Status: Have never written a werewolf story before and just got into the genre... so sorry if I get something wrong.

So Not What I Had in Mind

This Should be Interesting

After the complete disaster that was my trip to the stables, I was extremely happy to plop myself into my car and blast my AC. Lucas, slid into the passenger seat and looked, at me, obviously waiting for me to say something to him, I chose to go with the silent treatment instead.

This made the ride to Casey’s house seem incredibly long and about ten times as awkward, especially since Lucas didn’t bother to break the silence once. If this was how he always was, I have no freaking clue how I got stuck with him.

I finally got frustrated with the silence as I pulled into Casey’s drive way. “Really? You aren’t going to say anything? Not even apologize for being a jerk at the stable?” I asked as I jerked the car to a stop. Lucas looked at me with zero expression, and just like that my anger went through the roof. “You got my calm as heck horse to throw me, yelled at one of my friends, and then wouldn’t let me listen to music in my car!” I yelled as I unclicked my seat belt and twisted to face him.

“I apologize for getting you ‘thrown’, as you put it, I did not mean to cause you harm.” He deadpanned, causing my jaw to drop.

I just yelled at him, and he seems totally unaffected! What was it Casey said? “Mates can’t stand it when their mate is mad at them.” Yeah right! Lucas seemed like he was perfectly happy with me being angry at him, and that was just making me angrier.

I snorted at him and unlocked my car before bursting out of it. That is it! I’m telling Casey, she’ll yell at him, or at least get Matthew to yell at him. Although, since he’s an alpha, that seemed unlikely, but at this point I just wanted somebody to yell at him.

I heard Lucas get out of the car behind me, but chose to ignore him as I stormed into Casey’s house. “CASEY! I’M IN A BAD MOOD!” I yelled as I ran towards her room. “IF YOU AND MATTHEW ARE DOING SOEMTHING WEIRD, STOP!” I yelled as I reached the top of the stairs and started down the hallway towards her room.

Storming in I noted that both she and Matthew, were fully clothed and looked slightly worried. I chose to ignore this and collapsed into one of the bean bags that littered the floor of her room, feeling that it was safer than falling onto the bed.

“What happened?” She asked, slightly worried.

I huffed and pointed towards the door, where Lucas was leaning against the door jamb. “Him! He is so freaking annoying! And that is coming from me!” I huffed as I collapsed back into the bean bag. “I am now not talking to him!”

Okay, so I was being childish, but I was grumpy, tired, hungry, and sore from being bucked off my horse, so my childishness was understandable. And of course Casey, instead of yelling at Lucas, started laughing at me!

She stood and moved over to me, before unceremoniously dropping on top of me. “Get off of me fatty!” I yelled as I started struggling under her, my complaints were accompanied by Casey’s laughter and two different male growls.

“Oh Marcy, does somebody want some skittles?” She asked as she leaned back on top of me, causing me to grunt again and struggle more.

I made a whiny sound in my throat as I stopped struggling and made myself go slack. “Yes I want skittles, I always want skittles, skittles are life. But right now, I also want you to get your fat butt off of me!” I said the last part as a yell as I jerked my whole body up, causing Casey to sprawl on the ground.

I waited two seconds before collapsing on top of her, knowing she could take my weight. She’s a werewolf; I hope she can take 110 pounds. And it’s not like she had to support me for long, seeing as how I was rudely and roughly jerked off of her.

I yelped as I found myself off of the ground again, this time with a shoulder digging into my stomach as I was carried from the room, the sound of Casey’s laughter following me.

I grunted and crossed my arms. “You know, you could have just asked me to come with you.” I grumped. “Oh wait! That would have required speaking!” I gasped out as if the thought of Lucas speaking was scandalous and unheard of, which it was.

A low growl sounded, causing a flush of heat to go through me, which I chose to ignore. “If you keep talking to me like that you aren’t going to like the results.” He told me, his voice low and gravely.

I laughed as I tried to figure out where Lucas was taking me, which is not easy to do when you’re upside down and trying to keep your chin from slamming into the back of the person carrying you, not a situation I hope anyone ever finds themselves in. “What are you going to do? Give me the silent treatment? Oh wait that is pretty much you 24-7.” I grumped a second before I noticed I was being carried down the stairs.

Lucas growled again but stopped suddenly, causing me to try and see what it was he was looking at. “Alpha Hunter, can I ask why you are carrying Ms. William’s upside down?” I heard a familiar voice ask, causing me to grin and try to twist harder.

“Mrs. Bane! You’re home early, thank god! Do you think you could get him to put me down? I’m not into the whole being kidnapped thing.” I said as I twisted further, causing a knot in my side to form.

Lucas put me down almost as soon as the knot formed in my side, a scowl on his face. “I’m not kidnapping you!” He snapped at me before he turned his attention to Casey’s mom. “Marcy is my mate, Mrs. Bane; her parents need to be informed of the situation. It will probably be better if they hear it from someone they trust, I was hoping you would do the honors.” Lucas told her as I turned to face her. Immediately his arm dropped to wrap around my stomach so that I was held against him.

I snorted at the thought of anything making my parents finding this out easier. Knowing my parents they would think that this was all some kind of game show and then ground me for ten years for not telling them about the game show.

Mrs. Bane however looked absolutely thrilled at the information she had just been given, what is wrong with this family? “Really? That’s marvelous, congratulations Marcella!” Mrs. Bane gushed as she pulled me out of Lucas’s hold and into a hug; I winced at the use of my name. “This is amazing! Yes of course I’ll help to inform her parents! In fact, I’ll invite them over for dinner!” She said as she released me, her face set in an overly large smile as she moved towards the kitchen.

I blinked in shock, oh my gosh, she was going to call my parents. “Oh this is going to be really interesting.” I heard Casey say from the direction of the stairs. All I could do was nod in agreem
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Okay I am so sorry for how bad this is, but I already have an Idea for the next chapter and that one should be better I promise! I had major writers block and it was because of a super awesome friend that I was able to write this!