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In Front of Your Eyes.

"How long is it gonna take you to realize that I'm right here?"

"I can see you, Fletcher. I'm not blind."

"Come on, Tab. That's not what I meant and you know it. One day you're gonna realize that you never needed to look for a man because the only one you'll ever need is right here."

"And what if I don't?"

"The 'what if' is irrelevant, Tabby Cat, because you will."

Tabren Miller is a twenty three year old single father and his life is hectic. Between the responsibilities of caring for his son, Lennox, working and school, Tabren has absolutely no time for life outside of those barriers. Especially finding a man who doesn't mind a boyfriend who has a child. And psh, don't even think about bringing up Fletcher, because he'll tell you there's nothing going on there. Even though they have a greater sexual tension than a deployed husband and his wife.

Fletcher Michaels is Tabren's twenty-one year old roommate and sort of best friend. Being a mechanic with a soft spot for babies and brunettes, Fletcher finds himself pining after the older man. He knows the chemistry's there, he's just waiting for Tabren to give in. The fact that Tabren swears Fletcher is annoying and Tabren being completely in denial, doesn't really help the younger's case. But hey, calling the older man 'Tabby Cat' probably doesn't help either.

Disclaimer: Slash, meaning boy on boy. Rating is subject to change. Mine, so do not steal. I own the characters and plot but not any pictures I may use to depict them.