Status: NONE OF IT IS TRUE! Nina, Cassie, and Ben belong to me!

Everything's Not Alright

Eliza Janina Matthews, is no ordinary girl. She's a witch and she changed high schools she is faced to eliminate all vampires, Eliza's first target is Christopher Cerulli. But will something Eliza's perspective will Eliza fall in love, or find someone hates her than herself. Eliza prefers to go by Nina which she gets from Janina, her middle she likes because it's unique.
Cassandra Leah Matthews, is Nina's older sister who falls for the vampire Chris, and he has mutual feelings. Soon Nina finds herself jealous of Cassie and Chris. But Nina refuses to let her emotions show. Cassie knows Nina is jealous of the relationship with Chris.
Benjamin Conner Matthews, Cassie and Nina's older brother.