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Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliche

Austin Carlile is your typical nerd. He loves reading, he's smarter than most, he wears thick-rimmed glasses. He gets picked on because of his height and how awkward he is, along with his sexuality, but he's just learned to deal with it.

Alan Ashby is your typical popular kid. He's attractive, has everyone swooning over him, slacks off in class. He claims to be straight, and has a girl hanging off his arm whenever possible, but he's got a secret that no one knows.

Literally this isn't your average high school cliche. (it probably is actually)
I've never seen a story with Austin as the unpopular kid, so I decided to write one.
I suck at summaries, but it should be a decent story.

I don't own Austin, or Alan, or any other person you might recognize.
I do own the plot though.

Title credit - Escape the Fate
  1. one
    Austin's POV
  2. two
    Austin's POV
  3. three
    Austin's POV
  4. four
    Michael's POV