Status: In Progress

Falling for the Enemy


So I guess you're wondering who I am right? Well I'll tell you. My name is Skye Moore, and I'm a Werewolf. I have an older sister Melissa she's 24, twin brothers Samuel and Benjamin also known as Sam and Ben their 22, and at last there's me Skye and I'm 19. I'm apart of the pack here in a small town in Chicago. In the pack there's; me, Ben, Sam, Melissa, Todd my jealous ex boyfriend, my dad Jonathan who's the Alpha, my mom Lisa who's the Beta, Tony and Becca.
You see as the pack for Chicago it's our job to make sure that humans don't know about us or any other supernatural that's out there. From time to time other supernaturals comes around here and we have to keep an eye on them.
I remember the day I met my mate and one true love Cameron Miller. The pack and I were checking out the woods to see if there was a new scent there, they told me to go keep looking when I came across Cameron and his creator Brian. At first I didn't trust him even though my mind and heart knew I could but my wolf hadn't listened yet. It wasn't until Sam began explaining to us what it was like to find your mate that I realised that Cameron was my mate.
I decided to not tell anyone not even my best friend, Rebecca Johnson but we just calls her Becca. The reason that I didn't tell her or anyone is because I knew that they wouldn't approve of us, no one would, not on my side or his.
But that all changed one night when Todd saw Cameron and I together kissing. As soon as I opened my eyes and saw him there I knew he would run straight for my father and tell him, and he did.
Now I'm standing in the middle of the woods with Cameron by my side and the pack all around us ready to attack. But I'm getting ahead of myself why don't I start at the beginning.
My name is Skye Moore, I'm 19 years old and a Werewolf and this is my story. . . .