‹ Prequel: Easy
Sequel: Sweet
Status: Completed



Since Lexi had never met my sister, Alia, I decided that this would be the day to do it. As I park in her driveway, I notice that there isn't a car parked. This is strange to me because I thought that her girlfriend (yeah, she's a lesbian, so what?) was living with her. I ignore the thought and go up to her front door, get the spare key from under the mat, and allow myself to walk in. "Don't you think you should've rang the doorbell, Trey?" Lexi questions. "Nah, it's okay. I texted her and told her that we were coming." She nods in return and walks in, shutting the door behind her. I call out Alias name, wondering where she is in this small house. I mean, it's two storied, but still quite small. I walk upstairs, Lexi close behind, and check her bedroom first. Fuck. There I see my little sister having sex. I could've gone my whole life with out seeing that. Maybe that's why she didn't answer my text message.
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If you remember correctly, Alia is actually the main character in "Love", another story I wrote to go along with this. Hehe I figured I'd make a little drama. c: