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So Not What I Had in Mind

How Enough to Turn Anyone Lesbian

I tore my eyes away from Lucas’s and glanced in panic at Casey, who was literally making goo-goo eyes to Matthew. I waited while my parents stormed out of the car leaving Casey and I trapped inside of it with only one real option, get out.

“Okay Casey, we need to agree on one thing. This was all your fault.” I told her as I looked at the group of angry adults. I figured they would go lighter on her since she’s totally in love with Matthew and her parents pretty much lost their rights to her when she turned 16, so yesterday.

Casey’s head whipped around to look at me in shock, and here I had thought she wasn’t paying attention to me. “Excuse me?” She asked as she starred at me in shock. “I do believe it was you’re idea to see how fast the car could go!” Casey gasped at me.

“Oh come on! You know you were curious to! And I do believe that we had equal parts in the sassing thing! We wouldn’t even be in trouble if you had just agreed to my idea!” I responded as I climbed over the middle consul and hit the door lock button, just in time to stop Lucas from opening the car door.

Casey made a shocked sound as she climbed into the passenger seat. “I am so sorry I didn’t want to pretend to be a lesbian! I don’t even see how that plan would have worked! Or where you even got the idea!” She snapped as if she was really mad.

I snorted at her as I started to rummage through the middle consul, maybe luck would be on my side for just once since my best friend’s party and my dad would have left his extra set of car keys inside the car, doubtful, but a girl could hope. “I read it in a book, you aren’t that good looking. And you know damn well that my plan would have worked! It worked in the book!” I told her as I gave up searching and relocked the car.

Dad must have figured out what was going on and was hitting the button on his keys in an attempt to get Casey and I out.

“Yes, because life is totally like a book! And we both know I’m definitely sexy enough to turn anyone lesbian!” Casey snorted as I leaned over her and opened the Glove compartment. “And what are you doing?” She asked as I bumped myself into her lap so that I would better access.

I rolled my eyes at her and relocked the car once again, dang dad, give up! “I’m looking to see if we have an extra set of keys!” I told her as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, which it kind of was. “And make yourself useful and lock the car when dad unlocks it.” I ordered, choosing to ignore the middle statement, I mean the modesty of some people!

I distantly heard Casey grumble something about needing a new best friend before she started doing as I had told her. “I thought you had to go to the bathroom, isn’t that like the only reason we called your parents?” She asked me as I gave up rummaging through the glove compartment and started trying to think of other places where the key might be.

“Yes I do, and thank you ever so much for reminding me. But, since I don’t want to be killed by my parents I decided to hold it, as least until I feel like I’m about to explode.” I told her before bumping back over to the driver’s seat and opening the sun visor.

A shout of success left my throat as the spare key fell into my lap. “Disgusting gas station bathroom here I come!” I cheered happily as I started the car.

This time I definitely heard Casey as she said “Why did I get stuck with her as my best friend? Why?” She asked, her head tilted up towards the sky as if she was asking God the question.

I giggled at her as I started backing the car up, trying very carefully not to run over Casey and my parents as they repeatedly banged on the side of the car. “You got stuck with me because you decided that stealing Addie Westlow’s sleeping mat at preK was a good idea, and when she made you cry I punched her in the jaw.” I said as I pulled out into the road and put my dad’s car in drive.

Casey made a face at me as she started flipping through radio stations. “That girl never really out grew the total bitch phase she seemed perpetually stuck in.” She said a she settled on Hits 1 and turned the volume to loud, but bearable, level.

I nodded my head in agreement as I started screaming along to the lyrics of the song playing.
Finally finding a gas station after what seemed like forever to my bladder I sighed in happiness as I pulled in. Parking the car I watched as a police car pulled into the spot next to us, a question popping into my head. “Does it count as theft if your dad owns the car?” I asked Casey as I opened the door and slid out.

Casey shrugged as she followed me into the store and towards where the bathrooms were situated. “No idea, guess if we’ll find out if we get arrested, again.”
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