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So Not What I Had in Mind

Broken Pinkies

“Um, hey Casey,” I said as I cut my eyes towards my best friend. “You know how I swore I would never, ever drive as fast as I was earlier?” I asked as I laid on my super sweet innocent voice that has worked on many a person, but always seemed to fail when it came to Casey.

I caught Casey’s suspicious look as she crossed her arms over her chest and tried for her best intimidating look, but lets face it, Casey was as intimidating as a…. not a pony, those things can be mean… lets go with stuffed pony. “Yes, and you pinky swore, so if you break your promise I automatically have permission to break your pinky… so choose your next words very wisely.” She commanded, actually kind of intimidating me a little, maybe she was like a pony.

I glanced in my side mirror to see Lucas catching up to me very quickly, and Matthew looking extremely pissed in the passenger seat. “Okay, I don’t have time to think about what to say as to save my poor innocent pinky’s life so I’m just going to tell it to you straight. Lucas and Matthew are driving that truck that looks like it could eat my car for breakfast and still have enough room for a bight or two of dad’s car, and I really don’t think you want them to catch us because they look super mad.” I told her in a rush a second before I put the petal to the metal (not literally, but close) and dad’s car all but shot out from under us. The thing has a lot of pickup.

A look of pure terror covered Casey’s face as her hand flew up to grab the “oh shit” handle and held on for dear life. A quick glance in the rearview showed a similar look of horror on Lucas and Matthew’s faces.

A giddy, borderline manacle, laugh bubbled out of me as I switched lanes and sped up a little so that the speedometer was pushing 90. “Marcy! You know I love you, but if you get me killed before I lose my virginity I will murder you!” Casey yelled as I put a little more pressure on the gas.

Registering her words I took my foot off the gas a little and turned my whole body to look at her. “Wait, you haven’t had sex yet? With your mate?” I asked shock liberally coating my voice. “I thought you would have banged him in a closet if you had to, and that’s not to mention your parents were gone all day.” I told her as I turned back to the front of the car and hit the petal a little harder again to make up the speed I had lost.

Casey gave a hesitant noise as she fiddled with the end of her hair. “No I haven’t. And it’s not like we were alone, you and Lucas were there the whole time. And I haven’t seen you turning in your v-card to your mate.” She mumbled as she rolled down her window.

“Like I would do it anywhere were you could see! I’m not an exhibitionist!” I told her as I rolled down the rest of the windows. “And I didn’t even want a mate in the first place, so of course I’m going to make him earn his access to my v-card.” I told her as I pulled onto the exit ramp.

The smell of the ocean drifted through the open widows and the sound of Lucas’s big truck rumbling behind us drowned out the sounds of the ocean. I figured we were going to get caught by the guys anyways, one of those things where they wouldn’t give up, so at this point I was just trying to see how far we could get before they caught us.

Casey’s eyes went wide at my words as she dropped the handle and pointed at me. “You just admitted your willing to give Lucas a chance!” She gasped, making me widen my eyes as I turned to loo at her.

“I did not!” I responded as I put my foot on the brake and pressed. Causing us to come to a abrupt halt.

Casey didn’t seem to care as she gave all her attention to me; with me giving all mine to her. “Yes you did! You just said you were going to make him earn it! That translates to you giving him a chance!” She snapped as she twisted in her seat so she was facing me head on.

I did the same as I glared at her. “No it doesn’t! It means that he’s going to have to earn his way into my pants! Which any guy would have to do! It in no way translates to me wanting to be tied to him for the rest of my life!” I responded as I felt some one come up behind me at the window.

“What?” Lucas growled, causing me to turn and glare at him.

“We are in the middle of a conversation, do you mind?” I asked him as I rolled all the windows up. “Gosh the nerve of some people, what were you raised in a barn?” I asked loud enough to be heard through the glass. Lucas’s responding growl was loud enough to shake the window.

Turning back to look at Casey I managed to catch her eye roll as she crossed her arms over her chest. “Please, we’ve been best friends since forever, and I know you wouldn’t say an all encompassing statement, so obviously you meant Lucas only, and is having someone devoted to you for their entire life really all that bad?” Casey asked.

I blinked at her a couple of times with a confused expression. “What?” I asked after my brain failed to translate her statement. It’s bad when I don’t understand her, and that statement made literally no sense.

Casey sighed as she threw her hands up. “You wouldn’t have said that unless you had someone specific in mind! Why cant you just admit that you have feelings for him?” She asked.

I narrowed my eyes at her as the man in question became noticeably quieter. “Because,” I mumbled after a few seconds of coming up empty.

I had intended to say that I didn’t have any feelings for him, but something kept me from saying that, and I didn’t really want to think about what that something was.

When I failed to continue Casey gave an excited shriek as she lunged across the middle consul and proceeded to squeeze the air out of me. “I knew it! I so call dibs on being the god-mother to your brats!”

“Brats? Excuse you my children will be well behaved!” I gasped at her.

What gives her the right to insult my children? Non-existent children but still.

Casey rolled her eyes at me before she turned away and looked at Mathew, who had been glaring at us through the window ever since we had stopped. “Now, I’m going to unlock the car and you are going to try not to get into a fight with Lucas.” She told me as she clicked the unlock button.

The door hadn’t been unlocked more than two seconds before I was rudely (actually it was gentle, but it makes me feel better to say it was rudely) jerked out of the car and pushed against the side.

“Never run from me again.” He growled as his hands latched onto my hips.

I blinked at him a couple of times before I scowled. “Really? After a couple of hours of not talking seeing each other and then hearing me admit that I might have feelings for you, the thing you chose the highlight is the fact that I ‘ran away from you’?” I questioned, making sure that I put quotations around ‘ran away from you’, because I did not run away from him, or at least in my mind I didn’t.

Lucas scowled down at me a second before his head snapped up. “I’m taking the truck, you take the car.” He called out to Matthew a second before he pulled me after him towards the monster of a truck.

I blinked as I was shoved into the passenger seat, the now familiar smell of Lucas invading my nose and making my body buzz. It was like I was getting high off the smell of him. Can you spell creepy?

The driver’s door opened before Lucas slid into the seat, a second before he was pushing me against the passenger door. His lips were on mine and his tongue was invading my mouth before my brain even had time to process what was happening. And once his lips were on mine, my brain essentially shut down.

My fingers went into his hair as my eyes closed, the warmth of his skin mixed with the sparks as he pushed me harder into the door. One of Lucas’s hands tangled into my hair as he pulled my head back to give him better access to my lips as his other hand gripped onto my hip.

I moaned in disappointment as his lips left mine, but that moan quickly turned to one of encouragement as his lips trailed down my neck, paving a path of pure pleasure.

I gasped as his lips landed on the curve of my shoulder and neck, the feelings enough to over whelm my brain and cause my fingers to clench into his hair. And then the pain, it was like getting stung by a hundred bees and being plunged into a pool of ice.

Tears leapt to my eyes as I cried out at the pain, trying to jerk my shoulder away, but do to my position against the door I was stuck.

After what seemed like forever the pain turned to extreme pleasure but the memory of the pain still had tears running down my face as Lucas pulled away from my shoulder with a lick, causing a shudder to run down my spine.

A feral grin latched onto his face as he stared at my shoulder. “Now you can never run from me again.”
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I tried to get back to how Marcy was in the beginning and I tried not to have the same cliff hanger, so let me know what you think about it!