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Weakening Shadows

Part 1

“Matt , we have trouble”
I rolled my eyes as my best friend uttered those words.
“Then handle it Bri , I can’t really fucking do anything now can I?” I snapped as I motioned to the bars surrounding me.
“It’s about Tanya Matt”
My world stopped , everything froze.
“Man I’m sorry , we kept her safe we were always with her wherever she went , man it... I’m so sorry”
If I wasn’t in prison , I would have had him up the wall with my hands around his neck.
“What the fuck happened to her Gates?”
“She... man , she was kidnapped”
I stood up angrily , and yelled. The police officers all rushed forward.
I held them back , “sorry” I muttered and they all walked back to where they were.
“You’re gonna fucking get me out of here Gates , start fucking look for her.”
He nodded his head and apologised again before leaving the visiting room.
I called back one of the officers and they took me back to the cell.

I was going to kill the guys for losing Tani. She’s the best thing to have ever happened to me and has always sticked by me even now that I’m in prison.
I’m a hard core criminal , me and the guys.
Zack ; Brian ; Jimmy and Johnny and me.
Drug dealers , I’m the druglord.
I got busted , my court trail is in November next year so I’m only now being held. I can easily get out , in a legal way.
While laying in the bunker bed I was sharing with a guy who robbed a bank and stared at a picture of her and me on the terrace at the mansion.

God , I miss her. She just came by 3 days ago and promised to come and visit me again today. Now , God I don’t even have a clue who could’ve taken her or why.
I know I have a lot of enemies being the epitome of a hardcore criminal who have killed and tortured a fair share of people. But who would possibly stoop so low to take her? An innocent chef that has only been nice to everyone.
Then it hit me :
She’s my weakness.
I do that. I’m a druglord.
I take other people’s weakness whenever I want to torture them.
It was someone I have worked with. Everyone in the business knows Tani. They all know that I will do pretty much anything for her.
“Sanders , you just made bail”
I nodded and stood up , walking over to collect my stuff.
I saw Zack ; Brian and Eliza waiting for me.
“We know who has her Matt”
“Let’s get out of here man , we’ll tell you at the house”
I nodded and started walking to the car with them. As soon as we were driving I had my hands on Brian’s neck.
“you were suppose to fucking take care of her!”
“Hey! It wasn’t just me. I wasn’t even home.” He barked.
“I trusted all of you!!”
“Stop it Matt. She’s just as important to as she is to you so fucking back off!!” Zacky screamed.
I sigh and sulked back ; “I’m sorry. It’s not your fault , I just have to be a fucking criminal”
“Hey Mattie...” Eliza started , “Tans has only seen the good in you. She met you in high school and she doesn’t care what you do for a living”
“Yeah. Well I promised her I would always keep her save and now she’s gone.”
Brian sigh and placed his hand on my shoulder.
“We’re getting her back man. We know who took her”
“You remember that guy we worked with a couple months ago? That one who backstabbed us with giving us a bad patch?”
“Yeah , Tunner or something like that’
“Roberto Tunner. We know it was him”
“We found some of his... minions. They fessed up when we beat them to almost death”
I smirked , “fucking awesome”