The Last Days

This is the prologue and first chapter of a much larger story which I'm writing. It's going to be sort of a post apocalyptic theme as witnessed by people during the tragedy. I won't promise a happy ending, in fact I kind of ruin the chance in the prologue but I will promise a "happy ending" they will have survived trials and they will have done great things and in the end, despite what becomes of them you will know they did well.

The story is based upon a group of characters, 4 to begin with and a 5th to be introduced later. I'm mainly looking for feedback on the style in which I'm writing, do you like the style, do you like the characters, do you like the way they're introduced and do you think there are other ways I could have done it better?

I will add more as time goes on!
  1. Prologue and Chapter 1
    ~This is the introduction, where we first meet our cast of protagonists....most of them anyway