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So Not What I Had in Mind

Lets get this party started!

I groaned as I stumbled into Casey’s house. My arms hurt from the amount of bags I had been loaded down with. But the pain in my arms came nowhere close to the pain that my scalp was in. My poor head had been pulled, scraped, and stabbed within an inch of its life.

However, I had to admit that the results were almost worth the pain, note the almost. On the left side of my head was a side bun and my bangs had been beautifully crafted until my hair resembled that of a goddess, a red headed goddess, but still a goddess.

Casey had laughed when I had voiced this saying I was nowhere near as modest as I should be before agreeing with me. Of course she made the comment, and I quote, “It doesn’t matter, my hair ridiculously overshadows yours!”

“Okay, take those up to my room and we can get ready! We have to be at the pack house by 6:30 at the latest, or else the ‘rents will kill me.” She said as she charged past me and headed up the stairs. Her shoes slapped the wood steps at a loud staccato tempo.

I rolled my eyes and followed after her. My arms screaming out that they couldn’t take anymore. “Casey, I told you we should have left sooner! 6:30 is in like twelve minutes.” I yelled as I ran up the stairs behind her careful of the bags.

I heard loud banging coming from Casey’s room and walked in to see her completely tearing it apart, looking for something as she discarded items over her shoulder.
“I know which is why we are going to speed strip and change! Now get naked and put your clothes on!” She called as she rattled around in her jewelry box before surfacing with a triumphant cry and a cute black necklace.

Different-sized black triangles dangled from a gold chain forming a small pyramid that would stretch from my collarbones to the top of the line between my breasts. And the matching triangle studs that Casey surfaced with a few seconds later would definitely help pull the entire outfit together.

But first I had to get into my dress which was a struggle in and of itself.

Stripping out of my clothes, I quickly changed into the nude-colored underwear I had bought at the lingerie shop Casey had dragged me into. I didn’t worry about being naked in front of Casey; we were best friends and had been since we were 3, and we didn’t really care about seeing each other naked. It was one of those things that marked a milestone in our friendship; it was followed directly behind holding each other’s hair while we threw up after an all-night binge-drinking session which is fun while the drinking is happening but after…not so much.

The underwear I pulled on was all nude lace, the color somehow managing to match my skin tone to a T, so it looked as if I wasn’t wearing anything. That would be helpful since my dress was all white.

Alternating rows of sheer and inky lace mingle on a body-skimming sheath with an under layer of light grey. And when I put on the jewelry and heels, I looked like a super-sexy model (in case you haven’t caught on, I am about as far from modest as they get). With my smoky eye shadow, which I would never be able to do, so god bless professionals, and my bright red lips I looked mysterious and sexy.

However, Casey had been right when she had said I shadowed in comparison to her. With her blond hair straightened and pulled back into a sleek bun, and her green eyes accented by a hint of green eye shadow, she looked like a princess, especially when she put on the small tiara her mom had bought her.

I, being the amazing best friend that I am, took one look at the crown on her head and broke out into laughter. “You look like a pissed-off fairy princess.” I gasped out as I tried not to fall on my ass from the force of my laughter. The threat of falling was extremely large since I had yet to completely master the skill of walking in heels…

Casey scowled at me before flipping me off her eyes filled with humor. “Shut up, Marcy, we need to go.” She snapped as her lips pulled up at the corners. She left the room with a huff. Her tiny crown picked up the light causing me to giggle silently to myself as I followed after her.

Reaching my super awesome dark blue PT cruiser, which for some reason everybody made fun of me for but I absolutely love, I carefully slid into the front seat and waited for Casey to get into the passenger side before I started driving. My radio blared 3OH!3 and Kesha’s My First Kiss to which Casey and I gladly screamed our lungs out to.

Our excitement quickly bled out to nervousness as I pulled to a stop in front of the pack house. There was only one open spot left: it had been reserved for the guest of honor and since I was driving her, me.

The party was already underway, and the cars that lined the road and filled the parking lot showed that a lot of men had been invited most of who were probably from outside the ShadowWind pack. So yay, new sexy as hecky cute guys to flirt with.

Glancing over at my tiara-toting best friend, I flashed a quick smile before turning my car off and reaching for the door handle. “Alright, sexy, let’s go get you laid!” With that, I opened the car door and headed for the house expecting Casey to follow.
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