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So Not What I Had in Mind

Fair Warning

Lucas looked down at me with an expression akin to amusement before he finally moved away from me, leaving me feeling extremely cold without his body heat pressed to mine. Resisting the urge to pull him back to me, which was weird since I had really wanted him gone, I stood and looked up at Lucas.

“So, North Carolina,” I mumbled, trying to think of all I knew about North Carolina. All I came up with was over religious hicks, but Lucas, and I’m basing this on the limited amount of time I had known him for, didn’t seem to be that way. He did, however, have an extremely sexy accent. “Is it nice there?” I finally managed to ask, oh gosh, conversation with him was not easy.

“It is beautiful there, we are from a small town, the humans who live intermixed with us, while dole, are kind. You will like it there.” He told me.

The ‘you will like it there’ sounding more like an order than a thought, and while I might have pointed that out, I was kind of hung up on something else. “Small town?” I asked as I shoved my hands into my back pockets and rocked back on my heels. “Me and small towns do not mix all that well. I mean I think they’re adorable and all, but I went to one once and it was boring as hell. Also I ended up kind of breaking a few laws before my parents made me come back home. So yeah, small towns and Marcy don’t get along all that well.” I told him, shrugging my shoulders as I glanced down at my feet. Gosh I needed to tan, are my feet really that pale?

Lucas was silent for a few seconds while I studied my feet, before he started to laugh. Not the quiet chuckles he had been making before, no these were loud booming laughs that made his eyes light up and seem like a light blue. Shit, this guy was not good for my mental state!

Blinking up at Lucas while he laughed I waited for him to stop before I spoke again. “You know, laughing at me is not going to win you any brownie points, if anything it’s going to count against you.” I told him grumpily, finishing just in time to avoid being interrupted by incessant quacking. Squealing in a very me like way I dove towards where my phone resided on the couch before answering it. “Heylo!” I chirped as I ignored the werewolf behind me. He really didn’t talk much, so it was fairly easy.

There was laughter on the other end of the line. “Heylo to you to,” My dad laughed out.
“Daddy, what’s up?” I squealed, maybe being a little over excited. I hoped Lucas was nervous about me talking to my dad, insert evil laughter here.

My dad was wise enough not to question my over sweetness, he probably thought I was just high on sugar. It had happened before. “Your mother and I are both miraculously free for lunch and were wondering if you would like to join us.” My dad asked, causing an idea to form in my head.
I grinned as I turned to look over my shoulder and crinkle my nose at Lucas. “Yeah totally! Can I bring some friends though?” I asked, watched as Lucas’s eyes went slightly wide. Haha, so even alphas get freaked out by meeting parents.

“Of course, we’re going to meet at Red Robins, see you in a few minutes.” My dad said before hanging up. That’s the thing about my dad, he doesn’t wait for others to say bye, and he will literally hang up on you in the middle of your farewell.

Pulling my phone from my ear I turned and grinned wickedly at Lucas. “Looks like you’re meeting my parents!” I told him before grabbing my purse off of the couch and heading for the door. “Casey! We’re going to lunch with my parents! I will drive since your lameness doesn’t have a license!” I shouted out as I moved through the house, heading for the front door.

By the time I reached the door, Casey was already waiting, her hair slightly messy. “Yay, I love your parents!” She chirped before turning to look at Matthew. “You’re going to love Marcy’s parents, they are totally great!” She told him.

Casey has this weird obsession with my parents, says that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and that it’s a ‘learning experience’ to see the three of us together. I don’t understand, yeah my parents are kick butt, but she’s a bit obsessed. Like friend of Facebook and like all of their posts obsessed. And my parents post a lot of things on Facebook. I mean look, she was willing to skip on mate time in order to have lunch with them.

Laughing at her I shoved her door open and headed for my car. “As much as the ‘I just made out’ hairdo looks good on you, I have a brush in my car you can use!” I told Casey as I unlocked the car.
She grumbled as she moved to the passenger side, getting in the shotgun seat while she let the men to bend into the cramped backseat. My PT Cruiser may be awesome as hell, but it was most certainly not roomy. So with the giants in the back seat, it looked as if they were folded in half.

Stifling my laughter at the grumbling of the two men, I turned to back up before facing forward and cranking up my music, allowing Casey to turn it to the station she preferred. Cobra Starship Fool Like Me started blaring as I headed out of the neighborhood, Casey and I screaming along to song. We ignored the men in the back seat to the best of our abilities as I drove towards the Red Robins, singing along to whatever song happened to be on at the time.

Reaching the restaurant I parked extremely close to the front before twisting in my seat to look at the people in the back seat. “Okay guys, fair warning, my father thinks he is the funniest person ever born and my mother has a tendency to shoot glares at you for no apparent reason. Also, Lucas, I recommend avoiding anything that has to do with touching me or talking about you being my, um, you know. My father would probably try to kill you.” I told them trying to think if there was anything else I should warn the strange werewolves about before they met my parents. “Also, they don’t know werewolves exist, so try to act human.”

With that I opened my door and bounded towards the entrance of the restaurant, this should be a lot of fun!
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Okay so I thought I would warn you aboout a couple of things!
-the next chapter will probably be in Lucas's POV
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