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So Not What I Had in Mind

I Would Start a Cult

I bit my lip as I looked over the kitchen table at my parents; they were seated next to each other, with dad at one end and mom on his left. Mr. Bane was the other end with Mrs. Bane on his left. I was on my Dad’s right, and Casey was on her Dad’s right, with the boys between us and the opposite girl’s mother. So in other words, the table was extremely, awkwardly silent.

We had just finished dinner; through which I had been mentally playing the upcoming conversation and wondering how long I was going to be locked in my room after the conversation.

Finally after a few minutes of this awkward silence, Mr. Bane cleared his throat. “So, how about we move this to the office so we can talk about the real reason you were called here?” He asked as a smile split his face.

I could see my parents were worried about this “real reason” but they were classy enough to just nod and agree. The eight of us trooped into Mr. Bane’s office, a room I had only been in a couple of times, and that was only when I needed a book or something.

Mr. Bane moved to sit at his desk, his wife following him to stand beside him while Casey and Matthew moved to one of the couches that were in the room. Mom and Dad took the twin chairs that were in front of the desk while I leaned against the door, Lucas leaning beside me. Once we were all situated Mr. Bane began speaking.

“Now, I understand what you’re about to hear is going to be hard to believe, but please bear with us while we explain.” He told my parents, causing their worry to manifest itself on their faces. They didn’t understand anything that was going on, but they did understand that they weren’t supposed to talk.

Mr. Bane launched into his explanation, during which I zoned in and out, my attention mainly focused on my parent’s expressions and reactions, both of which were relatively bland and unreadable. During one of the times when I was zoned in, I heard Mr. Bane say. “Marcy will please explain what mating is?”

I blinked rapidly as attention turned to me, my parents’ expressions amused and disbelieving as well as slightly irritated. “Uh, Mr. Bane, you sure you want me to explain that? Personally I think you would do a lot better, or you know Lucas could explain.” I said a second before I started backtracking. “Actually no, Lucas is not allowed to explain.”

Mr. Bane cleared his throat as he shook his head. “No I think it might be best if you explain.” He told me.

I winced and nodded. “Right, um well mates are like soul mates. They,” I motioned to the others in my room to signify werewolves as a whole, “Can sense their mates, and kind of immediately love them I guess. If mates touch each other than these sparks go off and mates can’t be separated from each other to long once they find each other or else they’ll start to be hurt from the pain of being separated.” I said trying to remember all of the information I had been mostly zoned out on.

Lucas spoke up from beside me, which wasn’t good. “So Marcy will be moving with me to North Carolina.” He said, causing my parents to stand quickly. I swear I have never seen them move that fast.

“Really Marcy, just because you want to get your way does not give you the right to go around and tell wild lies or convince others to tell them for you!” Mom snapped at me as she crossed her arms over her chest. She was wearing her ‘I’m widely disappointed’ look, which I hadn’t seen in years. Do they really think I was doing this just so I could move in with a guy I just met?

Snorting back at her, I tried desperately to not let her stare get to me, or her mistrust. “Come on mom, we both know I’m not charismatic enough to convince such a large group of people of something as wild as believing that mythical creatures exist, or that they themselves are said mythical creatures. Although, if I was I wouldn’t waste it on something like that, I would use it to make a cult or something.” I told her as I tried to ignore Lucas. He was looking at me like I was insane, well actually everyone in the room was, except my parents that is. They were looking at me pissed.

My dad’s ears were turning bright red, something that only happened when he was embarrassed or pissed; I think we can all guess which it was in this situation. “Marcella Marigold Williams, you will not talk to your mother like that!” He yelled at me as he crossed his arms. “Now, apologize to her.” He ordered.

Now I might be a royal pain in the ass, but I’m not stupid enough to argue against my dad when he got like this. “Sorry mom,” I mumbled as I bowed my head and felt my cheeks blaze in embarrassment. Oh gosh, this had gone from funny to embarrassingly awkward in about two seconds.

Whose idea was it anyways that I be the one to tell them? I thought the plan was to have Mrs. Bane tell them!

I felt warm hands latch onto my hips and pull me back into a warm chest that sent sparks rocketing through me. “Mr. and Mrs. Williams, please just hear us out. Then this will all make sense.” Lucas told my parents, his voice edging on a growl. Aw, he was trying to help me.

That was exactly the wrong thing to say to my parents at that moment in time. “I’m sorry but we will not just ‘hear you out’, we are taking our daughter home and filing a restraining order against all of you. Obviously you have been brain washing my daughter in some way!” Dad yelled as he moved as if to take me away from Lucas.

Lucas snarled before shoving me behind him and causing me to crash into Casey, who had moved closer to the desk once things had started getting tense and who looked similarly worried for the wellbeing of my father as he faced off against a pissed Lucas. I however was trying to come up with some way to make my parents not get killed by my mate.

“Casey shift!” I finally said, since my brain was coming up with no other way to make my parents believe us.

A hesitant look came on my best friend’s face as she looked at me. “Marcy, are you really sure that’s a good idea?” She asked.

“Do you know anything that will make them listen? Because personally I would prefer Lucas not kill them for their understandable disbelief!” I said to her as I glanced to where Lucas was backing my dad into a corner, my mom screaming for somebody to stop him while Mr. and Mrs. Bane tried to do just that. Matthew, however, was being totally useless and standing beside Casey in an attempt to protect her from somebody who wasn’t even paying attention to her.

Casey debated for a few seconds before she finally sighed and nodded. “Okay. Hey Mrs. Williams!” Casey yelled getting my mom’s attention a second before she shifted.
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