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Keep on Going

Kennedy Brock//Kacey Bland

"We're colliding, we can't fight it. So let it go."
  1. Cliffhanger
    Chapter One
  2. Hey stranger
    Chapter Two
  3. John Bender
    Chapter Three
  4. Agree to disagree.
    Chapter Four
  5. Self Defense
    Chapter Five.
  6. Playing with fire.
    Chapter Six.
  7. I only have eyes for you
    Chapter Seven.
  8. Lies and apologies.
    Chapter Eight.
  9. Prince Charming
    Chapter Nine.
  10. More than a feeling.
    Chapter Ten.
  11. Would it be cliche if...?
    Chapter Eleven.
  12. When the going gets tough.
    Chapter Twelve.
  13. Close Encounters of the Ken Kind
    Chapter Thirteen.
  14. Someone special.
    Chapter Fourteen.
  15. Make a Move
    Chapter Fifteeen.
  16. What do you know?
    Chapter Sixteen.
  17. Third Time's a Charm?
    Chapter Seventeen.
  18. Hoping for the best.
    Chapter Eighteen.
  19. BYOB
    Chapter Nineteen.
  20. Past Regrets.
    Chapter Twenty.
  21. Confessions
    Chapter Twenty-One.