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So Not What I Had in Mind

Weird Instincts and Amazing Kisses

Lucas’s POV

I winced as I covered my ears, a smirk tilting my lips. The girls were tone-deaf; their voices off key and off beat as they enthusiastically sang to the music. Even though I felt as if my ear drums were about to shrivel up and die, I couldn’t help the grin that tilted my lips.

Marcy was grinning as danced in seat, her hands gripping the steering wheel, although the grip did her no good. The car was swerving in the lane, somehow miraculously staying in it, and when we would reach a stop the car would jerk to a halt.

Every time a car would pass to close to us or Marcy would stop a little too close to the center of an intersection, I would tense up and force the need to rip her out of the driver’s seat. She was going to get us killed, or worse, hurt herself.

Stifling a growl as Marcy turned from the outer lane and into Casey’s development, I gripped the arm rest. Matthew was similarly tense, but Casey seemed unaffected, chattering away to Marcy as she broke the speed limit and fully ignored the multiple stop signs that were placed in our way. That’s it; this girl is never driving again.

Once Marcy had come to a rocking halt in front of Casey’s house, Matthew was out of the car and running to get Casey out, holding her to him. “You are never getting in a car with her behind the wheel ever again!” He growled at Casey as he literally squished her to his chest.

I chuckled as I got out, frowned when I saw the offended look on Marcy’s face. “Excuse me, but I am a great driver! Casey has been riding with me for two years now and we have only gotten into two accidents, neither of which were my fault!” She stated as she stopped her foot and crossed her arms over her chest.

Moving towards her I latched my fingers onto her hips and pulled her back into my chest. I couldn’t not touch her, and the fact that I had resisted the urge for this long was commendable. Marcy tensed against me, but didn’t pull away, something I was incredibly grateful for. “And that is one of the reasons why you are never driving again.” I told her, my chin resting on the top of her head.

That lasted for two seconds before she jerked away, whirling around to cross her on her chest and glare at me. “Excuse me?” She asked as her blue eyes narrowed on me. “What did you just say? Because if you just said that I am not allowed to drive, then we are going to have some serious problems.” She told me, causing my own eyes to narrow on her.

I heard Matthew mumbled something to Casey as he pulled her away and into the house. “Little one, I told you about disrespect.” I growled at her as I took a step towards her.

A flash of nervousness showed in her eyes before she covered it up with arrogance. “And I told you about calling me little one, now, I have places to go. I’ll see you later. Text me later, you can get my number from Casey.” She told me as she tried to shoulder past me.

That wasn’t going to work. Growling I grabbed her hips and spun around so that her back was to the car and her chest was pressed to mine. “No, if you’re going somewhere I am going with you.” I snarled at her as my fingers clench and unclenched on her hips.

Casey’s POV

Oh my god. This is so not happening. The one time something even remotely interesting happens to me, it’s with a pissed off werewolf who just tried to ban me from driving.

I could feel his fingers digging into my hip, and truthfully it was slightly painful, but I pushed to the back of my mind. I needed to get in my car and drive; I actually did have things to do today, that wasn’t just a clever excuse to get away from him; although, now that I think about it, it wasn’t very clever, pretty lame actually. But anyways, I needed to focus on the task at hand, getting away from Lucas before I gave into the sparks that were rocketing though my body.

“Lucas, you can’t come with me to the horse barn! You will spook all of the horses and probably get me thrown, which is not something I want to do again since it hurts like hell.” I told him as I pushed on his shoulders, causing him to not move a single inch.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- stupid werewolf strength.

Lucas growled and somehow managed to push me closer to him. “No, you’re not doing something you can get hurt at.” He growled down at me, his grey eyes sliding to an amber yellow color. Uh oh, years of basically living with Casey told me this wasn’t a good thing.

Closing my eyes I counted to five before relaxing against him. I had seen Mrs. Bane do this thousands of time when Mr. Bane got out of control. I just crossed my fingers that this will work in calming him; I really didn’t want to have to deal with a grumpy wolf right now. My day had been going mostly good.

Once I was relaxed against him ii moved my hand to cup his cheek, going on instinct. That was weird since normally my instinct is set on “get the hell out of here while you still can”.

Sparks radiated from where my hand rested on his cheek causing me to force back a shiver of pleasure. “Lucas, please calm down.” I mumbled as my hand moved towards his hair, where it tangled in the soft curls.

A shudder past through Lucas but his eyes didn’t change, if anything they turned more to that feral yellow color. Running through my fingers through his hair I started mumbling random things as my other hand wound up to join the first.

By the time another past through Lucas his eyes had faded back to their pretty grey color, but by that point I was focused mainly on the sparks that were shooting through me. And here I only started doing this so that I could leave, well, so much for that.

Lucas seemed to notice that I was zoned out as his hands tightened on my hips, no longer edging on painful, but firm enough to get my attention. Glancing from where my hands were running though his hair I met Lucas’s eyes and proceeded to bite my lip.

Lucas let out a low groan/growl as his eyes focused on the action. “Don’t do that.” He moaned again, causing me to bite down harder.

Wow, way to go Marcy that was extremely clever.

Actually that seemed to be really clever because next thing I know warm lips are on mine, causing my eyes to go wide before I shut them. As far as I was concerned time had stopped, and all that mattered were the soft warm lips that moved in sync with mine a second before I felt a sharp sting on my bottom lip, causing me to gasp in shock.

Immediately his taste invaded my mouth as Lucas’s hands moved from my hips to my butt, where they clenched and lifted me, so that he was grinding my hips against his.

And then I did the most embarrassing thing I had ever done ever, and believe me ti have done a lot of embarrassing things. But when I moaned out loud, and when I say loud I mean loud, it truly took the cake.

As soon as the sound left my throat I pulled away from Lucas, something that was incredibly hard for many reasons, one being that he still had his hands clenched on my ass.

He growled when I started attempting to put distance between us, his hands immediately moving to jerk me back, but I resisted. “Lucas, I have to go.” I told him, somehow managing to get out of his hold.

Lucas nodded at me, his eyes slightly yellow along the rims, before he moved to get in the passenger seat. This time I didn’t bother to say anything, I would probably end up in the same place I had just been in. And while the end results of that was amazing, I really didn’t want to waste any more time. I mean it was approaching two in the afternoon.
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