Status: Have never written a werewolf story before and just got into the genre... so sorry if I get something wrong.

So Not What I Had in Mind

I had lived most of my life with my best friend’s family; my own parents even said I spent more time there than I did at home. So I knew things about Casey’s life that most people didn’t. Like the fact her entire family was part of one of the largest North American werewolf packs.

Yep werewolves, and the only reason I was allowed in on the secret was because you can’t really tell a kid that her best friend getting excited and being replaced with a wolf was just a coincidence. I mean you could, but even a five year old, (which I was at the time), would know you were lying. So they let me in on the secret and swore me to secrecy. But let’s be honest, what five year old can keep a secret? (There was also the fact I took the inability to keep secrets to a whole new level.) So it was no surprise when I walked into my living room and shouted, “Mommy, Casey’s a werewolf!” And it was even less of a surprise that she didn’t believe me. I had a reputation for lying. Even then.

Eventually I learned to keep the secret and revel in the advantages of having a werewolf best friend. So my life was great for a whopping ten years and then Casey turned 16.

Wolves apparently have this thing where they invite a whole lot of single guys/girls, depending on who the birthday child was, and then they all just intermix until the birthday kid connects with somebody and then BAM! They’re stuck together for life.

I mean don’t get me wrong, no chance of being cheated on? Sounds amazing! But I was human and the whole stuck-together-for-life thing just didn’t appeal. But I respected Casey’s decision, and so that was how I found myself helping her plan her Sweet 16 party which I was invited to of course. I just never expected what happened to happen.