‹ Prequel: Easy
Sequel: Sweet
Status: Completed



Running to the nearest bathroom, I just about puke my brains out. I am traumatized. It was a little hot, even though one of them was my sister. Lexi and I go downstairs and wait for Alia and her girlfriend (whom I've never met). While in the middle of pacing around, I come to the realization that the other girl had purple hair. Oh fuck. It can't be her. A lot of girls have purple hair, right? I sit next to Lexi, my face in my hands and she tries to ask me how I'm feeling. I don't respond; I'd rather sit in silence. Suddenly, I hear the creaking of steps from across the room. "Uhhh. I'm really sorry about that. Trey, I'd like you to meet Riley. Riley, this is Trey." Alia practically whispers. I can tell she's embarrassed. I look up and sure enough, it's the girl from last night. Jesus fucking Christ. Just my luck, heh?