‹ Prequel: Messy Ending
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Tears on the Runway

Ben and Dai are back together after the who Ali ordeal and they're engaged.

Dai is still struggling with trust issues since Ben has cheated on her, but they're working through their problems.

Now there are a few unexpected twists and turns that occur. Will they be able too work through those, especially with their past?

Sequel to Messy Ending.

Title Credit: Tears On The Runway Pt. 2 by Issues

"What if I was wrong, and jumped to conclusions
Cause the chance of losing you was all too dangerous
So I just assume that you're doing things before you get the chance
So I can leave and feel like I've got the upper hand
Guilty yeah, maybe I'm just scared to go all in
Never was much for the life of gambling
But you can't win if you don't play
If you don't play there's no shame in us."

"Things aren't always picture perfect
But picture us on top cause we're worth it
Or go and get your ticket, and grab your sweater
I used to live for the chase but now I know better."