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Falling for the Enemy

Chapter 1

I sighed as I made my way through the woods, all I could hear around me was the sound of my paws as they hit the leaves in the pathway. I guess I should say why I have paws, you see I'm a Werewolf which means that at least twice a week I turn into an actual wolf. Yeah I know it seems impossible turning into a wolf but believe me it's possible, I have been turning into a wolf for 3 years now. I had my first change when I was 16 years old.
I was now walking up a path, it was narrow and only a dirt bike or quad could get through it. Up ahead was the rest of the pack members: my dad the Alpha, my mom the Beta, my older sister Melissa, my two older brothers Sam and Ben, my jealous ex boyfriend Todd, my best friend Becca and her boyfriend and mate Tony.
Nothing. I sent the thought towards my dad.
He raised his dark brown head and looked up at me.
Nothing? Are you sure? He sent the thought back.
Yes there's nothing out there, not even a scent.
Okay thanks, either he's really smart and covered himself up or he hasn't been through this part yet.
The reason we were out in the middle of the woods in our wolf form was because we were told that there was a vampire that was killing people here, so we came out so we could take him or her down.
I'll take a look around again if that's okay?
Yes Skye that would be great, we'll look around also.
Okay sir.
I started to go back the way I came when I smelled two different but almost the same scents.
One smelled like outdoors and pepperment while the other one made my mouth water it smelled like apples and cinnamon which made me think of apple pies, apple pies are my favorite deserts.
I looked up ahead and saw two vampires, one was around 5' 5", which was taller than my 5' 3", with blond hair and grey eyes. The other one was around 6', he had brown hair and green eyes, which I thought really fit him.
But as soon as I looked the second vampire in the eyes something weird happened. It felt like the world and everything around us stopped and it was just the two of us and nothing else seemed to mattered.
Freaked out, I turned my head and broke off all eye contact with him. My head cleared and I walked towards them, I heard the first one growl and move towards the second one in a protective way.
Stupid blood sucking leeches, who do they think they are? Coming into our woods and then growls at me?! I thought, well more liked screamed in my head.
I looked over at them again and narrowed my blue wolf eyes at them. They looked over at me with a confused look on their faces, almost like they could read my mind. Nah that can't be it there's no way a leech could read my mind.
"Excuse me dog but who are you?" The first vamp- I mean leech asked me.
He was standing in front of the second one not taking his eyes off of me.
None of his business and besides it's not like I can talk when I'm in my wolf form anyway. I thought when a mix between a growl and laugh escaped from my mouth.
"No you can't talk in your wolf form but you can still think it can't you?"
What the...can they like read minds or something like that?
"Something like that." The man said laughing. "So what's your name?"
How is that any of your business leech?
"I suppose it's not but we still would like to know anyway."
So you expect me to tell you my name after you two leeches comes in here in my pack's woods for no reason?
"Oh I'm sorry is this your woods? We didn't know and we were just looking around. We're new here so we didn't know sorry."
How many more are with you?
"There's seven more besides us." The second one said with a Scottish accent.
Oh what a lovely accent! I always did have a thing for a guy with an accent...what the, no Skye stop thinking like that, it's wrong. I thought scolding myself.
"Is that your name? Skye I mean, cause if it is then it's a beautiful name."
I narrow my eyes at the second one, how stupid is he? Of course it's my name what else would it be?
"Okay you could have said it was your name without being so mean about it." He said now looking upset.
Oh no, please don't be upset I didn't mean it I'm sorry. I thought well more like pleaded.
"Oh that's okay. I'm Cameron Miller and this is Brian Hunter, it's nice to meet you." He said walking over and stops about a foot in front of me with his hand streched out and a smile on his face.
I just looked at him wondering what he has planned and if I should trust him. My wolf side kept saying no because he's a vampire and you can't trust them no matter what but my mind and heart kept telling me yes that I should trust him. So my heart and mind won the battle.
I walked ahead until I was right in front of him. First I sniffed his still streched hand, as soon as I was sure he wasn't up to anything I put my paw on his hand and shook.
"So what's your name?" Cameron asked as Brian walked over and stopped besides Cameron.
I'm Skye Moore, nice to meet you.
"You too."
You guys better go now before my pack comes and sees me here talking to you. We'll both be in a lot of shit then.
"Okay well will I see you again?" Cameron asked, he had a sad look on his face now, which was making me sad.
How about tomorrow? We'll meet here, in this same spot but don't tell anybody.

After they left the woods, I'm not sure when but sometime after my dad and the pack were standing beside me.
Well was there any vampires here? Todd Marcus asked.
Yeah but I got here just as they were leaving so I didn't see anything. I said.
Really are you sure about that?
I looked over at Todd, who was now looking at me with his brown wolf eyes.
When we were 15 we started dating and everything was good that is until two months ago. I know 4 years is a long time together, we had our first everything together; first date, first boyfriend/girlfriend, first kiss, first fight, first make up well like I said first everything.
And now I'm guessing you're wondering what it was that made us break up? A big fight that's what it was. He had told me that he never wanted to get married or have any children while I told him that I did and that I wasn't going to wait for him to change his mind, so we broke up.
He was now looking at me like he didn't believe me.
What?! I snapped at him.
You were there how was it that you didn't see what they looked like when you were standing about five feet away from them?
Well yes I did see them but it was only their backs nothing else.
Sure, okay.
It's true.
Okay if you say so. He said giving me a smirk.
It's true. I said, he really was trying to piss me off now.
Good! I said now giving him a smirk.
Okay children, we have to go now come on. My dad said leading us back to go and get our clothes.