Status: Have never written a werewolf story before and just got into the genre... so sorry if I get something wrong.

So Not What I Had in Mind

Tan or Naw

I giggled at Casey’s comment as I led the way into the store and made a b-line for the restroom, which although it was sketchy as hell, I was in no position to judge. Doing my business I washed my hands and opened the door, to come face to face with the image of Casey flirting her heart out for a bag of skittles.

A rush of pure pride, the kind that a parent must feel when their child walks for the first time, filled me as I watched my best friend giggle and take the now free candy from the poor greasy haired attendant as she slid a piece of paper back over to him. Giggling one last time and fluttering her fingers at him in that super obvious fake flirt way, Casey turned and grabbed my arm before pulling me out of the gas station after her.

Waiting until we were safely in the car and the doors were locked I turned to her. “Don’t you have a mate? And wont he be really pissed when Sketchy Sam back there calls you and asks for a booty call?” I ask her as started the vehicle and pulled out of the parking space. I had no clue where I was going to go, but I knew I wasn’t going back to either my house or Casey’s house anytime soon, both our parents and our mates were going to be pissed if we actually showed up.

Casey sighed at me and rolled her eyes as if she couldn’t believe my stupidity before she ripped open the skittles and shoved some in her mouth. “His name wasn’t Sam, it was Caleb, and I want stupid enough to actually give him my number, I gave him the ejection hotline number.” She told me as I reached my hand out to take some of the skittles out of her bag.

“My bad,” I said sarcastically as I switched lanes, accidentally cutting off a minivan, this caused the stressed looking soccer mom to give me the bird as her hand hit her horn. Casey and I simultaneously turned and copied her actions, which caused her to huff and glare. “How do you feel about going to the beach? I definitely need to work on my foot tan.” I asked as I turned up the radio.

Casey shot me a look that pretty much said “what the heck” before looking out the window with the same expression. “Honey,” She said in an overly sweet voice that usually reserved for small children or the mentally not all there. “You do realize its night time right?” She asked as she motioned out the car window.

I rolled my eyes, which she couldn’t see but could probably guess was happening. “So the moon reflects the sunlight so I can probably tan from that.” I told her, trying to sound sure of myself.

Casey stared at me for few seconds before she broke out laughing, if she wasn’t strapped into the seat I think she might have fallen on the ground. “Marc, you can’t actually tan at night! I thought you were supposed to be the smart one!” She gasped out between laughter.

I glared out her for two seconds before I swerved back into my lane, the deserted road making it so that I didn’t actually half to pay attention, I mean what am I going to hit, an armadillo? (Actually the last time I hit an armadillo it tore the hell out of my car, so I probably should avoid those…)

“One, I am the smart one, and two fin we can sleep in the car and then tan in the morning.” I told her as I flicked my high beams off when a big black truck rumbled past us. That thing had enough room in the back of it to carry my PT Cruiser and still have room to spare.

Casey rolled her eyes and switched the radio channel. “You know I won’t be able to go that long without seeing Matthew, I can already feel the pull to go back to him.” She told me.

I stuck my lip out in a fake pout as I stared at the huge truck that had pulled into my lane and decided that I probably wouldn’t notice the fact that they were going 20 on a 50 road. “Then I’ll tie you to the beach chair, now flip these old people off as we drive past.” I ordered her as I switched lanes and sped up so that my dad’s car was next to theirs.

Giving the driver of the car the bird I glanced over at them before I pressed my foot down harder on the pedal, panic and giddiness filling me in equal measures. Because the giant truck was not being driven by an elderly man who was having a late mid-life crisis, but by a very angry werewolf who looked as if he wanted to beat me senseless and kiss my brains out in equal measures.