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Cigarette Smoke.


Gerard Way is no one to mess with. His father is a human killing machine, working at the Torture Industry - the same industry that Gerard will take over when he settles down with his mate.

Frank Baris is the shy, yet slightly rebellious fertile. He smokes too much, and hides in the library when he isn't either in school or sleeping. There isn't anything special about Frank - not a damn thing.

So why is Gerard Way so intrigued by him?

*Eh, it's kinda cliche sounding but I swear it'll get better. Stick with me? I have high hopes. & you also know the deal - this is fan fiction, I own the OC's and the plot blah blah blah. I do not own My Chemical Romance and they are not vampires.
  1. Prologue.
  2. Poor Mr. Dale.
    Edited, slightly.
  3. Do you Want to Bang Heads with Me?
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