Status: Have never written a werewolf story before and just got into the genre... so sorry if I get something wrong.

So Not What I Had in Mind

Give me ice cream, or you will die

“You want to know the thing I hate most about werewolves?” I asked Casey as I moved from my bathroom, where I had just changed into my pajamas. “The fact that y’all don’t get periods. You don’t have to worry about wearing your favorite pair of white skinny jeans, thinking that you still have a week of freedom, and then standing up looking like you just got shot in the butt. But no, you didn’t get shot in the butt, its much worse! Your vagina just randomly decided to kill itself!” I ranted as I collapsed on my bed. A bag of peas, I think they were put in the fridge some where around the time of the Watergate scandal and we were just now finding a use for them, was strapped onto my shoulder, making laying down extremely awkward.

I heard Casey stifle a laugh, and I threw a pillow in her general direction before I fell over so that my ace was pressed into my pillow. “I’m so hungry!” I groaned my voice muffled even to me.

Casey didn’t even bother to stifle her laugh this time before I felt her pulling on my arm. “Come on Marcy, let’s go get you some Sonic.” She ordered causing me to perk up.

My happiness lasted two seconds before it died a terrible death. “We cant, we’re locked in the house.” I reminded her as I went to collapse back into my pillow.

Casey’s strong grip on my arm stopped me. “It’s three in the morning and we have enough experience sneaking out. This should be a piece of cake. Now shove a pad in your purse and let’s go.” She snapped a second before she hauled me up right and busied herself arranging pillows under my bed sheet, it was an old trick but it had worked before.

Giving into my bossy best friend I did as I was told and was soon ready to go.

Silently the two of us turned off my bedroom lights and started towards the front door. And we almost made it; the door was literally in sight (or it would have been if Casey had let me turn on a light) when I suddenly ran into a wall. Well, not a wall, because that would have been a really poor design plan putting a random wall in the middle of the entry way, and besides it was warm and lightly squishy and when I bumped into it was like my body suddenly decided to become religious and praise Jesus.

The Entry light came on nearly blinding me for a second before it made me wish I were blind. Because standing right in front of me, blocking the way to Sonic-y goodness was none other than Alpha Lucas Hunter.

Glancing over at Casey I felt tears fill my eyes as my hopes of a chocolate shake were dashed before I realized something. I literally have the only opportunity I am probably ever going to get to play the crazy period girl.

“Okay listen here werewolf.” I snapped as I whipped my head to loo at Lucas and hardened my eyes. “I am bleeding out of my vagina, hungry, horny, and slightly depressed and I really want a chocolate shake. You have three options right now. You can either get out of the way, get in the car, or you can try to stop us. Although I feel like I should warn you, if you try to stop us I will go into the kitchen and find the biggest fucking knife that I can and I will try to kill you. And I can promise you two things 1. I have a lot of big knifes in this house and 2. A werewolf versus a girl on her period with a knife… the werewolf will always lose.” I snapped as I made myself as tall as possible and poked my finger into Lucas’s chest.

I think I broke my finger.

But thankfully Lucas’s eyes widened with, I’m gonna call it fear, and he slowly moved out of the way. I flashed a wide smile and skipped out the door, happiness flooding my veins.