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Rarae Aves

A k-pop fanfiction featuring Secret's Jung Hana and F(x)'s Amber Liu.

Rara Avis -noun, plural form: Rarae Aves

Meaning: an unusual, uncommon, or exceptional person or thing.

In this alternate universe story, Amber Liu is a fifteen year old girl that is constantly bullied and berated by her horrible stepmother. She has a hard time fitting in at home and at school. Despite her imperfect surroundings, she tries her best to be the best person she can be and is always willing to help others. The one thing she longs for is the courage and strength to finally standup to her stepmom and run away from home. Will this misfit ever discover true happiness?

Hours away lives young Jung Hana, a clumsy fairy with an interest in human beings. No matter how hard she tries, Hana can never seem to perform spells correctly. She also tends to be overly curious, always asking questions that people wish she wouldn't. Her classmates are annoyed with her behavior, and she has no friends. Despite the fact that she has so many wonderful things, she doesn't have one thing that she wants desperately...her parents' attention. Will she ever find a place where she belongs?

Will things ever get better for these two rarae aves?

This is a K-pop fanfiction, but you don't have to know whom the characters are in order to enjoy it. :)

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  1. Prologue: A Tale of Two Runaways
    Because sometimes, you just have to run away from it all...
  2. Just Another Day That I Disappointed You
    Maybe it might be better that her dad isn't around to see what a horrible student and daughter she has become...
  3. The Anti-Clique Clique
    If there was any name for the six of them, it was probably the “anti-clique” clique, because they were considered the scraps that the rest of the school had no place for.
  4. A Stepdaughter's Work is Never Done
    Today is National Jerk Day
  5. Can't Join the Team
    Instead of making her weak, being worked like a mule only made her hard as nails...
  6. Bullies and a Great Friend
    Out of everyone in their group of friends, with the exception of the two siblings, Amber and Max had the strongest connection. The two of them were best buddies.
  7. Bullies (Again) and an Unwanted Guest
    Amber was apprehensive; she really didn’t want to go inside and wanted to avoid any potential drama that was sure to lie ahead.
  8. Change Everything About My Life
    “How do you even live with yourself, knowing that you’re the reason why your parents aren’t in your life anymore?”
  9. Please Don't Go (A Flashback Chapter)
    Jun-jie shouted, “Are you trying to tell me that the reason you’re unhappy is because of-” the 25-year-old man lowered his voice to a whisper, so no one outside of their bedroom could hear, “-because of Yiyun?” Yiyun was Amber’s Chinese name.
  10. Things Getting Better (A Flashback Chapter)
    “You, little Yiyun, are the best thing that ever happened to me.”
  11. In the Kitchen with Keith...the Strange Encounter
    Was he kidding? Would he go and tell Delia the second he went back into the bedroom? Why would he not tell? It wasn’t like he cared.
  12. Miserable Morning's Start
    Judging by her outer appearance, most people would think that she wouldn’t be the type to care about what people thought; they’d think that she wasn’t the type that longed to be viewed as pretty. However, she was.
  13. The Swan That Got Treated Like an Ugly Duckling
    She had to love herself, no matter how flawed she was, because no one else was around to love her anymore.
  14. We Have a Test Today?
    “We have a test today?” she practically yelped.