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Weakening Shadows

Part 2

“I’m gonna get you back baby. I promise” I whispered at a photo I had of her.

“Shads” Jim knocked on the door to mine and Tanya’s bedroom.
I placed the picture on the bedside table and sat up. “hey Jim”
He sat down on the bed , “how are you holding up?”
“I’m okay. I just need her back man. We have to do it now”
“I know Shads. Believe me there’s nothing any of us want more. She’s our best friend. We’ll get her back. Tomorrow. One more day”
I nodded ; “How’s it going? Did you organize the other gangs?”
“Yeah. Good Charlotte , Metallica , Breaking Benjamin , Panther , Slipknot and Atreyu. They all adore Tanya and will do anything to get her back.”
I nodded , “Tanya has that way with people. Everyone loves her. My parents and Amy are worried sick.”
Jimmy laughed , “just think of it this way , tomorrow Tani is back here and everything will be hunky dory again.”
I grinned , “yeah and we’ll get Tunner , and I’ll fucking kill him for hurting what’s mine”
Jim smiled and patted my shoulder. “Come on , let’s go see what we can find on Tunner”
I nodded and let him follow the way out to the basement where Johnny and Brian was already standing with Tunner’s minions.
“Oh good. Look who’s here now.”
One of the minions smiled a bloody smile ; “you won’t get anything out of me anyore Shadows”
“Fuck off” I kicked him in his stomache , “why did Tanner want her?”
“To get to you of course. But I know you already know that”
“Where is he?”
“Like I’d tell you”
I crouched down in front of him , “listen you fucking punk I’m gonna kill you and your friend either way. After that I’m killing Tanner and whatever army he has behind me because God forbid he breaks a nail , so you can just tell me. That will make everything much better”
“Go to hell Shadows”
‘tell me!” I bellowed.
“Fuck off” he spat and with my history of raging anger issues that wasn’t acceptable so I threw him on the nearby wall.
“Kill them or do whatever you want. I’m going to get more words out of Zacky”
Johnny nodded ; “alright man. Now fuckers , any last words?”

“We’ve tracked him Shads. He’s here in Huntington.”
I nodded at Zacky’s words and let out a sigh of relief. “does it look like he’s about to leave?”
“No” Zacky shook his head , “he’s stupid man. He thinks we can’t track him. Guess again fucking dick”
I laughed , “Okay get the address and send it out to the gangs that’s going with us. First thing tomorrow”
He nodded , “alright. They already got their ammo. We need to get more merch. We only have guns and bombs”
“Working on it bro”
I walked out of the house and into the garage where our merch was saved. I quickly called an old buddie of mine working with illegal firearms.
“hey Shadz” He answered.
“hey Kevin. Listen man , I need merch lots of it”
“What do you need? I can come over there if you want?”
“That’ll be great. Anything you think will kill an army of like 50 people”
“God man who did you piss off?” he joked.
I smirked , “nah he pissed me off. A buyer a few months back , he sold me a bad patch of coke and now he kidnapped Tanya”
It was silent for a few seconds , “he fucking kidnapped Tanya?”
“Yeah. While I was in prison” I flicked my nose “can you please bring me your best shit?”
“Sure man. I’m on my way”
“Alright thanks.” I hung up and stared at my phone’s screen. Tanya’s smiling face stared right back at me.
I still remember the day she took the picture of us. It was a cold day and we decided to lay off work for the day. Tanny was on holiday and the guys and I decided to spoil her and Eliza by going to the fair.
Tanya and I was sitting on the ferriswheel with Johnny and Eliza and the girls decided to do a photo session.
Johnny took the photo of Tanya and I while she was kissing me on the cheek. It wasn’t much but I will always remeber that memory. Actually , I will always remember every memory I have with her. I love her so much and I can’t believe I lost her.
But I’m getting her back. Tomorrow she’ll be in my arms again and I will never let her go.

I walked back into the house and immediately spotted Zacky with an urgent look on his face.
“Don’t tell me he caught you?” I asked.
“No” he let out a breath , “I got able to scan the whole house and I saw... I saw Tanya man”
I froze , “”
I didn’t have to finish my sentence as he understood what I was trying to say.
“She , man.. she was out. Had blood all over her. But I managed to zoom in she was still breathing. Matt , we don’t have much time”
“I’m gonna kill that bastard. She better not fucking die”
“She will not die. She’s tough”
My phone beeped , indicating I had a message and it was from Kevin.
Kevin : 18:30
At the front gate. Security won’t let me in
I excused myself from Zacky and walked out to the far end of the mansion’s front gate where tons of security stood.
I dialed the gate’s number and one of my good guards answered.
“Let the man in Tony. He’s one of us”
“Alright sir”
Kevin reached the house a few seconds later and Brian and I helped him get the firearms out.
“Thanks man. I owe you”
“Nah... Tanya’s family. Just lemme be in on this”
I glanced at Brian and he nodded , “welcome to the family”