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When the Day Met the Night

All Was Golden in the Sky

Planning dates was hard for Jack and Alex. No doubt, neither of them was really sure about any activity the other would pick, so they didn't voice any opinions. It should have been easy, but for two people who wanted to make the other happy, it was quite difficult. They didn't actually have their first date until a month after they had met. They texted or called in the late night and early morning, Jack would be up before and after Alex went to bed, every night. When Jack would wake up later in the day, he would receive all the things Alex told him about his day, before going to work. Then, he would go to work himself. Finally, after so many weeks of missing each other, Alex finally made a decision, and he called Jack to let him know.

"Hey," Jack picked up the phone, and Alex had to bite his lip from smiling too wide. Nobody could see him, but it was a reflex.

"Hi," Alex chirped, "I have an idea."

"And what's that?" Jack prompted him on the other end. Whenever they began talking, Jack was very monotonous. Alex never took offense to it, because he knew that's just how Jack was. He made it his goal to flip it around somewhere in the conversation, though, and the fact that it was possible meant Alex was truly special to Jack.

"I'll take you out first," Alex explained, and Jack could tell he was quite excited about his revelation. "And then you take me out. We both get to pick what we want to do, and the other comes along."

"I like that," Jacked hummed, a bit of humour added to his voice when he said, "But why do you get to go first?"

"Well," Alex sighed, "I didn't think of that, I'm sorry. I just assumed, since it was my idea, I would."

"I'm just messing with you, sunshine," Jack chuckled, and Alex felt his insides flutter. His goal was achieved. "Alright, let's do tomorrow and Saturday. I'm guessing I have to be up at a reasonable time?"

"Preferably," Alex laughed.

"I can't wait to see you," Jack said. He was back to his monotonous tone, but, for some reason, Alex thought some things were said better that way. Jack didn't need to try for Alex to believe him.

"You, too," Alex smiled, "See you then."

"See you, hon."

The next morning, Alex was lead to Jack's apartment by his dates directions, and knocked on his door at ten in the morning. It wasn't that early, but Jack answered the door in a rush.

"Hi, sorry," he looked Alex up and down, "I was just finishing getting ready." He was a little bit jealous of how easy it was for Alex to actually wake up and be progressive. "What are we doing today?"

"Picnic," Alex grinned, "On the beach."

"Sweet. Okay, wait, I should probably get changed." Alex looked down at Jack's jeans, and he nodded.

"I'll wait here." He said, surprised when Jack leaned in and planted a quick kiss on his lips, before rushing back inside. Alex grinned to himself. Jack couldn't give him a proper kiss after not seeing each other for a month, but he could have sex with him on the first night they met. Alex wanted to figure him out.

Jack held Alex's hand all the way to the beach. It was comforting, for both of them. Alex took him to a beach farther away than the one near his house, and they walked for a couple dozen minutes through the city to reach it. It was bigger, and had an even bigger feel of summer than the other one Jack had been to. It was kind of weird to him, how beaches were permanent summers in places that could get so cold in the winter. Even if they froze, they were still there.

They sat down on a blanket Alex had stuffed in his bag, and Alex pulled out the various foods he had brought. Together, they snacked on chips and fruit and other things, as they lay down beside each other and talked. There wasn't much to it, really, and Jack liked how relaxing it was. He was alright when Alex took him down to the water, and he even enjoyed it a bit. It was like Alex was in his element, and Jack couldn't help but stare when the other boy had his eyes closed, soaking up the sun. They couple spent the entire day there, time passing as they filled each other in on the previous month. Alex also snuck a few kisses here and there, to make up for the crappy one Jack had given him earlier. He wanted him to know he was still comfortable. Jack liked that.

When the two finally had their fair share of the sun, they decided to take transit back home, since they were both so tired. Jack followed Alex to his door, kissing him like he really didn't want to go, even though they would see each other the next night.

When the sun rose the next day, Alex was nervously excited about what the evening had in store. Jack said he would be picking him up around nine, which was an awfully weird time for Alex to start his night. Realizing Jack would keep him up, he decided to sleep in a bit longer, which ended up being a good idea.

"You look good," Jack said immediately, as Alex opened the door. The blush that rose on Alex's cheek was like a reward for Jack.

"Thanks," he smiled, "You, too. Where're we going?"

"Out," Jack shrugged, "I'm taking you to meet all my friends at my favourite places."

"Okay," Alex nodded, and Jack leant down to press a kiss to his jaw, lingering there before leaving one more small peck, and then taking Alex by the hand.

Jack took Alex all around the city. First, to his favourite restaurant, a dimly lit, cozy place with everything you could want. Then, to get dessert at an ice cream parlour, and a walk through a nearby park. Just when Alex was expecting the rest of the night to be just as timid, though, Jack turned it around. He brought Alex to several nightclubs, seemingly looking for somebody else. He wondered why Jack didn't just text whoever it was, but he supposed the mystery was part of the fun. They finally ran into a group of people at the third place they checked, and Jack introduced Alex to them. They took him in as one of their own, and they spent the rest of the night showing Alex all of the secret places they had found in the city, whether it be rooftops or underground locations. Alex didn't mind being with other people, because he got to know Jack, and that's all he wanted.

At the end of the night, which was actually the early morning, the pair decided it was time to go home. Alex was getting sleepy, and Jack decided he would take Alex to his place, so they could spend the rest of the night and the morning together. Once they reached his apartment, though, Jack decided against keeping Alex up. They would have many more days and nights to share with each other, and he smiled as Alex curled in on himself in his bed. It was time for his sun to recharge, so he could shine again tomorrow.
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