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Weakening Shadows

Part 3

It was 6am and the guys and I all welcomed in the other gangs that will help us into the mansion before going over the POA again.
When we finished , it was already past 7 so we quickly went to change and then load the guns and other firearms into the truck before driving to the address of the house Zacky said Tanner lived in.
Once we reached it , we all hurried out and got a few firearms before stroming into the house.
I shot a few bullets for the people to come out and once they did we all stood ready and shot everyone that came into the way.
Soon enough , Tanner came out with a smirk on his face.
“Well well well... I was hoping I’d see you” he laughed deviously.
I growled “where is she Tanner?”
His smirk turned wider , “now why would I just tell you Shadows?”
“We have killed all of your men Tanner. Just give it up” Johnny snapped.
“You really think you have killed all my men? Just think again” he smirked before another set of army came out of hidden rooms and started shooting.

“I have him!!” Benji Madden screamed and shot Tanner’s wingman Jacob.
We all shot and threw knifes but at the end of the fight , with only Tanner left behind of his gang , we all survived with no fatal injuries and Tanner’s men was all dead.
“Fucking give it up now Tanner!” Joel Madden screamed.
Panther’s guys all went to check for clearance while Zacky and Benji made their way to further into the house to go get Tanya.
“Just kill me now Shadows” Tanner said , throwing away his gun.
“Nah” I shook my head , “I’m gonna fucking torture you just like you tortured my girl”
“Matt!” Zacky yelled out and I quickly punched the guy lights out before telling Cory Taylor and Alex Verkatzas to get him to the van.
I made my way to where I heard Zack’s voice and my heart stopped at the sight infront of me.