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Weakening Shadows

Part 4

Zacky had a limp Tanya is his arms. Her eyes were closed.
“IS she.. breathing?”
He nodded , “yeah barely. You need to call Doctor Taylor.”
I nodded and quickly called the house doctor that had set a hospital room in the mansion for when one of us gets hurt.
He had a family so he just came when it was absolutely important but I had a feeling he was going to stay overnight this time.
Doctor T answered
“Hey Matt”
“I need your help doc. Tanya... Tanya was kidnapped and I think the kidnapper drugged her something , or hurt her pretty bad. She’s out , she’s breathing but she’s limp. You need to come over to the mansion immediately.”
“Alright Matt , I’m on my way”
Zacky handed her over to me and smiled at me sadly before they walked out.
Tears threatened to come as I kissed her still-warm lips and walked out to the car where the guys already stood.
“Should I drive Matt?” Zacky asked
I nodded and with the help of Jim I managed to get in without hurting my girlfriend.
We drove as fast as we could without getting a ticket and before I knew it we were home and the doc was already there.
With the help of the guys and security guards we got Tanya on a stretcher.
Doctor T and the security guys ran to the back of the house , to the medical room. I was torn between helping the guys and going to Tanya although Tan was my first choice.
“Go man. We’re fine” Cory said
I nodded and uttered a ‘thanks’ before running down to the room she was in.
The heart machine was speeding when I got there.
Doc T and his nurses [some of the whores the guys kept on was nurses] turned around.
“Sir...” one of them , I think her name is Hilary – she was Brian’s whore , began with a shaky breath “please get out”
“I’m not fucking leaving. She’s my girl”
“Matt please” Doc T said. “I’ll come and get you. I’m not gonna lose her. I’m not fucking losing her”
“You better not Taylor” I warned and left the room. I sat in the kitchen with my head buried into my hands , actually praying that she’d be fine.
Brian walked in , he placed his hand on my shoulder causing me to look up.
“Y’know what will make you not wanna commit suicide?”
“Torturing Tunner. He’s in the basement. Slipknot is with him”
I nodded , “I’ll do it later. I’m waiting for doc to come out. I need to see her”
He smiled , “I might just join you”
After awhile of sitting in silence , doc Taylor came in.
Bri and I both stood up. Zack , Jim and Johnny walked in as doc uttered his words :
“Tanya is fine. She had a large dosis of poison in her stomache with 2 stab wounds but it was all non-fatal. She’s awake and she wants to see you Matt”
The guys all cheered. I grinned and thanked Doc Taylor before rushing over to the room.
I opened the door and stormed in , my grin widening by the second.
There she was , lying with a weak smile on her face as she stared at me.
“Matty” she whispered.
I walked over to her and kissed her lips softly , as I was pulling away she pulled me back deepening the kiss.
“God , I missed you” I whispered.
“I missed you too” she took a sharp breath , “baby... I want you.. I know I’m actually against it but I want you to kill that guy”
My eyes widened and a smirk appeared on my face.
“You do?”
She nodded , “he hurt me , he hurt us. He’s a jerk”
“Okay babe” , I took her hand in mine , “I was actually going to after torturing him a little but I’m glad you told me to do it”