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My Last Semester

Good Morning

“Well Isn’t this cute?” a weezy voice filled the room.

Gabby woke up to find the sun pouring in the room, a room that she realized was not hers. She felt an arm wrap tightly around her waist and looked over at its owner and smiled to herself. Giff’s blonde hair was messy, his face was smooth and he looked like a little boy as he continued to sleep. Someone cleared their throat and Gabby turned her head to the person whose voice had woken her up.

“Uhhh hi?” she said to the tall boy who was standing in the doorway. She recognized him as Ty. His hair was a mess and his eyes were bloodshot. He looked like complete shit.

“Who are you? You look kinda familiar” He had a huge smile on his face, which puzzled Gabby.

“My name’s Gabrielle…I’m a friend of Giff’s.”

Ty’s smile stretched to a size that Gabby didn’t even know was possible, her cheeks ached just looking at it.

“So good ole Giff got it in last night huh! Knew he had it in him! You’re the first girl he’s brought home this year!” Gabby really didn’t know what to say. She just stared at Tyler with a blank face, wishing he would leave.

“We didn’t do anything…I mean we’re both fully clothed so uh yeah sorry to disappoint.”

She felt the arm around her tighten even more and she looked back to Giff. He groaned a little as he began to stir. Thank God Gabby thought. She didn’t want to be around Ty for a second more. He had started to stare at her closely with his beady eyes. She felt like a bug under a microscope. Gabby turned away from Ty's ugly gaze and looked at Giff. Wake up! She yelled mentally. Almost as if he heard her his pretty blue eyes fluttered open. They landed on her and he smiled sleepily, causing Gabby’s heart to flutter. God that smile would be the death of her.

“Good morning” he said quietly. He sat up and leaned in to kiss her. Gabby wanted nothing more than to feel his lips on hers but not in front of his creepy roommate.

“Umm we have company this morning,” she said nodding her head towards Ty. Giff turned his head, finally noticing his roommate who still had a stupid shit eating grin on his ugly face.

“What do you want?” he muttered, getting up and walking towards Ty.

Ty held up his hand in surrender. “Nothing man, just wanted to meet your little friend. I met her first though…” Giff turned to look at Gabby, whose faced turned an awful shade of red. She couldn’t believe he actually remembered her! Giff’s raised his eyebrows at her in question.

“Dude! It wasn’t like that!” Tyler started laughing. He was a dick yeah and he could have easily made it seem like something happened between him and Gabby but he was in a good that morning.

“I tried to dance with her but she wasn’t having any other that. Isn’t that right babe?” he sneered.

To say Gabby was relieved was an understatement. She seriously thought Ty was going to make this into something that it wasn’t. She was genuinely surprised that he did that. But she still thought he was a dick. She flipped him off which only caused his laughter to get louder.

Giff on the other hand thought he was going to have a stroke when he first heard that Ty had met Gabby. She didn’t seem like a wild girl but hey looks can be deceiving. And to be honest, he thought Ty was the most disgusting human on the planet. He wanted to shout for joy knowing that he didn’t kiss the same girl Ty did. He got to his senses and approached Ty.

“Take a shower because you smell like shit.” He pushed Ty out of the room and closed the door locking it. He turned around and placed his back on the door. My roommate is such a dumbass he thought.

“Your friend sure knows how to get on someone’s shit list quick doesn’t he?”

“Let’s get one thing straight Gab. That guy is not and never will be my friend.” She chuckled and stared at the handsome guy across the room. His hair was still a bit messy, a bit flat in places. She wanted to run her fingers through the soft blonde locks and rough it up but first she just wanted to look at him. To fully take his perfection in. She sighed to herself. There was no way that he was real. It wasn’t fair that someone was that attractive.

If only she knew what Giff was thinking at that moment. If only she knew what he thought of her that very second…

His gaze was fixed at the girl on his bed. Her eyeliner was smudged from sleeping and her waves were wild, almost like a lion’s mane and he thought it was sexy as hell. She was sexy as hell. And it wasn’t just because of her looks, though that certainly helped he thought to himself as his eyes traveled her body. It was everything about her, the energy she gave off, the way she carried herself, her uniqueness. She possessed her own type of beauty. There was no way he was fortunate enough to find this truly unique jewel. He never had much luck in his life.

She stared back at him and raised her hand and beckoned him with her index finger. An invitation he couldn’t believe he was getting and one that he sure as hell wasn’t going to turn down. He slowly walked towards his bed. His heart racing, his stomach tightening but his eyes never left hers. He crawled towards her, hovering over her. She wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his strong neck. “Now what was I saying?” he asked as his lips grazed her cheek.

“I think you were going to tell me good morning.” She said breathlessly.

“Oh yeah…good morning.” He whispered as he dipped his head to capture her soft lips with his. The kiss started off slow and gentle, but both were longing for more. Their breaths became shallower as the kiss become more intense. His fingers danced across her smooth legs, which she tightened further around his waist. Their tongues entwined and Gabby groaned. It wasn’t loud and it wasn’t aggressive. No this was soft, almost innocent. It was natural and it gave him just a small glimpse of how his actions, how is presence was affecting her and it told him just how content she was right now. The sound rang throughout Giff’s body and caused his member to twitch ever so slightly.

“That’s a sound that I could get used to hearing.” he whispered and Gabby laughed.
She had thought her little slip up was the most embarrassing thing ever. Here she was under one of the best college athletes in the country, just kissing him and she moaned! She was scared he thought she had no self control and was glad to hear that he had enjoyed her slip up.

She attacked his neck a series of small kisses and bites, causing his member to twitch a bit more. He could feel it start to press tighter against his pants. He felt his breathing get heavier and his grip on her tightened ever so slightly.

Suddenly, surprising both herself and Giff she flipped them over so that she was now on top. She stared down at the beautiful boy beneath her. His hands explored her arms as they made her way to her shoulders. His touch was like fire and she found herself thinking of the places on her body that she wanted him to touch. Her lips were on his again, but this time it was aggressive not gentle. His hands traced the back of her thighs and made their way to her bottom as he instinctively squeezed it.

“We have to stop,” Gabby whispered around his lips. She didn’t want to, her body was screaming for him but she knew it was for the best. Giff nodded but not before stealing one more kiss and giving her ass one more squeeze. They laid on their backs side by side. There were a million thoughts going around in Giff’s head but he couldn’t focus on them, not while there was a throbbing in his pants. This is embarrassing he thought, but he couldn’t help it, he wanted her so bad but he knew it was a good idea that they had stopped. He didn’t want to ruin this, whatever this was…