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No one can remember when werewolves were first found living among humans. But everyone could remember that for decades there were bitter feuds; fueled by hatred and ignorance. All that changed when governments around the world began building detaining cells. At first it was all wolves that had been marked as dangerous had to go there; though with corrupt politicians and fearful citizens all wolves were being rounded up and dumped into detainment. It became a rather lucrative business, to set up one of these holding buildings, and to hunt the wolves down. There was little opposition from the humans; Everyone knew that the rules against wolves were there to protect them. They had been fed the lie that at one point a wolf was bound to go “Feral.” Civilians were not allowed anywhere near these places designated to holding wolves, and it was extremely hard to get work there. This is where our story picks up, with a young woman who meets an alpha wolf who defies all her stereotypes of what a werewolf is. (I Really hate descriptions, but this a bit of background information on the story.)