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So Not What I Had in Mind

Shopping... the torture

“Casey, whatever dress you wear will look super amazingly sexy! Can we please just get out of here?” I whined as I looked at my upside-down best friend. She wasn’t upside down, I was. My head dangled over the side of the couch that had been placed outside of the dressing rooms of the upscale dress store my friend and I were in. I could feel the pressure on my brain increasing and my cheeks were turning red, but at least this way I was semi-amused.

I had found my own dress a couple of hours ago. Casey’s parents insisted that I needed a new dress for this most special of occasions (their words, not mine) and had even insisted on paying for it themselves. And honestly, what teenage girl in their right mind would turn down free clothes? Anyways, after I had found my dress, boredom had quickly set in. I had long since reached the point of really hoping Casey would just find a super-sexy dress that she loved beyond life, and I would be allowed to go hom
e and sleep until the party.

I don’t know why Casey had waited until right before the party to go dress shopping but she had. So now I just needed to sleep before said party and then I would be ready. Well, I mean, after I did my hair and makeup of course.

Casey ignored my less-than-helpful comment on the dress and turned to appraise herself in the mirror before scowling and turning back for the dressing room.

Of course, it wasn’t that she looked bad in any of the dresses she tried on; honestly, it was probably impossible for her to look bad in anything she put on even if she tried her hardest. With her bright white hair and green eyes, Casey was a walking model with the height and boobs to match. In fact, the only thing that she didn’t have was a butt which I made sure to point out constantly since she bagged on my less-than-fulfilled breast size. However, since she was looking for the dress, as she put it, we had been in the store for way longer than was normal.

Sighing, I glanced at my phone and calculated how much time I would need to get ready and how much sleep I would consequently be getting before nearly jumping out of my skin when Casey let out an excited shriek from the dressing room. Two seconds later, an excited wolf was standing in front of me in an extremely cute dress.

The material of the dress was black and clung to Casey’s body like a second skin accenting her above-average curves. A draped plunging neckline fell from the tank top sleeves and the considerable gap bared above her boobs was filled with black lace which didn’t really cover much. When my best friend turned, I saw that the back of the dress was made up of mostly the same black lace which only stopped right above her lower back showing more skin than I’m sure her dad, or brothers, would be happy with.

Starring at my best friend, I felt a smile tilt up my lips. “Girl, if you get that dress, then more men than just your mate will be trying to claim you.” I drawled as I stared at her, sitting up so that I could assess her. This caused all the blood to rush from my head making me nearly black out. I ignored it and looked at Casey who had commenced to striking random poses in the full length mirror that waited outside of the dressing rooms.

“God, I feel sexy as hell.” She breathed out before turning back to me. “Alright, Marcy, you know what you have to do.”I was ordered causing me to roll my eyes and stand.

Clearing my throat, I blinked my eyes at Casey in the mirror before I mimed holding a microphone. “Casey Bane, I just have one final question for you,” pause for dramatic effect while Casey faked crying, “is this your dress?” My pretend microphone was now shoved under Casey’s face and her fake tears having turned into real laughter.

However, this was a preplanned idea so she had to answer. So through her laughter, Casey managed to stammer out, “Yes, this is my dress!” before the two of us collapsed into a heap on the ground.

Well, I collapsed on the ground. Casey was down for about two seconds before she realized she was still wearing the dress and jumped back up. Which caused me to laugh ten times harder. This earned me a glare from half of the store before Casey flashed one of her I’m-so-sorry-for-my-insane-friend smiles. You know, the kind that make guys pass out from lack of oxygen in their brains, and she headed back to the dressing room to change back into her street clothes.

By the time Casey was out of the dressing room with her new dress, I was standing by the couch I had previously occupied with my dress in my hands and my foot tapping impatiently. “Gosh, if you go any slower I won’t have time for a nap.” I mumbled to her as I followed her slow walk towards the front of the store.

Casey let out a worrisome little laugh as she dumped her dress on the counter and motioned for me to follow suit. “How sweet,” she told me as she pulled her dad’s credit card out of her pocket. “You think we’re going home now!”

My eyes narrowed as she paid for the outrageously expensive dresses and grabbed the dress bags that were handed over the counter by an extremely bored looking attendant. “What do you mean we aren’t going home? We have to have some time to get ready! And if we continue shopping, there sure as hell won’t be any time left.” I told her as I followed her out of the store and towards where we had parked the car. Maybe she had been kidding about us not going home.

Unfortunately just as the door to freedom was coming into view, Casey turned and headed into a shoe shop her hand rising to wave an eager-looking sales person over. We were probably going to be late for Casey’s party.

“You complain too much, Marcy! We’re getting ready here of course. Mom booked us two appointments at the salon.” She told me a little too happy about spending her parents’ money.
Not that there was a shortage of it, but still, she should watch what we spend. About to open my mouth and tell her my thoughts, Casey shook her head and flashed me a frown. “And before you can go all saint-like on me, which in itself is wrong, I did try to convince her not to. But mom said that this was the one time I would be meeting my mate so we might as well go all out.”

I rolled my eyes but kept silent. Casey had probably already come up with an argument for everything I would say anyways, so I just decided I would leave the party early and go crash in the guest room or something. Besides the shop clerk had reached us, and you can’t really argue with a werewolf on werewolf things when there’s somebody nearby who wasn’t ever supposed to find out about werewolves unless he got stuck with one. And on the off chance that he did get stuck with one, Lord help him

“Hi, my friend and I need some super-sexy heels for my super-awesome Sweet 16!” Casey gushed, giving way more information than was needed. “So, Marcy, you’ll probably need black heels ‘cause I have a super cute necklace that you can wear. And I’ll probably need black heels as well, and we do not want them to match each other’s in any way.” She told the clerk.

I already felt sorry for him.

But instead of fetching one of the female attendants, the guy just laughed at my over-exuberant best friend and spread one arm wide towards where racks of shoes were waiting to be bought. “Well then, right this way and I’ll see what I can do about finding you guys the perfect shoes!” He gushed before walking over towards one of the racks. He then started to pull dozens of boxes off of the shelves and plop them in front of Casey and I. “Alright! So these are all the black heels we have! You two try some on and when you’re done don’t worry about putting them up. I’ll make the underlings do that. What good is being manager if you don’t get to boss those who work for you around?” He told us having picked up on Casey’s tendency to talk way more than needed.

The second he was out of our aisle, Casey plopped down on the small bench that was there for people to sit on while they shoved their feet into shoes before carefully laying the dresses out flat on the ground. “I like him. He seems nice!” She chirped before reaching for one of the boxes.

I rolled my eyes and sat on the ground in front of her. “That’s because he’s a guy version of you.” I told her as I reached for a box. The next hour passed in trying on shoes and complaining about the pain the stilettos caused me.

Amazingly, Casey was the first to find her shoes. They were relatively plain—about three inches high and black—they stayed on her feet by a strap around her ankle and a strap above where her feet connected to the toes.

Once she had her shoes, Casey then commenced to go through all of the shoes till she found a pair she shoved into my face. “Try these on, and if they don’t work then this place had no cute heels, except for mine of course, and we are going to the next store!” She ranted while I rolled my eyes and pulled the amazingly comfortable stilettos onto my feet.

They were cute—as everything Casey ever yelled for me to try on was—and they oddly went with my dress (I say oddly because my dress was white, but we’ll get more into that later). They were closed in the back and along the sides but open above my foot save for two straps that slanted over my foot and a large band that went horizontally across the bottom part of my foot where my toes connected to the main part.

I heard Casey let out an excited gasp and lifted my head from starring at the shoes. “You are so getting those!” She squealed before she grabbed her box of shoes and all but yanked the heels off of my feet and started for the front counter.

By the time I had caught up with her, she had already paid for the shoes and was headed out of the store. “Alright, sweetie, now all we have to do is get underwear, and then we can go get our hair, nails, and makeup done!” Casey chirped as I followed after her, once again choosing not to speak. Not even to ask why she was using her father’s credit card, which he can check the history of purchases on I might add, to buy underwear.

Nope, I didn’t say any of that because, as much as I was complaining, I was having fun. And Casey knew it.
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Okay so there won't actually be any mate action until a like the third chapter 'cause I already know what I'm doing for the second chapter! Anyways hope y'all enjoyed!