Status: Have never written a werewolf story before and just got into the genre... so sorry if I get something wrong.

So Not What I Had in Mind

Bladder control= Questionable

The event are as followed:

· Mom screamed really loud and really high (as in wow did not think that octave was humanly possible props to you mom)

· All of the were wolves frantically tried to cover their ears

· Dad turned around to see what the hell was happening and saw a wolf were his daughter's best friend used to be

· I managed to calm everybody down (with varying degrees of success, I mean yelling "everybody calm the fuck down and shut the fuck up" doesn't really go over all that well with four adults in the room. But Casey thought it was hilarious so props for that!)

· Then Casey and I were kicked out of the office while the others talked about "important business" which is code for adult speak, but used when you're a teen so adults don't think they're hurting your feelings.

Mom and Dad looked a bit reluctant to leave me alone with the now scary werewolf that I had been friends with since about forever, but once Mr. and Mrs. Bane talked/ calmed them down a bit they were kind of okay with it.

And that is the short story of how Casey and I managed to get put in jail.

Well, I mean I left a few important things out but you get the gist. Anyways, after trying to flirt my way out of jail (I figured the guy would go for it, it didn't really look like he got flirted with that often), I debated on whether or not I wanted to give my parents a heart attack by not calling and telling them where I was and letting them think that I was potentially eaten by my werewolf best friend in some weird (like that sentence wasn't weird enough) turn of events, or whether I actually wanted to call them only to have them murder me once they were clear of the jail. I decided I was going to go with spending the night in jail, cruel I know, but I like life.

Anyways, somehow Casey and I were (thankfully, I'm not going to question how) put in adjacent cells. The woman at the counter, who desperately needed to know the meaning of the words face wash, told us that we weren't allowed to talk to each other, but since her hearing was awful we were able to talk as long as we kept our voices low.

"So, crazy times right?" I questioned as I leaned against the cold metal bars. There was a small cot against one of the walls behind me, across from that was some weird hybrid toilet sink thing that looked like it was created on a crazy night of drinking, hooking up and regrets, that offered no privacy what so ever so I would sooner let my Blatter burst before I used it, and between that was about a foot of walking space. That was literally all the little cell thing contained.

Casey scowled at me across the aisle. "I literally hate you. If you weren't my best friend and I didn't love you, I would kill you." She whisper/yelled at me.

I smirked back at her "That was a contradictory statement? Do you love me, do you hate me? God I feel like we're in an Avril Levigne song." I said as I turned and moved back to the cot. I stared down at it for a second before leaning over and sniffing it, before promptly jerking up right and putting as much distance between me and it as possible, which in this case meant going to the bars. "Heads up, don't sleep on the bed, my guess is it would light up bluer than the blue-man group, a hospital, and the set of a porno combined." I told Casey, watching as her nose crinkled in absolute disgust.

She glanced over her shoulder at the cot in her cell than around the rest of the tiny room. "I think the whole building would do that to be honest." She told me, causing my hands to quickly snap away from where I had wrapped them around the cell bars.


After about an hour in the cell I quickly came to realize something that should have been blatantly obvious from the start. 1. Casey and my resolve, isn't actually all that great. 2. My Blatter control skills have always been questionable at best. And 3. Casey is way to invested in a guy she barely met 24 hours ago.

This all summed up to one thing, a phone call to my parents.

Just mine, Casey said her's would freak the fuck out when they realized that we were in jail, and that mine would probably be pretty chill with it. She completely underestimated my parents' chill level. Although I will give them credit, they waited until we were in the car until they started screaming at us.

"YOU WERE GOING 95 MILES ON A 50 ROAD AND WHEN YOU WERE PULLED OVER YOU SASSED THE POLICE OFFICER?!" My mother literally screamed, causing the woman tree cars away to stop and stare at us for a second before she got in her car and quickly drove away.

I swallowed nervously as Casey literally pointed her finger at me like a two year old. "Uh, yes ma'am?" I said, not quite sure how I was supposed to answer that, I mean do I defend myself? Can I defend myself?

My Mom's face turned a dark shade of red that I had never seen on her before a second before she turned and around and looked at my father. "She's your daughter, you deal with her. I'll drive." Mom snapped.

Dad was silent as he opened his car door and got out, moving around to the passenger side as mom sped walked around the front.

The drive was absolutely silent, with mom barely keeping it in the limit and dad gripping the oh shit handle hard (mom isn't the best driver, I inherit my skills from my dad <- sarcasm). It took me a while to realize that we were headed towards Casey's house, and when I did, I nudged her with my elbow but I kept quiet. I was not going to give my mother anymore reason to be angry at me, who knows what would happen to her driving then, as it was she was making my already full bladder feel slightly queasy about keeping its contents.

By the time we reached Casey's house, the car had reached maximum awkwardness, mom had given up on driving like a sane person, my bladder was ready to have a heart attack, and my 3 year old feeling of getting in trouble had reached new peaks.

Peaks that seamed tiny when I saw the four angry faces on the Bane front porch, one of which managed to both terrify me, and turn me on.
♠ ♠ ♠

I wrote this on an iPad so sorry if it's weird.