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So Not What I Had in Mind

Replacing a friend with a puppy? Makes sence to me!

The next morning I woke up with a sore ankle that was about the size of a softball; guess I had hurt it more than I originally thought. My head was slightly sluggish since I had gotten a minimum amount of sleep, having been awake all night trying to work through my present predicament.

I knew Casey was expecting me at her house at noon, we had made the arrangement earlier, but at the same time the guy, whose name I didn’t know I might add, was probably not going to leave until he found me. However, the pack territory was quite large, so I probably wouldn’t even have to worry about running into him. And I really wanted to know what Casey did during the night. Wrestling this over in my head, I came to the decision that I was going over there.

Getting out of bed, I winced as a spike of pain traveled up my ankle, before hobbling my way over to my bathroom, where I plugged in my straightener, put my contacts in, and moved towards my closet. Grabbing a pair of light green shorts and a white lace tank top, I pulled on a green bandeau that matched my shorts before dressing the rest of the way.

After straitening my hair, I grabbed my green flower necklace and matching fake diamond earrings, and shoved my feet into a pair of frilly green lace shoes. Heading down stairs I snagged my bag and the barrowed jewelry I had laid next to my bag collection.

Running out to my car, I slid my aviators onto my eyes before pulling out of my driveway. I loved my family, but they were rarely home, meaning I was often by myself. This was quite hard for an extrovert like me. That was one of the main reason I spent a lot of time at Casey’s, at least while I was there I had somebody to talk to.

Speeding to Casey’s house, I screamed along to the Jason Aldean song I had playing while I tapped my fingers on the steering wheel to the beat. My hair was blowing around my head thanks to my open windows, and by the time I reached Casey’s house my hair was all over the place. But I was smiling; I mean who can resist smiling when listening to Jason Aldean?

Getting out of my car I headed up Casey’s steps before shoving the door open, her family never locks their doors, they are way too trusting. Or it could be the fact that they can turn into wolves in about the time it takes most people to say “shit, someone is breaking into my house”, so if anyone did break into their house, said person would regret it. Not to mention the fact they would probably end up in an insane asylum, I mean werewolves, no cop would actually buy that. Also there was a guarded gate at the front of the neighborhood, so the likelihood of anyone getting close enough to break in was slim.

Noting that there were two unfamiliar cars in Casey’s driveway, and the possibility that she could be in bed with Matthew, I decided to make my presence known before I headed anywhere. “Casey, I brought your stuff!” I yelled as I moved into the house. Heading straight for the media room, I didn’t bother to announce where I was going, she could just follow my scent, if she wasn’t already in there. The media room was the best place in the house, and it was often where we gathered.

Walking into the tricked out room I laid down on one of the amazingly comfortable couch and pulled my phone out. Scrolling to Instagram I was caught up looking at a picture of a cute puppy when I heard somebody else enter the room. Not bothering to look up from my phone I assumed it was Casey and called out, “Hey, I think I should get a puppy, now that you’re leaving I’ll need somebody to keep me company.” I was sad about her going, and she was defiantly going to leave, I mean her mate was a Gamma of another pack, it was like a law that she leave with him. But that doesn’t mean I was going to fall into a depression, and I mean werewolves and puppies are the same genus.

When I didn’t hear a response I popped my head up, looking towards the door, before freezing. Because it was just my luck that the person standing at the door wasn’t my friend, no, it was the guy. And he was staring at me…

Scrambling to my feet I stared at him from across the couch. “Shit,” I mumbled, so much for my skills at avoiding people. Nope instead of avoiding him, I managed to tell him I was getting a puppy to replace my best friend. This is great! <- That is sarcasm

The guy gave a low chuckle as his lips curved into a smile. And damn it I could feel myself getting turned on! “You said that before,” He drawled as he moved closer to me.

I stumbled backwards and resisted the urge to cuss again. Dang it, where the heck was Casey, and why the heck was this guy in her house? “Uh, where’s Casey?” I finally managed to say, my voice sounding high pitched, which is what happens when I get nervous.

I’m not kidding, when I get nervous I turn into a Chihuahua, high pitched and shaking. Thankfully I don’t get nervous often, but then again I’m not often faced with a giant (and now that I didn’t have heels, he was a giant) that looks at me like he wants to grab me and never let me go. And in the few situations where I do get nervous enough to Chihuahua, I always have Casey somewhere near me. And she wasn’t here now.

The guy stopped smiling, his stormy eyes narrowing on me as he took another step closer to me. I watched as he sniffed the air, and I suddenly remembered that werewolves could smell everything, including arousal. Why couldn’t I be friends with someone normal? No, I had to go and chose someone who could smell when I was turned on!

“You’re human,” The guy said after a couple of awkward seconds, through which I was wondering where the hell Casey was. I mean she always manages to show up when I don’t want her, but always seems to disappear when I need her.

Scowling at the tone he used when he stated my race I snapped out of my shy bubble. I hated when the werewolves made fun of humans, I took it personally, even when it wasn’t directly about me. They think they’re better than us because they can turn into White Fang. “Thank you so much for telling me that! I would have never guessed it in a million years!” I stated in a sarcastic voice as I narrowed my eyes on him.

I can understand now that poking at him probably wasn’t the best idea, but at the time I was just trying to recover from my nerves, and keep my substantial temper in check. However, when I suddenly found myself pressed against the wall with a very pissed looking werewolf pinning me, I realized that was probably not the best way.

About to start crying and begging for my life I was shocked when the guy’s lips widened into a smile, and damn was he good looking when he smiled. “I like you, good thing you’re mine.” He stated as he locked eyes with me.

I swallowed hard. “Uh, okay. I’m going to go find Casey now; you can have fun being creepy in here by yourself.” I stated before I ducked out from under the guy’s arm and literally ran from the room.
Thanking god I was on the track team I sprinted as hard as I could since I figured he was going to follow me, and there is no way I can out run a werewolf. “Casey! Casey I need help! As in like 911!” I screamed as I dodged into the kitchen right as Casey came running down the stairs, followed closely behind by Matthew, they actually looked slightly worried for my wellbeing, aww. I didn’t slow down, charging ahead I jumped on top of her and wrapped my arms around her. If the guy wanted me he was going to have to take Casey with me, and I doubted Matthew was going to allow that.

Casey squeaked as I slammed into her, not even staggering as my weight hit her. Yay for werewolf strength! “What the heck Marcy? Get off of me!” She grunted as she started trying to shove me off of her. Wow, I expected more protection from my supposed best friend.

I ignored her and tightened my hold before glancing over my shoulder where the guy was standing with a shock look on his face; I knew he had chased me. “Casey, if you keep him away from me I’ll name my puppy after you.” I told her as I tightened my hold on her and met her eyes.

Casey rolled her eyes at me and shoved me off of her, causing me to land on my butt on the ground. “My apologies for my friend Alpha, normally she’s a lot more respectful.” She told the guy as she looked down at me.

I rolled my eyes as I stood to my feet, rubbing my tailbone as I did so, that fall hurt. “Now Casey don’t lie, I am rarely respectful.” I mumbled to her before smiling at her scowl. “And he started it!” I told her, going to turn to look at the guy, only to see him right behind me.

I yelped and jumped at how close he was to me without my knowledge. The guy just looked at me before turning back to Casey. “Cassandra, I am pleased to tell you we no longer have need to search the pack for my mate.” He told her, causing me to wince and inch away from him slowly.

Casey got really still a second before she let out and excited shriek. “Marcy! Why the fuck didn’t you tell me you found your mate?!” She screamed as she grabbed me and hugged me.

I gasped for air as my best friend used her super strength to squeeze the life out of me. “Case, can’t breathe.” I gasped out a second before I was released. “And I didn’t tell you ‘cause I literally just saw you for the first time since yesterday.”

Casey gave me a critiquing glare before she turned back to the Alpha. “Alpha Lucas Hunter, I would like to introduce you to my friend Marcy Williams.” Casey said, making introductions as if this wasn’t one of the most awkward situations of my life. I mean I had literally just run away from the guy, and I was now being introduced to him.

Sticking out my hand I tried to plaster a smile on to my face. “It’s nice to meet you in a way that’s not totally awkward.” I stated, trying to go for humor. Casey giggled, but I get the feeling it was just to humor me.

Lucas looked at me with something like shock in his eyes before he turned back to Casey and Matthew. Wow, I was defiantly feeling the love. “Thank you Ms. Bane, Matthew.” He told them before you turned and excited the room. Talk about anti-climactic.

Watching his retreating back, I shrugged and turned my attention back to Casey. “So details, spill.” I ordered her before grabbing her hand and hauling her over to the table.

We had just sat down when I heard a growl sound from right behind me, dear lord that man moved quickly. Tilting my head up, I met stormy grey eyes that looked quite mad. “Why didn’t you come with me?” He asked his voice low, he sounded really pissed.

How in the hell did I manage to piss him off? I didn’t actually do anything!

I shrugged. “I was not aware that I was supposed to, honestly it’s not like I read minds and even if I did, I doubt you would have asked nicely. Also, I wanted to talk to my friend, so there’s a possibility that if you had asked, and you had been nice about it, I wouldn’t have followed you.” I told him before I turned back to Casey.

I should not have done that.
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Okay sorry this chapter is so bad! Its just I couldent think of anything else to make it go so I ended up with that! But yeah, still hope y'all like it!