Status: Have never written a werewolf story before and just got into the genre... so sorry if I get something wrong.

So Not What I Had in Mind


A look of horror plastered itself on my face as my hand flew to my neck, where the feel of a distinctive bite imprint caused my eyes to widen even more. “What did you do?” I asked as Lucas’s eyes snapped to my face, his eyebrows crinkling in confusion

His fingers reached up and brushed against my cheek, coming back wet from a tear. “Why are you crying?” He asked as if it wasn’t completely obvious. Or maybe it would be completely obvious to everybody but him.

“I don’t know! Maybe because you just bit me! I really fucking hope you have your rabies shots or else I’m going to be pissed as hell!” I yelled at him as I flipped the visor down and adjusted the mirror so that I could see my neck. What I saw made me frown. “There is no amount of concealer that is going to cover this! Do you not want my parents to agree to let me go with you?” I asked as I examined the large purple bruise that rested on the curve of my neck.

Lucas had turned away and started the truck, but he froze at my words. “They already agreed to let you go. And you won’t be covering my mark.” He growled out as he turned to look at me, his eyes that amber yellow color.

And normally (can the word normally even apply to my life anymore?) I would do the whole make out until he’s tense for a different reason thing, but right now I was just as pissed as he was, if not more so.

So instead of making out with him I narrowed my eyes and let a condescending smirk tilt my lips. “How cute, you still seem to think that you can give me orders. Well, I’m not a wolf, so the worst you can do to me is scare me, and if anything that will make me even less likely to do what you told me.” I told him a second before I dropped the fake grin. “So do us both a favor and get over this god complex you seemed cursed with. It’s really fucking annoying.”

Well, I don’t think a more hypocritical statement has ever passed my lips, but on me a god complex was adorable. On Lucas it was too sexy and too annoying for my good.

Lucas stared at me for a second before he started shaking; his whole body was vibrating as all of his muscles tensed. A low continues growl came out of his throat as his eyes glowed bright amber.

Loosing my snarky smirk I felt fear wash through me as I watched Lucas. I had seen this reaction before, when Casey found out her long tie boyfriend had cheated on her she had lost it. Shaking and growling a second before she shifted and came extremely close to attacking me. The only thing that stopped her was the fact that I screamed at the top of my lungs, nearly blowing her eardrums.

“Lucas?” I asked my voice coming out as a terrified squeak as I watched his muscles tighten farther. “Please calm down, I’m sorry.” I whimpered as I pressed myself further into the door. I doubted anything could stop an alpha from attacking, and in such close quarters I doubted I could dodge him (Not that I could have before).

Lucas’s eyes clenched a second before he lunged towards me. I barely let out a terrified squeak before I was shoved face first into Lucas’s extremely hard chest, and had his arms wrapped around to the point of almost pain. I heard him inhale deeply before he pulled away from me, his eyes still the same amber color, but a watchful stillness had taken him over.

Lucas’s POV

I held my mate as my wolf continued to prowl, the insults that Marcy had just thrown at me were enough to get anybody killed, but because it was she, I couldn’t. My wolf had rose to the surface before I could get a hold of him, and he would still be in control if it weren’t for the blatant fear in my mates voice as she faced him.

The idea that she was scared of that side of me stung, and was enough for the other half of me to retreat enough to allow the man to comfort her, or more for her to comfort the man. The thought of her wanting to cover my mark was enough to send my wolf into a fury, because in his mind it was as good as her wanting to leave us.

“I’m so sorry Marcy,” I mumbled into her hair, her small body was shaking in my arms as leaned into me.

I felt her head move against my chest and pulled back enough to see her face, enough to meet dilated eyes and a pale complexion. “No, I think that one was my fault.” She said softly, her head ducking so that she wasn’t meeting my eyes. “Maybe we should go? You know, so that the others don’t worry.” She said.

I felt the animal inside of me slink back as I nodded my head at her words. “Of course.” I mumbled as I turned in my seat and started the truck.

The ride after that was silent.
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The ending is awful, but I did this in sports marketing so I have an excuse!