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So Not What I Had in Mind

I Still Want a Puppy

One second I was sitting in my seat watching Casey flash a nervous look at me and the next I was in the air. Wrapping my arms around the person holding me, I glanced down at the sudden height. I mean, I horseback ride but I’m pretty sure that I was currently farther from the ground than I ever was on my horse. “Please don’t drop me!” I yelped as Lucas started walking, carrying me bridal style. I already landed on my ass once today; I would prefer not to have a repeat.

Lucas chuckled as he carried me through the house, his eyes straying to me for a split second before they turned back to watch where he was going. “I would never dream of dropping you, you would probably end up screaming at me for god knows how long.” He grumbled before he unceremoniously dropped me onto the couch in the media room.

Grunting as I hit the cushions I glared up at Lucas. “Yeah, I would. Now, is there a reason you just manhandled me?” I asked as I moved to get up.

I froze really fast though when I suddenly had a werewolf right in my face. “I don’t like being disrespected, little one.” He growled at me, causing my eyes to go wide.

“Little one? Little one?!” I gasped out as I crossed my arms. “I am 5’6”! That might be short for a giant like you, but I’ll have you know that 5’6” is average for a human female!” I stated because god damn it I am not short! I hate being called short!

Lucas laughed down at me. He wasn’t supposed to be laughing! He is supposed to be cowering in fear at my anger! Why is he not cowering in fear? And why the hell is his laugh so damn sexy? “You’re a spit fire aren’t you little one?” He asked.

That does it! I mean I might be smart enough to have been holding my temper back as of late, but he crossed a line! I just told him not to call me little one, and then he goes and does it! I mean come on! And to top it off he calls me a spit fire, who the hell even uses that anymore? I think the only other time I have ever that was when I went with my grandmother to get her hair done. How old was this guy anyways?

Actually that was a really good question, but I would have to save it for a time when I wasn’t angry with him, which may or may not happen. I get the feeling this particular werewolf was more annoying than the others, something I find amazing because have you met Casey?

About to say something about how irritating he was, something that would probably involve a bunch of swear words, I suddenly shut up.

Because he was kissing me, very much without my permission, but at the exact moment in time, I really didn’t care much. Because you know those sparks I was talking about before? Yeah, well, they came back at about tenfold. It felt like lighting was traveling throughout my body everywhere we touched, with the main source being where his lips were pressed against mine.

His lips were warm and infinitely skilled as they moved over mine, the feelings it inspired made me want to simultaneously hit him and divest him of his clothing. Rising my hands I braced them on the back of Lucas’s neck before I smoothed them up, the touch of soft curls leading me to clench my fingers as I tried to straighten up, to meet his lips. A warm weight settled on my shoulder blades to push me farther into his chest, causing my breast to squish against him.
Moaning a second before I felt something sharp on my lower lip, I let out a gasp, felt his tongue invade my mouth. And that snapped me out of it.

Pulling my fingers out of Lucas’s hair, I shoved against his shoulders, managed to get his lips away from mine while the rest of me was still pressed firmly against him. When I saw his eyes on me I started to do the other thing I do when I get nervous, but not Chihuahua nervous, I started talking. “Okay look, I have this rule where I have to know a guy at least an hour before I kiss him, and to be honest we haven’t actually known each other an hour. I mean I know we met each other last night, but we didn’t actually talk, and that meeting consisted of you grabbing me and me running and ultimately hurting myself. And today its only been about maybe half an hour, if even that, so optimistically we have only known each other about let’s say forty minutes and that’s twenty minutes too short for my rule, so we just broke my rule.” I stopped to take a breath, but never actually continued speaking.

Because he was looking at me angrily, his grey eyes twirling with, is that jealously? “You’ve kissed other men?” He asked quietly, in that voice that says ‘I am really pissed, but trying not to show it’.

I felt my eyes go wide, before I licked my lips, something I did when I was nervous, but realized I was going to have to stop judging by the way Lucas’s eyes narrowed on the action. “I’m 17; of course I’ve kissed guys before, although never like that. So congratulations for that.” I told him as I tried once again to push away from him, but I stopped when he growled at me once again. After a few minutes of him holding me against him and not saying anything I decided to ask the question I had had earlier. “Um, just out of curiosity, how old are you?” I stuttered out, I mean I kind of wanted to know how illegal this relationship was going to be.

Lucas blinked at me as if shocked at the sudden change of subject, but went with it, still refusing to release me. “I’m 22, why?” He asked his voice suspicious.

I however was stuck on his age, and I think I found a way to get him to let go of me to. “You’re 22? You do realize that for humans, your age and my age is illegal, like you could go to jail in some states? What state are you even from? And how do you plan on convincing my parents to let me go with you? Although to be honest I would gladly stay at home, I mean I love home.” I stated in a rush, just now thinking that I might actually have to leave my home.

“My pack is based in North Carolina; I am Alpha of the SunMountain pack. Human laws do not apply to us, and if I have to, I will just take you with me. And you are coming with me.” He growled out.

I crinkled my nose at him as I gave one last shove for freedom. It failed. Stupid werewolf strength. “One, you do realize that is kidnapping right? And two, isn’t that Casey’s new pack?” I asked, getting really hopeful.

Lucas nodded. “Yes, I am aware, and if your parents don’t willing let you go, then I will kidnap you, as you put it.”

I grinned, yay, I didn’t have to lose Casey! “Fine, but I still want a puppy.”
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