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So Not What I Had in Mind

Meeting the Parents

Okay, I felt i should give a warning before I started the chapter. It starts off in Marcy's POV, but you do get a little of Lucas! Also this chapter is dedicated to the super awesome person who is reading and editing my story for me! And goodness knows it probably needs it!


I sighed impatiently as I turned to wait for the worlds slowest werewolves. I mean, I’m human and I somehow managed to beat them to the door. And I only go fast when forced, so you know I went at about the speed of a drugged kitten.

Crossing my arms I glared at the three people who were taking their dear sweet time in reaching me. Casey was rattling on about something, and Matthew was listening with a small smile that looked extremely awkward on his face, while Lucas was shockingly staring at me. I gave him five minutes max before dad got pissed at him and tried to kill him. Two if he tried to touch me.

My father is what some would call over protective, not the overprotective where you have to worry about the well-being of everybody you meet, the kind where you have to worry about the well-being of ever male you meet. I’m not kidding, he met my friend Jerome and spent the whole time glaring at him, and Jerome has been my friend since like third grade. It’s like after I hit puberty every guy became a threat.

When the slowpokes finally reached me I huffed at them. “Y’all do know that I plan on eating lunch today, right?” I snapped as I turned around, my hair flying in that dramatic way that always happens in movies.

Casey rolled her eyes, at least I assumed she did, it seems like the kind of thing she would do, and moved ahead of me to pull open the door. “I am so sorry we wanted to admire the great outdoors and all the beautiful nature it has to offer!” She snapped.

I snorted and looked around me. “Casey, we are in a parking lot in the middle Dallas, there is no nature.” I told her as I moved through the door. It was true, the only thing that could be considered nature were the weeds that were growing between the cracks in the concrete.

I heard Casey mumble something but didn’t bother to stop to ask what it was. Heading over towards a familiar pair of people quickly hugged my dad. “Daddy, Casey’s being mean to me!” I whined, purposely making my voice high pitched and nasally.

Dad laughed as he hugged me back, me bending my neck so that I could rest my head on his shoulder. Sometimes being the tallest in my family sucked.

“Good job Casey!” Dad cheered as he let me go. And that is all the sympathy I got.

My best friend laughed as she moved to hug my dad, leaving me to go hug my mom, who was shaking her head at the interaction between my dad, my friend, and me. She swore that Casey and I acted older than dad did sometimes. Which was weird, because Casey and I act like we’re five more times than not.

Letting go of mom I shoved my hands into my back pockets and peered at my parents. “I thought y’all had to work nonstop because of that thing. What’s with y’all suddenly having time to have lunch with me?” I asked my parents as I heard the two boys come up behind Casey and me.

Mom and dad gave them appraising looks before turning their attention back to me. I didn’t doubt that once they answered my question the guys would be getting grilled. “Well we wanted to spend time with our daughter for one, and we still have to eat! Just because we have ‘the thing at work’ as you put it, doesn’t me we are going to stop eating.” Mom told me, her eyes flickering to the guys as she talked.

Why she was attempting to be subtle about her curiosity was beyond me. I mean, ask if you are going to ask; don’t keep starring at the poor guys. “Mom, Dad, I would like you to meet Casey’s boyfriend Matthew, and his friend Lucas.” I introduced, wondering how Lucas was going to like being introduced as Matthew’s friend, not even my friend.

Thankfully he didn’t say anything, at least not about my introduction; he did however stick out his hand and flash a small smile. “It’s nice to meet you.” He told my parents when dad reached out and shook his hand. Narrowing my eyes on the polite tone that he used, I resisted the urge to laugh. Mr. Alpha was sucking up to my parents! Looking out of the corner of my eye, I saw Casey was having the same problem, I mean Alphas are the kind of people who would rather order you around then to be polite, but seeing as how my family was human, he had no choice but to be nice.

Matthew quickly shook my parents’ hands, looking slightly less worried about sucking up. However, he still looked worried, and that was enough to make Casey let loose a few laughs, which she quickly disguised as coughs.

Stifling my own laughter I moved over to thump Casey on the back, putting a worried look on my face. “Casey, are you alright? What on earth are you chocking on?” I asked her, knowing my parents would see through the act.

Dad chuckled at us as Casey turned to me annoyed, my hand still landing heavily on her back with loud thuds. I stopped and grinned at her cheekily, her scowl deepening.

Looking like she was about to yell at me, Casey was interrupted by the hostess approaching us. “Your table is ready, if you’ll follow me.” She told us, her eyes scanning over Matthew and Lucas, who seemed ignorant of her attention.

Casey, however, looked pissed, her eyes flashing from green to yellow. Elbowing her in the stomach I motioned with my eyes to our surroundings, trying to signal to her that we were in public, surrounded by ignorant humans. She growled lowly, and if I wasn’t next to her I wouldn’t have heard it, before she followed after my parents, her arms wrapping around Matthew.

Shaking my head at her, I turned to Lucas. “Thanks, for not saying anything to my parents.” I told him as I smiled, trying to relay how grateful I was. Daddy wouldn’t waste a second in trying to go after him if he thought Lucas was in any way inappropriate towards me. And killing my dad wouldn’t be a challenge for him.

Lucas’s POV

I knew what my mate was thinking, her worry for her father was showing in her pretty eyes. It was unwarranted, however. If I attacked her father it would hurt her, and hurting Marcy was something that I would never do.

“You do realize that they are going to find out about the mating sooner rather than later, we have to return to my territory soon, and we both know I am not returning without you.” I informed my mate as I put my hand on her lower back and started pushing her towards where her parents, my gamma, and his mate were waiting for us.

Marcy shivered at the contact, probably feeling the mating sparks, and moved closer to me. “How soon?” She asked me, her voice soft, showing vulnerability.

This shocked me, as long as I had known her, and even thought that time was short, Marcy had never shown vulnerability. And the fact she was showing it now, angered me. My mate should never feel vulnerable, and as much as I wished to halt the feeling, I needed to return home. And more importantly I needed her in my territory, where I could protect her.

“Two days is the most I can give you, tomorrow would be preferable though.” I told her, knowing that I was being more lenient than I would have been if this was anybody else.

Truthfully I should return home now, seeing as how I had left my Beta in charge in order to escort some of my men to the party, not believing that I myself would find my mate. But my Beta was just that, a beta, and while he was good to step in for a day or two, he was not meant to rule. And he being in charge for an extended period of time would start the undermining of the pack’s hierarchy structure.

Marcy went still against me but nodded, plastering a smile on her face as we approached the table. “Sorry, about that!” she chirped to her family, changing her mood as if we hadn’t been discussing something serious just a moment ago.

Her father eyed my hand on her back before locking eyes with me, the color matching Marcy’s to a T. “It’s no problem sweetie.” He said his eyes relaying to me that there was a problem.

Marcy had been truthful in her warning. This was going to make lunch interesting.
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