that this could lead us to the lost plane. After many hours of flying above islands in the area, we finally found you,'' he answered.

''I can't believe you're here, I can't believe it. Vic and I were on that plane that crashed. We are the only survivors,'' I said crying.

''It's all okay son. Go search that Vic and we'll bring you home,'' the man said.

I nodded and ran to our little habitation. Vic was still laying on the ground, probably sleeping. I didn't know how he couldn't be waken up by the loud noise made by the helicopter. But I didn't think about it any longer.

''Vic, there's an helicopter Vic!'' I yelled happily.

No answer. Not even a single blink on an eye.

I sat on the ground next to him and tickled him. Tickling him always made him wake up.

''Vic, wake up baby, we're going home!'' I said happily still tickling him.

Still no answer. Not a single motion from him. Nothing. This couldn't be happening. I checked for his pulse, afraid that I might never find one. Fortunately, I did. But it was weak, very weak. I knew it wouldn't last much longer.

I panicked. I ran back to the two men from the helicopter, crying loudly.

''Help!'' I yelled. ''It's V-Vic. He's not moving. His p-pulse is very weak and I-I don't want him to die. He isn't waking up. I-I can't lose him.''

''Shhh, calm down,'' a man tried to reassure me by caressing my dirty shoulder.

''No! You don't understand. He's my everything. I can't lose him. I'm not going anywhere without him,'' I replied sadly.

''Get in the helicopter with Jack, I'll take care of Vic,'' one of the man said before running to the habitation.

I got into the helicopter with Jack and couldn't stop crying. I was so afraid to lose Vic forever. We finally had our chance to go back to our lives and it was probably too late for him. Life is unfair.

After what seemed like an hour, the other man came back, with Vic in his arms. This wasn't good.

''He's not dead, but he's very weak,'' he said as he laid Vic's body next to me. ''We don't have time to lose or it might be too late.''

''How f-far is the nearest hospital?'' I asked nervously.

''5 hours,'' he answered sadly. ''We'll do our best to get there as soon as possible. All we can do is pray that he makes it until then.'

It only made me cry even more. I took Vic's hand in mine and I wouldn't let it go. I would never let go of Vic.

''You need to fight Vic. 5 hours is all I'm asking. Please Vic, don't let go. You-you need to live, I need you Vic. I love you,'' I said.

Of course he didn't reply. I wasn't expecting him to, but I was praying for another miracle. As we got in the air, I looked down at the island that kept us prisonners for so long. We were finally free. But chances were that Vic probably wouldn't have the chance to enjoy that freedom.
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