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So Not What I Had in Mind

I wanna touch you!

Dad had spent all of lunch glaring at Lucas while mom tried desperately to make conversation. Casey thought the whole situation was hilarious and every time she glanced at me or dad she would start to giggle like an idiot. The only person who seemed totally unaffected by the awkwardness of the situation was Lucas, and it was his fault that this was happening!

By the time lunch was over, I pretty much concluded that if I did get the nerve to ask my parents about moving across the country with a boy I had barely met yesterday, they were going to say no. Not that they would have ever said yes.

Managing to get out of the door without my dad attempting to kill Lucas, I all but shoved the three werewolves out the door, something that was amusing since they all have gait a bit of muscle on me.

By the time I got them out to the car, I was slightly frustrated and got in the driver’s seat, leaving Casey, Matthew, and Lucas argue over who would get the shotgun seat. By the time they decided I had the air conditioner blasting and my favorite music station blaring, ignoring Casey’s dislike of my favorite country music.

Lucas slid into the seat next to me while Matthew and Casey took the back. Twisting around in my seat I looked back at Casey before turning to look at Lucas. “That actually went a lot better than I thought it would, I think my dad likes you!” I told him sarcastically as I plastered a smile on my face

I heard roaring laughter from the backseat as Casey started doubling over; she knew how awful that was. My dad didn’t crack one joke, and there is never a serious moment when it comes to my father, so that goes to tell you how much my father did not like Lucas.

He looked at me seriously for a second, causing me to laugh harder. Or at least I was laughing until a low growl filled the car, causing both Casey and I to tense up, while Matthew grabbed Casey and pretty much dragger her to him. Thankfully she was not wearing a seat belt.

Lucas, however, was not even the slightest bit interested in her; he was too busy glaring at me. “Do you really think that this is funny?” He asked me, his voice dropping low, so low that I almost didn’t hear it. “You do realize that if your parents don’t like me, I might not be able to take you hope with me?”

I looked at him with wide eyes, which flickered to the back for a second (Matthew looked ready to bail from the car, with Casey in his arms) before they flickered back to Lucas. “My parents never like any of the guys I date, it’s a parent thing. Although I have to admit my dad did seem to dislike you an unusual amount, but mom liked you!” I told him before I turned and started my car.

Immediately the music started blaring through the car, causing me to gasp and look ing the rearview mirror where I locked eyes with Casey.

“I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you
You wanna touch me too
Everyday but all I have is time
Our loves the perfect crime

I wanna I wanna I wanna touch you
You wanna touch me too
Every way and when they set me free
Just put your hands on me”

Casey and I screamed simultaneously as the music blasted through the car. Now I should warn you, Casey and I are both as tone-deaf as they come, meaning that when started singing, all of Lucas’s anger at me was gone as he tried desperately to save his ear drums, I assume Matthew was in a similar position.

By the time the song was over the guys looked like they were in pain but Casey and I were laughing. Matthew groaned in the back seat as he took his hands off of his ears. “Are you two done? It sounded like you were killing cats.” He whined, causing me to laugh as Casey fake gasped.

“We did not! We have beautiful singing voices! And just for that, Marcy put on the jam disc!” Casey ordered me as she leaned between the seats.

Matthew growled a second before Casey was jerked back. “Buckle your seat belt woman; you’re going to get yourself killed, especially with Marcy driving.” He told her, causing me to gasp and look in the rearview to see him forcibly buckling Casey into her seat.

Swerving the car on purpose I made sure to drift in to the other lane a couple of times and go off the road, causing the two guys to clench their seats and Casey to laugh out loud. “Excuse me! I am a great driver, and if you critique me again, I will pull over and you will walk back to Casey’s house.” I snapped as him as I drove in my lane. “Oh, and Lucas, the second sleeve of the CD has the jam disc.” I told him pointing to the CD holder that was strapped to the passenger side visor.

Normally Casey played CD DJ (she liked using as many letters as she possibly could in her title), but since she had been banished to the back seat and strapped in, that left Lucas to be CD DJ. It wasn’t really a hard job, you just had to memorize where all of the CDs were located and know how to work my faulty CD player.

Lucas pulled the CD out and handed it to me when I held my hand out for it, his fingers purposely brushing mine and causing me to shiver, and consequently swerve. Putting the CD into the player, I wacked the front of the music controls, causing the Jam CDs music to start playing.

Casey started singing to the music as Lucas and Matthew moaned again, covering their ears.

I on the other hand was grinning, because I was having fun, even if the guy next to me seemed to have a thing against words.
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