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Not Good Enough for Truth in Cliche


I really hope the guys don’t ask me where I disappeared off to when I see them next. What am I gonna tell them, that I went to the library? They’ll definitely believe that. I can’t say I went to the bathroom, because I left with like fifteen minutes of lunch left. I hate lying to them in the first place, and not being able to think of a decent lie is even more shitty, but they’ll kill me if they find out the truth.

I make my way down the empty hallway, hearing teachers teaching and students chatting when they weren’t paying attention, heading for the janitor’s closet at the end of the hallway, trying to stay quiet and not get caught by any teacher or another group of students. I feel myself involuntarily shaking and twitching slightly and growl under my breath, “Stupid tourettes,” before growing quiet again and reaching the door. I test it to see if it was open, pleased to find it was, before looking over my shoulder to make sure no one else was coming, except the person I’m looking for.

I step in the closet and flick on the small light hanging above me, relaxing against the wall while I wait, like I had many times before. I’m only in there alone for about three minutes before the door opens, and the smaller, blonde-haired male steps in next to me, shutting the door behind him and locking it before glancing up to me with those gorgeous crystal blue eyes.

“Hey, Tyler. I was about to start thinking you weren’t gonna come,” I say with a playful smile. Tyler looks down and shuffles in place nervously. “Let me guess, had to make an excuse to leave?” I ask with a small chuckle, earning a nod. He looks back up at me and I see he’s biting the corner of his lip, and he can’t seem to keep eye contact. I wrap my arm around his waist, resting a hand in the small of his back, pulling him a little bit closer. “You’re really cute when you’re shy and nervous,” I tease playfully.

Tyler rolls his eyes. “Shut up, Michael. I’m never nervous or shy or blushy around anyone but you,” he mumbles, his cheeks turning a light pink colour. I chuckle and press a kiss to each one of his cheeks. “I’m just all nervous about this because we have to hide and I’m afraid that someone’s going to find out,” he admits, looking up at me.

I smile a little. “No one will catch us, I promise. Why don’t we do what we came in here to do in the first place?” I suggest, leaning down to press a few soft, gentle kisses to his lips.

Tyler’s tense at first, like always, before he relaxes and basically melts into my touch. He kisses me back just as gently, until I push a little harder, going from simple pecks to an open mouthed kiss, pressing him back against the wall. I’m glad he’s shorter than me, so I can lean down and kiss him, and I’m glad I’m just the slightest bit stronger, so I can actually keep him against the wall. Though, I wouldn’t force him into anything, and if he pushes me away, I would back off.

That’s never happened though, because once we actually start kissing, he’s all for it and gets really into it, no matter where we are. Like now, he tilts his head before I do and reaches up to hold my face, pressing his lips against mine harder. I smirk into the kiss and grip his hips, running my hands up his sides and then the small of his back, debating on slipping them under the shirt he was wearing so I could feel his skin, but figuring I shouldn’t.

My friends would literally kill me if they found out I was dating him, and I’m sure his would do the same, and that’s why we snuck around all the time. We’ve only been dating a few months, but I’ve always liked Tyler, and he admitted that he had a crush on me too, which I found to be weird because he’s always bashing on Austin for being gay, yet he’s gay himself.

Or, bisexual, excuse me. (He gets pissy when I say gay instead of bisexual. Its kind of cute.)

We must’ve been making out in the janitor’s closet for that entire ten minutes, because I heard the bells ringing and I break away from our heated kiss and open the door, I see students flooding the halls. I shut the door again and look back at Tyler, who’s face is flushed a bright pink colour. I smile at him and lean in to press a gentle kiss to his lips.

“I’ll leave first, you wait a moment, then you leave after,” I say against his lips. He nods in response and kisses me back, and I pull away again, opening the door and slipping out of the small closet.

I make my way to my next class, music, and glance over my shoulder to see if Tyler was following, turning back around when I saw he was. I check my phone to see that Austin and Caleb weren’t going to let me be late to class, and I roll my eyes, chuckling and slipping the device in my pocket, making my way into the class with Tyler behind me. I don’t look up at my two friends when I enter, keeping my eyes down.

When the teacher comes in a few minutes later, I look up and look at Michael and Caleb as they talk, speaking when needed and glancing over to Tyler out of the corner of my eye, seeing him walk up to another group of guys, turning my head to look at them fully. I sort of know who they are, I occasionally talk to them in classes my own friends weren’t in, and I know two of them were twins, that don’t look like twins. They see me looking and start talking to themselves, pointing towards me. I hear Austin’s voice and look at him for a moment before looking back.

“Looks like you’ve been chosen by another group,” he says, and I nod a bit, looking to him with a small smile. He scowls and I look over at the others to see he must’ve spotted Tyler. “Sorry, Micah,” he gives me a small pat on the arm and I shrug, bidding them a goodbye before making my way over.

“Hey, Michael! A little bird told us that you like to do harsh vocals?” one of the boys, a darker skinned male with short, almost buzzed, hair and a small piercing on his cheek, starts the conversation. When I nod and give them all confused looks, the same boy lets out a small laugh. “Right, introductions, since you don’t know us. I’m Ty, that’s my brother, Sky, that’s Aj, that’s Case, and that’s Tyler,” Ty points to each of them in turn.

“I know Tyler. Nice to actually meet the rest of you, though, I’m Michael,” I greet with a smile, waving a bit to them all. Ty continues to explain what each of them specializes at, and I learn Aj doubles as the rhythm guitarist and lead guitarist, Sky does bass, Case does drums, and Ty himself does keyboarding, which is pretty awesome. Which, of course, leaves me and Tyler to do vocals. I turn my gaze towards him, raising an eyebrow. “You sing?” I ask, this information new to me. I’m dating the kid and I didn’t know he sings.

He gives me a weird look. “Um, yeah. What’s it to you?” he asks, his voice sounding bitter. I try not to let it get to me, and I scowl in response.

“Just asking, damn. Don’t get your panties in a twist,” I huff, before turning my attention away. That may have been a low blow, but I’d be able to make it up to him later. I hear a scoff and roll my eyes a bit. The other guys notice our little… bickering, maybe? If that’s what you call what just went down, and look between us nervously. I just shake my head with a small smile. “Clique rivalry. We’re fine. I know I’ll try and be nice, can’t speak for him,” I gesture to Tyler.

Ty nods a bit, before the teacher starts to explain our project. Of course, it was to basically form a band, and write a few songs, able to be performed in front of the class. Ty immediately suggests that we write a small EP, and after a little bit of talking, we agree on it.

“Band name?” I hear Tyler’s voice off to the side and turn to look at him with a small frown. We did need a name… We talk a little bit more about ideas for it, but come up empty handed by the time the period was over.

“We should probably meet up somewhere to continue discussing all of this,” Aj speaks up.

Ty frowns. “Yeah. Who has the biggest house?” he asks, looking around the small group.

Nobody speaks up right away. I sigh. “I might. I live up in the… uh, well-off community,” I say, and everyone gives me a strange look. I feel my eye twitch just slightly and look back at them with a strange look. “What?”

“You don’t look like you would live up there,” Sky says and I roll my eyes. “Hey, I’m not trying to be mean, but you just don’t look like it. Can we all meet at your house on Saturday or something?” he asks.

“That should be fine. I’ll warn the parentals,” I nod. The bell rings a few moments later and I tell them I have to go, going to find Austin and talk to him about our project.

I see him sitting alone in a small circle of chairs and walk over to him, Caleb following. “Aus?” we both ask at the same time, earning a small grunt. “You alright? What happened?”

“Oh, nothing, just that I’m stuck in a group with Alan fucking Ashby and he’s a controlling little bitch that hardly lets any of the rest of us fucking talk,” he snaps, and me and Caleb recoil. “Sorry, guys. I didn’t mean to snap. I just… I really hate him, you know? But then again I have the biggest fucking crush on him and just,” he lets out a loud, exasperated sigh.

I smile a bit. “It’s alright, Aus. You didn’t mean it. Come on, let’s go to class before we end up being late.”
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