Status: Have never written a werewolf story before and just got into the genre... so sorry if I get something wrong.

So Not What I Had in Mind

Meeting THE Men

Shoving my way through the crowd of men, I managed to reach Casey without spilling a drop of either of the drinks. Something I thought I should have been applauded on since I managed to do it with heels on, but my happy little bubble was popped when I saw how upset Casey looked.

She hadn’t had this much attention on her since she was in the third grade play, and that was before she had gone all shy. Not to mention she had figured she would walk into the building and find her mate, and here we were pretty far into the party and she still had yet to even feel the slightest hint of him.

“You look like you definitely need this.” I told her as I handed her one of the drinks and took a sip of mine, sighing as the bitter sweet taste hit my tongue.

Turning to look at the guy Casey was talking to, I rolled my eyes. He was attractive, as all werewolves appeared to be, but I could already tell just by looking at him that he was a douche, he had that air about him. Or it could be the way his eyes were pinned on my breasts, but hey.

After a few uncomfortable minutes of having my breasts ogled at while the guy somehow miraculously managed to keep up with the conversation, I was so close to saying something to him when a growl split the air around me. Which caused everyone in the room to go still; growling generally means two things, anger or happiness. Yeah I know that’s not confusing at all (note sarcasm).

About to ask what the hell was going on, I gasped as Casey was spun around and literally lifted off of her feet so that the still growling male could molest her mouth. I just stood there, because to be honest I didn’t know what else to do. I mean yeah, Casey is shy, but if a guy randomly started making out with her she would still knee him in the balls so fast he wouldn’t know what happened.

So obviously this was her mate… and she didn’t know his name.

Glancing at the extremely awkward crowd of guys that were standing behind me, I cleared my throat as loudly as I could. “SO…” I all but yelled, turning to give a pointed look at the group, to find most of them starring at my ass. Right, I was now the one of the only single female in the room, can you say awkward? My voice seemed to break most of them out of their daze, and it managed to get Casey and the Unknown to separate. “Case, you want to introduce me to your friend?” I asked taking another sip of my drink and trying not to laugh at Casey’s dazed face.

She was still holding the drink I had brought her, and her little tiara was on crooked. I struggled to suppress my giggles until I locked eyes with the guy, who looked pissed. Maybe I shouldn’t have interrupted their little make out session, oops.

Casey shook her head in an attempt to clear it, scowled when she saw my smirk. “Shut up Marcy.” She growled before she looked at the man beside her and blushed. “Uh, just out of curiosity, what is your name?” She asked her voice nervous.

And I lost it, laughing so hard I nearly dropped my drink I ignored the glares that were directed at me by my best friend and her still unnamed mate. I mean, the girl just had her first kiss with a guy she doesn’t even know the name of! This was probably the only time Casey would ever do anything that didn’t fall under the good girl category. I thought it was great!

“Marcella Olivia Williams, stop laughing this instant!” Casey snapped as she moved out of the arms of the man.

I immediately sobered up at the use of my full name; she did not just go there. “Fine Cassandra Marigold Bane,” I snapped back.

And now you know where our friendship came from. In kindergarten we were told to find somebody with a name that was in some way similar to ours. Casey and I had partnered up because we both had the worst possible names that our parents could come up with. I mean Marcella, that’s just asking for your child to get beaten up. And I was often made fun of, until Casey came up with the nickname Marcy, we have been best friends ever since.

Ignoring Casey’s dignified huff I turned my attention to the guy who was standing there looking confused. I get the feeling he didn’t often get confused- that was about to change if he planned on mating my best friend. And oh my god mental image I so did not need. “I’m Marcy Williams, Casey’s best friend.” I said using my chirpy voice that made me sound like a little bird. “Who are you?” I asked him, easily switching to my bitch voice.

The guy blinked down at me then at Casey. “Matthew Horace, Gamma of the SunMountain pack, Casey’s mate.” He growled, causing Casey and my jaws to drop.

I might know very little about the werewolf world (I tend to zone out when someone starts lecturing about their culture), but I do know that dominates don’t often mate a submissive, and Casey was as submissive as they come. However, while those matings were rare, they were not entirely unheard of.

Nodding my head at him I turned to look at Casey. “Alright, well, I’m going to leave now. Try to not to let him hit a home run, you know the whole 24 hour limits before you sleep with someone. Anyways, I’ll deliver your stuff back to you tomorrow, and I will expect a full rundown.” I told Casey before hugging by best friend and heading towards the door.

I almost made it to, I was literally about to step outside when it happened. Someone grabbed my wrist so fast that I nearly ended up on my ass, and if it weren’t for the fact that the same guy caught me on the way down, I probably would have.

The guy put me back on my feet at the same time I whirled around. “What the hell dude?” I asked my voice rising for a second before all the breath left my body.

This guy gave a new meaning to the word beautiful.

First off the he was big. Not big big, but tall and muscular. He was probably over a foot taller than me, even with my heels, and obvious muscle rippled under his tan skin. Next thing I noticed was his hair (I have this thing about hair, as in if it’s not good the guy isn’t worth my time); the light brown strands curled at messy angles and matched the scruff that lined his jaw. Let’s just say it passed my inspection.

Finally I locked eyes with him. They looked like storm clouds as they peered into mine, and they were heated with obvious lust, which was awkward. I mean I didn’t know the guy.

The guy’s lips curved into a devastatingly handsome smile. “Mine.” He stated a second before he tugged me towards his body.

Stumbling in my heels I slammed against his chest as his body heat enveloped me. And he was warm; the temperature of his skin seemed to be a lot more than mine. But what I noticed the second I was against him, were the sparks. They seemed to fire off everywhere we were in contact, whether there were clothes in the way or not, although the sparks did seem dulled where clothes blocked skin to skin contact. And it felt so good I just wanted too touch him all over, which is not a socially acceptable thing to do in public.

The guy seemed to purr as his head started to lower towards mine, and just like that I was moving, I mean it might feel good when I touched him, but I wasn’t going to make out with a random stranger, even my one night stand plan had me flirting with him for at least an hour. Pushing out of the guy’s hold I stared at him in shock. “Oh shit,” I mumbled before I quickly turned and ran towards my car. I knew what his claiming meant, and I was kind of pissed about it.

Running towards my car, I realized this was not my best idea, seeing as I had my heels on, and while I did manage to avoid face planting, my ankle did not come out of the affair unscathed. However, I ignored and it and powered into the car, driving before the guy even had the chance to recover from abrupt departure.
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Yay Casey found her mate! And so did Marcy...